The Return to Narnia

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It had been one month since the Pevensie children had first found the land of Narnia. Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy had grown up fast and learnt lessons they would never forget since their journey to Narnia, and now they were anxiously waiting for the train to take them home.

The train arrived and the children got aboard and found an empty compartment. Peter helped Lucy put her bag away so it was safe and secure. Edmund was looking out the window watching the scenery that went by as the train moved faster along the rail. That is what he wanted his siblings to think. Edmund was thinking about that fateful day in Narnia when Queen Jadis had nearly killed him. He could feel the blade go through his armour and into his skin; Edmund had never felt so much pain in his life. And no one was there to save him. That moment when he was all alone in pain and dying was the scariest part and was in his nightmares every night. This made Edmund very tired during the day as he wouldn't be able to get back to sleep after his nightmares. Peter and Susan saw the change in Edmund but didn't think twice about it. Edmund was also too embarrassed and scared to tell his brother and sisters what was wrong with him.

In an hour or two the train stopped at the station and the Pevensie children got off the train waiting to see their mother running towards them ready to hug them. They waited and waited. They saw other children being reunited with their mothers and sometimes father's as well who had come back from the war. Families walked past them without a care in the world, the children just kept smiling and tried to keep high spirits as if their mother was suddenly going to appear. Still they waited. The station was becoming less and less filled with families now until it was the Pevensie children left. "Peter where is mummy?" Lucy asked him. That was a good question. Peter thought. "She'll be here soon Lucy, maybe she's at home making us dinner and she just forgot to pick us up." Peter said trying to keep calm. "She wouldn't have forgotten about us Pete; I say we walk home ourselves. What do you think Edmund?" Susan asked him but Edmund didn't answer, he just kept looking at the ground. She asked him again "Edmund do you think we should go home or wait here?"

"Whatever, I don't care." Edmund mumbled. He walked off in a bad mood. "What is wrong with that boy?" Peter asked.

After several minutes of discussion they decided it was best to go home. As they walked through the city the children noticed it was not the same as they had remembered it. Houses were destroyed and the whole city was just a mess. The war had left the city in ruins. But what about there house, would it be like the city, in ruins as well? Lucy ran up to the path to where her house was. "Lucy wait!" Susan shouted running after her. She knew that their house might not be there anymore. It was too late, Lucy got to their driveway, all that was left was of the house was the framing and the front door. Lucy looked quite confused and scared; she didn't know what to think of her house now that it was in ruins. "Mummy!! Where are you Mummy?" Lucy screamed crying and frightened. The other children caught up with her and held her back from crying to enter what was left of the house. They all were crying because of what they had seen, where was there mother, and where were they going to live now? The children lessened their grip on Lucy as they cried holding each other, fearing the worst for their mother. Lucy managed to free to get free of their grip as she ran towards their house. "I'm coming Mummy!" Lucy shouted. She opened the door and her siblings quickly followed her.

They all fell on top of each other. "Lucy it's dangerous to go into a building that might fall over any minute, we have to get out of here" Peter said trying to stand up.

"No we don't Peter, look up." Lucy said smiling. They all stood up and took in their surroundings. Trees were dancing, and familiar creatures approached them. "Narnia" Susan whispered. "But how- '' Edmund said but was interrupted by a booming voice. "Welcome back Kings and Queens on Narnia" Aslan said approaching them from a tent. "Aslan!" Lucy shouted, she ran up to him and gave him a hug. "Now I'm all sure you're wondering why you're here, follow me" Aslan said pointing into his tent. "Not me, I want to get out of here. Too many bad memories." Edmund quietly said. None of the other children heard as they were too excited that they were back in Narnia again. But Aslan did notice.

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