Alright! This is my first Skip Beat story, but my fifth story! THIS IS YASHIROxREN got it? Don't like don't read. ALSO Yashiro's first name is YUKIHITO! So expect that to be used a lot by Ren.

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Chapter 1

Yashiro was in a closet. No not like that...though he wasgay. He was literally inside of a closet. He was on his way to tell Ren about the next photo shoot when he was knocked out from behind and dragged into the closet. His body hurt everywhere, he was tied up, and he was pretty sure that he'd be fired for going missing all of a sudden. The closet door opened suddenly and the last thing Yashiro heard before blacking out again was an ear-piercing scream.

With Ren:

Ren was mad. No scratch that. Ren was LIVID. Yashiro had been missing for over THREE HOURS! THREE! At first he was worried. Yashiro has never been late before. Not even when he was sick! But worry turned into anger when he got five different phone calls saying that he was too late for his next jobs, and that they had either been canceled or he had been replaced. Now Ren was forced to look for his manager. Yashiro had better have been in a terrible accident or else. A loud scream rang out from the hallway shortly after. When he finally got to the source of the sound he nearly lost his lunch. Yashiro was lying on the floor of a closet. There was blood seeping from out of his head and suit, and he appeared to be unconscious. A crowd of people had already formed when he arrived, but most of them were panicking. The others were simply standing there.

"Someone call an ambulance, and Mr. Takarada! Hurry!" Ren screamed out over the crowd. These people were complete idiots! Why did he need to tell them to do something so obvious?

At the Hospital:

The ambulance and the president of LME appeared at around the same time. They lifted Yashiro onto a stretcher and whisked him off to the hospital with the president and Ren right behind them. Now the two were in the waiting room. Takarada was talking to the police and Ren was sitting in one of those horribly uncomfortable plastic chairs. Takarada walked over to Ren and sat down.

"What happened?" Ren asked. He had every right to know what happened to his manager and lover. Well future lover anyways. He just had to ask !!!.

"The police said that they checked the house. Apparently he's been getting threats to stay away from you or else. I guess that this is the or else."

'NO?! REALLY?' Ren thought sarcastically. He looked over to the president again as he started speaking again.

"I'm going to send you and Yashiro-san away for awhile."


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