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Our bodies were moving in sync with one another. Grinding up and down to the music. I felt like I was floating on air, like there was nothing holding me to the earth except for his strong hands on my waist holding me to him. I turn around and stare up into his shining green eyes. He leans forward pressing me closer to him so I can feel every inch of his body; I can feel his hot breath on me and can see the lust in his eyes. He cups my face in his hand and just when our lips are about to touch BEEP!!!!!!!

Ugh, I groan, not again. I have had that same dream for the past week now about Edward and me dancing at tonight's party. Which I don't think is going to happen because I have seen Tanya hanging all over him. That slut is worse then Jessica and Lauren combined! I mean just because she is head cheerleader doesn't mean she can get everything she wants, well it does actually, but that is beside the point. The point is that well I don't know what the point is, just AHHHH, she is just infuriating. Hanging all over Edward like, like, like I don't know what but just something that hangs over people. Ahhh, I think I have lost it or something.

"Bella get your butt up and get ready for practice, we only have 20mins to get there," yells Alice banging on my door.

"K, I will be out in five," I yell. I roll out of bed and walk over to my well-stocked closet, curtsey of Alice and pick out a dark green sports bra, with black dance pants, and a green and white Dartmouth T-shirt. I walk into my bathroom and after attempting to tame my hair just put it up in a messy bun. I then put on my sneakers and grab my bag and head out to the living room to meet the girls.

"Well finally, it took you long enough to get ready," says Rosalie.

"What can I say, I was having a nice dream and did not want to wake up," I say while smiling.

"Any chance we will get to hear about these dreams you have been having lately," says Alice with a twinkle in her eye.

"Not a chance Alice, not a chance," I saw blushing. "OMG! We are going to be late, we have 10min to get from hear to the other side of the campus," I yell.

"Well if you would not have taken so long we could have been there stretching by now," says Rose.

"I know, I know, lets go!" I say while the three of us head out the door.

"Ok," says Alice. "I have been thinking about what you should wear tonight for the party-

"Alice Mrs.T said that we had to wear our uniforms, didn't you get the e-mail!" says Rose as she checks herself over the her mirror.

"What?! No, I have been too busy to look. Aww, I really wanted Bella to wear the new dress I bought her," says Alice pouting.

"You bought me a dress? When did this happen. Why would you do that? I have perfectly good ones in my closet that I have not even worn yet," I say.

"Well I know that, but this one was so cute and it had your name on so I had to buy it for you," whines Alice.

"Oh well if you had to buy it for me then its all ok," I say sarcastically.

"You know you love me," says Alice smiling.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," I say while I see Rose rolling her eyes at us.

"Well at least our uniforms are cute. I mean why wouldn't they be, I designed them," says Alice as she skips down the cobblestone pathway.

Well I had to admit they were pretty cute. We had green spandex shorts and a white jersey with green lettering that said dance team on the front and then our name and a football player's number on the back. My number was 46, Edwards number. A coincidence I think not. Alice said it was random but I saw that eye exchange with Rosalie when they thought I was not looking!

"Earth to Bella, hello anybody home in there," says Rose as she knocks on my head.

"Ow Rose! Watch it, that hurt," I say giving her a dirty look.

"Oh hush it you two, Lets go stretch," says Alice as we walk through the weight room to get to the gym.

Just as I am about to turn the corner I bump into something hard and stumble back. I look up and lock eyes with the one and only Edward Cullen.

"Oh, hey Edward, sorry about that, I was not watching where I was going," I say while looking at my feet.

"Oh no it was my fault, its not everyday I run into a pretty girl," he says while I look up and can see my favorite crocked smile on his face.

"Oh so you like it when I smile like this," he says while taking a step forward.

"Oh crap, I was not supposed to say that out loud," I say while blushing and looking down again.

"It's ok," he says while chuckling. "Hey um, I know this is short notice and all but umm, there is this party after the game tonight and I was kind of umm wondering if you were going with anybody," he says while running his fingers through is messy bronze hair.

"Umm, no," I say as I look at up at him biting my lower lip.

"Well umm would you like to go with-

"Eddie!" a high pitch voice says. "Eddie there you are I have been looking all over for you," says Tanya as she tries to kiss him but he turns his head.

"Tanya how many times do I have to tell you to go away?" he says with a look of annoyance as Tanya tries to cling to him.

"Aww Eddie, come on don't be like this," she says in what I believe is her trying to be sexy but it just comes out sounding like a dyeing cat or something.

"Tanya for the last time go away," he says as he pushes her off him.

"Fine, but you'll be sorry," she says as she stomps away.

"Umm sorry about that," says Edward while he runs his hands through his hair again. Oh how I whish I could reach out and run my hands through it.

"Oh, um that's ok," I say awkwardly. "I better get to class anyway I don't want to be late again," I say and move to get pass him but he blocks me instead.

"Hey, I never got to um finish what I was asking you which is umm…about the party, so would you go with me?" he says looking me straight in the eye.

"Ummm yeah, of course," I say smiling up at him.

"Cool, so meet me by the locker rooms after the game," he says with his crocked smile back on his face.

"K, see you then I guess," I say as he lets me pass by him.

"Bye Isabella," he says, oh god I love how he says my name.

As I walk into practice, Alice and Rose give me a questioning look but I shake my head and mouth "Tell you later." They both mouth, "ok" to me and continue stretching while I put my bag down. I sit down next to them and smile to myself as Mrs.T starts talking about the game tonight and how much fun it is going to be. You have no idea Mrs.T you have no idea.

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