Here I am again with yet another vocabulary word-inspired (and short) oneshot, this time for the Kingdom Hearts series! Today's word is: Superfluous and the subject is a NaminexSoraxKairi triangle! Well...not a full triangle, since the Soraminé part is kind of one-sided... But either way, enjoy the fic!

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Superfluous: (Adjective) Unnecessary; Unwanted; Obsolete.

Why would he want her when he already had another? The pretty (and original) girl with pretty red hair and pretty purple eyes that shone like her pretty smile and a pretty kind (And real) heart. She was the princess he would save from any villain, no matter what it took.

And what was she? A pretty (nothing) girl with pretty blue eyes and pretty blonde hair and a pretty (fake) smile that was as pretty (nonexistent) as the rest of her (copied) body. She was no princess. She was a princess's shadow, unable to be saved by a hero, no matter how much she wanted to be.

Why would (kind, beautiful, wonderful) he want (nonexistent/nothing/unwanted) her? She had to face it. She was...(nothing). She was...

(S u p er f l u o us)


And it's done! I hope you guys will be nice enough to review and tell me what you think, whether or not you're a fan of SoraxNaminé or SoraxKairi.