Rosalie Pov

I couldn't help but smile as Adam padded his way down the stairs wiping the sleep from his angelic eyes. He was our miracle; four years ago I never would have imagined how complete one person could make my entire family, all of us were so much happier when he was around. His blonde hair was sticking up in every direction which only added to how adorable he looked. His face lit up as he saw me sitting on the couch.

"Rosie!" He shouted as he picked up speed, in his favorite footed pajamas he didn't have quite the traction he was used to so it didn't really surprise me when he slid into the coffee table with a thud. I hopped to my feet and looked him over. "Stupid table" he grumbled and gave it a push trying to assert a little bit of dominance.

"Are you okay buddy?" I asked as I picked him up, he wrapped his arms around my neck and nodded. I smiled and ruffled his hair. "You shouldn't be running in the house, you know that" I laughed as he furrowed his brow.

"You run in the house Rosie" he complained. I tried not to smile, he did have a point.

"That's different" was all I could really say to him. He let out a frustrated sigh and narrowed his eyes at me, I let out a laugh; his pout was really cute. "Come on, let's get some breakfast" I carried him into the kitchen where Esme stood making French toast.

She smiled as I put Adam on the ground, he ran straight to her, sliding again on the tile floor. He ran into her legs at full speed thankfully she grabbed him before he hit the floor. "Adam! No running in the house, remember?" She scolded as she scooped him up.

"Maybe you should cut the feet off of those PJ's, he won't slide as much" I suggested. He turned to me instantly, his eyes wide as saucers; he looked as if I had just suggested decapitating his teddy bear. Esme ignored the suggestion as she sat him down on the counter and got a juice box from the fridge; he smiled and took it happily, quickly forgetting my comment about his PJ's.

It was only a matter of moments before Alice danced her way into the room. "Hey munchkin, you want to come shopping with me today?" She asked looking at Adam, he sighed. I knew he was planning on playing in the yard with the boys. Much to my surprise a smile crossed his face.

"It'll be fab-u-lous" He smirked, mocking Alice perfectly. A booming laugh was heard from upstairs, this mockery was clearly Emmett's doing. Alice looked a little hurt and Adam hopped down from the counter quickly, Esme tried to catch him, it being a good three feet drop. She let out an audible sigh as he landed and hurried over to Alice. He looked up at her, worried he had really hurt her feelings. "I sorry Alice" He hugged her legs "we go 'kay" he offered looking up for a signal of forgiveness. I shook my head as Alice's 'hurt' dissolved quickly. She used the fact that he couldn't stand hurting anyone's feelings to her advantage.

Alice Pov

I still remember the night that this adventure began. Esme and Carlisle were sitting on the couch together when we heard it, it was a gentle thumping, a heartbeat. Carlisle looked at Esme, confusion and shock on his face; we investigated where the sound was coming from for about five minutes. It was coming from Esme. The six of us stood looking to our 'parents' for some sort of explanation. They had none, Vampires were not supposed to be pregnant, plain and simple. It was nothing short of a miracle that Esme was. After Carlisle did some research we discovered that there was an ancient legend speaking of the child of two vampires, he or she, it wasn't very specific, would be incredibly powerful and he or she would be an embodiment of good. That's all the legend could offer us.

Five months later Esme gave birth to a perfect little boy. The debate about what to name him was a long one, it ended once Bella suggested Adam; he was after all the first. So Adam it was, Adam Carlisle Cullen. That was almost four years ago and Adam was such a blessing, he brought this family together in so many ways.

I smile as he hugged my legs. "We can wait and go this afternoon after you play with the guys" A large smile crossed his face; he was always incredibly happy, even as a baby he was all smiles. I could spend every moment of every day with him, but so could everyone else so I was forced to share, something Esme reminded me of frequently.

We all sat down for breakfast at the table while Adam ate. His meals had become family time, which he loved. He would tell us stories about his daily activities as he stuffed his face with Esme's cooking.

Emmett Pov

I waited with my brothers as Bella helped Adam change out of his PJ's and into some normal clothes. She'd been up there for fifteen minutes and I couldn't wait any longer. "Ugh…Bella hurry up" I called upstairs.

"Oh hush Emmett" she retorted as she came down the stairs carrying Adam. His hair was neatly parted and he was in jeans and a t shirt, perfect attire for the epic game of freeze tag we were about to play. Of course we couldn't really run as fast as we could, the poor kid would never catch us. He was fast though, a future football player I hoped.

We took him outside and began our game; it wasn't long before Adam caught up to Jasper and tagged him. He smiled broadly and explained that Jasper was frozen now. He quickly turned and started after Edward, unable to get his hands on Edward he turned and saw that Jasper was waving me over to un-freeze him. Adam narrowed his eyes, the way he always did when he got upset.

"Jasper! Freeze means no moving!" He shouted at Jasper, Jasper's eyes widened.

"Emmett, I can't move" He looked at me a bit panicked. I started to laugh before I realized he was serious. I called for Esme and Carlisle who were outside in a second.

"What's wrong?" Carlisle demanded.

"Jasper cheats" Adam explained with a serious nod.

"I can't move" Jasper cut in. Carlisle looked surprised for a moment before turning to Adam.

"Adam, buddy can you let Jasper move now, he is sorry for cheating, I promise" Carlisle looked to Adam who sighed; Jasper suddenly stumbled out of his frozen stance. Holy cow the little tyke actually froze him. I looked at Adam amazed, as did everyone else. Carlisle and Esme crouched down to Adam's level and explained to him that he couldn't freeze anyone anymore, by the look of concern in their eyes I knew they were expecting him to start exhibiting more powers shortly.

"He cheats!" Adam crossed his arms as he defended himself.

"I know sweetie but you still can't freeze him okay?" Esme smiled and ran her hands through his hair.

"Fine" he grumbled and looked at Jasper. "I sorry Jasper" he apologized half heartedly. We played for a little while longer, all of us making sure we stayed frozen when we were supposed to. Shortly before lunch time I took Adam inside to get cleaned up for lunch, his disappointment was evident when he saw that Rosalie was preparing a salad for him.

Esme Pov

Carlisle and I had spent the morning talking about how to make sure Adam's powers did not get out of hand, three years old is way too young to be able to control people the way he had controlled Jasper. It wasn't that I really cared if he froze one of us but heaven forbid got upset and froze someone in public. That sort of incident would bring way too much attention to our family.

Rosalie called Adam for his lunch but he didn't come running like he normally did. I waited about five minutes before making my way upstairs to investigate. I him laugh in Emmett's room, I opened the door and watch as he quickly stuffed something into his mouth and instantly pocketed the wrapper.

"Honey what did you just eat?" I asked as I walked over to him.

He swallowed it down quickly. "Nuffin" he explained and opened his mouth trying to show that it was empty. "See?"

I nodded. "Can you give me what you just put your pocket?" I asked with a soft smile. He looked like he was about to protest. "Adam, now" I said calmly. He grumbled and handed me a Twinkie wrapper. "Adam where did you get this?" I demanded.

"I boughts it" he offered.

"From who?" I looked at him. He looked between Emmett and myself. "Adam who did you by it from?" I asked again.

"Emmett" he sighed. I should have known, of course it had to be Emmett he was the only one that would give him such an awful snack.

"How much did you pay for it?" I asked him.

"I pay for it with a hug Mommy" he explained with an innocent smile. I rolled my eyes and looked to Emmett telling him we would discuss this later.


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