Edward's Pov

Over the past week Carlisle and I ran every test under the sun but they all said the same thing. Adam was fine, he was healthy and most importantly he was human. I didn't really understand it but I had my ideas about what had actually happened. Werewolves are the only thing besides another vampire that could kill us, I thought at first his wounds had been infected but it wasn't a standard infection. Whatever got into his system tore through the additional genes that made us vampires. It left him with his original 23 chromosomes. The blood transfusion we had given him was meant to feed him but it rejuvenated his cells.

We tracked his progress meticulously; he wasn't aging at a rapid rate. He seemed perfectly fine and he said he felt fine. "Mom, can I please go outside with Emmett?" he whined as he walked down the stairs. His hair was a mess he had allowed Alice to cut his dreads short so now they stuck up everywhere.

"Maybe, after you have some breakfast okay sweetheart" Esme smiled at him. She and Carlisle were extremely excited about Adam being human again; they got their baby boy back. Adam didn't necessarily hate the idea but it was strange for him, he was technically a 22 year old stuck in a 16 year old body. He did however hate how fragile he appeared in our eyes though. It's like living in a bubble. His thoughts filled my head as he grumbled down the stairs towards the kitchen.

You'd think with such shorter days this would get easier. I sighed as he dug through the fridge, he was still upset over the fact that Eva had left. Alice had seen her leaving her house so it wasn't a surprise that when Emmett and Jasper found her home empty. Alice couldn't tell where she had gone though; the places she had seen in her visions had been so nondescript. I wasn't really glad that she was gone because of how much it hurt Adam but maybe if he found a nice human girl his life would become a lot less complicated.

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