A.N: Since so many people have wanted me to continue with this story, I am going to do what they asked me to do. Just a quick recap of what happened in the previous chapter.

Edmund ran away and was approached by a mysterious voice.

The other children still don't know why there here.

Peter found Edmund thrashing around in his bed, having a terrible nightmare.

Aslan can't help him but maybe Peter, Susan and Lucy can?

This chapter is basically got to do with Lucy trying to help Edmund wake up

"He's been like this for 3 days now, why hasn't he woken up?" Susan asked. Since Peter had found Edmund having a bad nightmare Edmund had not woken up, not even when they all tried to encourage him to fight whatever he was fighting in his head. Lucy was one of the most worried about her brother; she had been by his side as much as she could, until she couldn't keep her eyes open anymore. "This is useless" Peter mumbled as he walked outside. "Pete..." Susan said running after him. Lucy didn't go after her brother but moved closer to Edmund. "Please Edmund, please wake up!" Lucy said squeezing his hand hoping for a squeeze back from him, but his hand just stayed limp.

In Edmunds mind he was back in the time when he was battling the White Witch.

"Edmund dear, how nice of you to drop by, I'm glad you're here because now I can kill you." The White Witch said. Edmund and the White Witch were at eye level and circling each other seeing who would make the first move. Then suddenly Edmund thrusted his sword forward attacking her, but she was a very talented swordsmen and deflected his blow. There were many sounds of clanging as swords hit each other. Every time Edmund tried to attack the witch, she always was able to deflect it. Edmund was getting very tired and was losing strength. For just a second he turned away from the witch, she then had her chance to stab him. The metal blade pierced his chest, it was the most painful experience he had in his life. He fell to the ground hard and was then all alone, dying. "Where was his brother and sisters?" he thought. Edmund just laid there not being able to move, and in pain, slowly dying. He could feel the life being pulled out of him. Then he felt people around him: it was his siblings, how glad they were there when he died. Edmund opened his eyes one last time to see his siblings worried faces looking down at him. He could feel someone holding his hand, but it was too late. Edmund's chest did not rise again. This nightmare would just replay itself in his mind over and over again.

Back in the tent Lucy stayed with Edmund throughout the night hoping he would move or do something. But still he lay there without moving. "Keep fighting Edmund, keep fighting" Lucy yawned. "I know you can do it..." Lucy said nodding off to sleep.

An hour later Lucy woke up, she was not beside Edmund but back in her own tent. She must have fallen asleep and somebody moved her. Lucy quickly ran to Edmund to see if there were any changes. She found Peter with him crying and had is head on Edmund's chest. She went over to him and put a comforting hand on his shoulder and cried with him.

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