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"Sweet dreams are made of these~ who aaam I, to disagree? Travel the world and the seven seas~ Eeev'rybody's, looking for something~"

Tyki glanced over from his picture book—he couldn't read—at little Mistress Road on the floor by the fireplace, playing with a doll she had just sewn together. She was singing again, and it always made Tyki uncomfortable when she did. Her voice was soft and sweet, yet it held so much danger in it.

"What song is that, Road? It's new." he questioned her, eyes drifting back towards his outwardly-smart-looking book.

Road smiled at him, and with thin fingers combed through the black pigtails made of yarn on her dolly. She clicked her tongue as she picked up a pair of scissors.

"I figured it was an appropriate thing to sing." she spoke in a light, sing-song voice, a tamer version of her singing voice. Tyki nodded slowly, then blinked when he noticed that Road was cutting off the doll's pigtails.


"Why are you doing that? Didn't you just make that one?"

Road's smile thinned some, as if regretful. "Dolly lost all her hair on the boat." she replied. Snip.

Black yarn fell on her smooth thighs and plain white dress, and the doll now had a mop of short black strings. "But Dolly is also sad now. People died. Dolly doesn't like it when people die."

"She'll have to get used to it then, won't she?"

Road and Tyki smiled at each other with sinister intentions.

"That she will. Poor Dolly…she's doomed to be sad."

"Then her dreams will be sweeter. She'll fall asleep and dream of the people she loves. She'll go back to when they were alive, and she'll be happy."

Road stared at him. Then she smirked, rubbing her thumbs along the doll's face. "Maybe it'll be best for her if she's allowed to sleep and dream all day, for the rest of her soon-to-be lonely life."

Tyki blinked in surprise.

"But then, she can stay my Dolly. Unable to protest, unable to run away…"

Tyki blinked again, but smiled at her. "Good plan, Road." The young girl was the smartest out of all the Noahs, as far as he was concerned.

"And Tyki can help everyone go have wonderful, sweet dreams, neh?"

"They'll dream of butterflies." he assured.

Road giggled, pet her doll, and changed up the words she had just been singing.

"Sweet dreams are made of Teez~ who aaam I, to disagree? Dolly watch out he'll come for you~ Eeev'rybody, will be dreaming soon~"