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Ch. 6

The sound of someone knocking insistently and loudly on Elizabeth's door woke her up. Groggily, she sat up and rubbed her eyes. As she checked the time – it was only three in the morning! – the knocking became louder and, if possible, even more insistent.

Pushing the covers off, Elizabeth got out of bed. When she opened the door, she was faced with a distressed looking John.

"John?" she was more awake now and concerned about the man in her doorway. "What's wrong?"

He then did something she never expected him to do. He threw his arms around her and pulled her into a tight embrace. The last time she had been this close to him, she had been the one to hug him. And he had clearly been a little awkward about it.

"I had a memory," he told her.

"Of what?"

"The storm. When the Genii tried to take over Atlantis. I remember helping McKay to try to get the shield up. I remember that bastard, Kolya, telling me he'd killed you."

"Is that what you're upset about? John, I'm right here. He didn't kill me."

"I know. I remember that part. I just . . . tell me he didn't hurt you at all." He pulled back from the embrace, placing his hands on her arms and looking into her eyes. "I remember everything up until Kolya is about to take you through the gate. Then the memory just stops. Please, just tell me he didn't hurt you," John pleaded.

She was quick to reassure him. "He didn't hurt me, John. You shot him in the shoulder. He fell backwards through the gate – without me." She held his eyes steadily hoping to convey to him that she really was all right if her words weren't enough to convince him.

When he was satisfied, he let go of her arms. "I'm sorry."

"For what?" Her voice was soft.

"For waking you up in the middle of the night and being like this. A few times, when a memory comes back, so do the feelings that go with it."

"I understand, John. Follow me." Elizabeth told him.


"You'll see."

She led him out of her room, down the hallway, and out onto a balcony. She was wearing pajama bottoms and a tank top and was glad that it was a warm night. They positioned themselves next to each other at the railing, their shoulders barely touching.

"What else have you remembered?"

"I remember when the aliens took over our bodies and tried to kill each other. It wasn't one of the best memories that have come back."

"Not one of my favorite memories, either," she commented, thinking about how much of an understatement that was. It had been truly awful being trapped in her own body trying to kill John. "What else?"

He shrugged. "More little things. I vaguely remember some guy drinking this potion stuff that made everyone like him. Only it didn't work on me. I'm not sure why. And I've got a strong feeling from that memory too."

"You had a cold. That's why it didn't work on you." She wasn't sure he'd answer her next question but decided to ask anyway. "What feeling do you have?"

He was quiet and she was just thinking that he wasn't going to answer when he opened his mouth. Though he still hesitated slightly, he said, "Jealousy."

That surprised her. "Jealousy? You, John Sheppard, were jealous of Lucius? You know that no one actually like him, right?"

"I wasn't jealous of the fact that everyone liked him. It was more the fact that a certain person liked him. She would give him this smile that I'd only ever seen her give me before. I think that's what made me the angriest."

Elizabeth was surprised that he was admitting all this. Apparently, she wasn't the only one. "Damn. I can't believe I just said that."

Elizabeth smiled and laughed. "Don't worry. Your secret is safe with me. At least it is if you tell me who 'she' is. You obviously like this girl." She grinned teasingly at him.

He was quiet again for a bit. Then he apparently decided to speak. "Yeah, I really do like her. Unfortunately, I don't think I should like her." The look on his face was heartbreaking.

"Why not? While the IOA may frown upon relationships among coworkers here, I never have. You know that."

"Yeah, well, she's not just a coworker. And anyway, she probably doesn't even like me."

"John, I don't think you realized how many women you have under your spell."

"Under my spell?" He gave her a half disbelieving half amused look.

"You know what I mean. I think you should talk to her. That's the only way you'll find out for sure if she likes you back or not."

"Yeah, I guess." He didn't sound convinced.

There was a pause. "So are you going to tell me who it is or not? What did you mean when you said she's 'not just a coworker'?"

Silence again. She was beginning to get used to that. Finally, he turned to face her, determination on his face. "Well, she's not just a coworker. She's also my boss."

Elizabeth was at a loss for words. There was no denying whom he meant. John was the military commander on Atlantis and the she was the only woman who 'outranked' him. "So it's me then?" she asked, a smile beginning to creep on her face.

When he saw her start to smile, John knew in that moment that she felt the same and a smile formed on his own face. "Yeah, it's you."

"That's good."


She looked at him seriously. "Because I love you, John Sheppard."

He looked back at her just as seriously. "I love you, too, Elizabeth Weir."

"Promise me something."


"Never go missing again."

Both knew that he couldn't promise her that. However, he did say, "I promise to never leave you."

She decided she could live with that.