Hey all! So here's the my idea for a new story I'm in the process of creating. Let me know what you think. Hope you guys enjoy some more C/B ACTION LoL. Happy Readings! xoxo

"You would think I would have learned my lesson all those years ago," Blair groaned out as she fumbled with the buttons of his pants, desperately trying to undo them and put an end to the pulsing need incessantly beating between her legs.

Chuck grinned against her lips as his mind slowly registered her words. He was too caught up in the feel and smell and warmth and softness that was Blair Waldorf. He couldn't believe it had been four years since he'd last had her like this. Panting. Skirt hiked up around her waist. Back pressed firmly against the wall. Knee nudged comfortably against her mound, rubbing her and driving her insane. He could already feel the wetness wetting through to his slacks. God she's hot.

"Here let me," he let out on a ragged breath as her clumsy hands continued to rub against his painfully large erection, and the buttons remained steadfastly buttoned. Quickly undoing his zipper, he slid his pants and boxers off in one fluid motion. With his other hand, he unceremoniously reached the thin strap around Blair's hips and tugged at it furiously, ripping her lace underwear off and casting it aside.

"Dammit, Chuck!" Blair hissed as the erotic feel of lace clinging to her wetness and then being harshly pulled away drove her insane with desire. "That was La Perla."

"I'll buy you some more," Chuck whispered as his hands found her heated core and lightly teased her swollen clit and throbbing entrance. "Is that OK with you?"

"Mm," Blair moaned out, unable to speak when Chuck's dangerously wicked, infuriatingly expert fingers were working their magic against her most sensitive nerve endings.

"I believe my little bitch in heat is speechless," Chuck growled against her throat as he nipped and sucked at her skin as if searching for sustenance. His fingers began to pump in and out of her, sliding out occasionally to rub against her clitoris, and then continuing the same tortuously sweet rhythm within her.

"I'm not a bitch," Blair managed to bite out as her hips pounded and thrust against his hand roughly. She could feel herself peaking. She could felt herself coming undone.

And just then he slowed down.

And she whimpered at the loss of her mind-numbing orgasm.

"See..." Chuck panted against her mouth as he found her lips and licked her possessively. "You're just like a bitch in heat. My bitch in heat," he finished cockily.

Blair bit down on his tongue then, causing Chuck to flinch and pull back in anger. "Fuck!" he shouted as he felt his tongue swell in pain.

Once Bitten...