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By saphiretwin369

Rodney, Ronon, and Teyla stood in the gate room ready to go on their first mission with the new leader of SGA-1, Major Lorne. Evan Lorne was a bit reluctant to take on the role as leader of the frontline team, but Dr. Weir had put her trust in him and so had the team and he wasn't about to let them down. As he stood there while the gate was dialed up, he remembered back to a couple days ago.


His radio crackled. "Major Lorne?" he heard Dr. Weir's slightly distorted voice in his ear.

"Yes, ma'am?" he responded.

"I'd like you to report to my office as soon as you can, Major." The tone of her voice put him on edge. There was something in it he had never heard before - defeat, resignation.

"Of course, ma'am. I'll be right there." He got up off his bed where he had been relaxing and left his quarters.

Once he'd reached Dr. Weir's office, he knocked hesitantly. He'd been hearing talk lately amongst his fellow officers. Some had heard that Dr. Weir was being pressured to replace Colonel Sheppard so that SGA-1 could get back out there exploring the Pegasus galaxy. There had been speculation about who she would replace him with and Lorne's name had come up. He was the Colonel's 2IC and a good officer already familiar with Atlantis, the wraith, and the galaxy in general.

However, he was reluctant to be taking the Colonel's old spot, which is what he suspected Dr. Weir wanted to talk to him about.

Through the glass door, he saw Elizabeth lift her head. She smiled slightly when she noticed who was standing outside her office and told him to come in. He opened to door and walked through.

"Have a seat, Major."

He took a seat, his nervousness going up a notch when he saw the expression in her eyes. It was one of devastation and complete sadness he only ever saw when she was thinking about John. He'd noticed the dramatic change in her after John had gone missing. Before, when she thought about John, her eyes seemed to light up and she'd be happy. But now she seemed depressed. In addition, there was also the defeat in her eyes that he had heard in her voice.

"Major, I've recently been contacted by the IOA. It's been two months since..." her voice broke slightly and it looked like she wanted to start crying. She took a deep breath. "Since we lost John," she continued, "And I have been informed that they would like to appoint a new commanding officer to SGA-1."

Lorne stiffened. He was right. Just as he had known he would be. He still didn't like it.

"Colonel Sheppard always spoke very highly of you, Major, and you were his 2IC. I'd like you to become the new team leader of SGA-1."

Evan was silent for a long moment and Elizabeth just watched silently. "I don't know if I can do that, ma'am. It feels disrespectful to take his job."

"I understand that. However, I'm sure John would not feel it's disrespectful at all. As I said, Major, he spoke very highly of you. You are one of the better officers we have here in Atlantis. If given the choice himself, I'm sure he would have chosen you."

"Ma'am, I appreciate that, I really do. But do you think that Ronon, Teyla, and Dr. McKay will really accept me as their new leader?"

"I'm quite positive Teyla will. And Rodney will too in time, though he may be a little difficult to work with at first. Ronon is another story. I don't think he'd accept anyone as his new leader," she told honestly. "If anything, Teyla will keep him in line." She smiled a little at that thought.

Lorne thought about it for a minute. It did make sense. He closed his eyes for a moment and then opened them. "All right, ma'am."

"Thank you, Major. I'm sure you'll do a fine job."

The defeat and overwhelming sadness went away for a brief moment as relief washed over her. Lorne guessed it was the fact that she finally had that job out of the way.


Lorne took a deep breath and shook away the memory. He was just going to have to suck it up and face the facts – he was now the new leader of SGA-1. Elizabeth had enough trust in him for the job and he didn't want to let her down. She was feeling bad enough with the Colonel gone.

Walking through the gate, he led the new team on their first mission. The planet looked like any other planet they had ever been to – lots of trees and other green plants with the DHD close by. They walked for a little bit, finding nothing unusual, before they started to hear noises.

Lorne stopped the team to listen. It vaguely sounded like grunts and groans and like bodies slamming against bodies. It sounded like men were fighting.

The team crept forward silently until they came to the top of a hill. Being careful to say hidden in the trees so as not to be seen by whomever was making the noises, they looked down onto the scene below.

"Genii," McKay said.

Indeed, about 15 men clearly wearing Genii soldiers' uniforms were below. They seemed to be performing training exercises and there were several groups of two to four men that were sparring. One stern, older looking man walked back and forth amongst the other men yelling, demonstrating, and giving pointers.

Teyla noticed that he seemed particularly interested in one pair of men fighting – overseeing them the most and watching closely. One man in the pair was big and burly with brown hair. The other man had his back to the team. He had black hair, a thin frame, and he was of average height.

The overseer stopped to watch them for a moment. When the black haired man knocked the other man down, the overseer smirked. The burly man on the ground seemed to notice and scowled. He got up and within seconds, it was the black haired man on the ground this time.

As he landed hard on his back, the team got a good look at his face. They were completely shocked.

The man was John Sheppard.