Tenten was far from being a "girly girl." Commonly known as the Weapons Mistress, she hated things that were considered girl's best friends, like diamonds and such. Sure she enjoyed the occasional flower, mainly for a little brightening touch in her room, but other things she found absolutely annoying.

Especially pearls. She hated pearls. Expensive and often wanted for their rare value and beauty, she hated the jewel that made girls go ga-ga and save up every penny just to get one little charm. Everytime she saw one of those things, she would scowl and wish she could take a kunai and break it into pieces. Ah, how happy she would be if she could take one of the little off-white gems and watch as the shards spread out over the counter top, then see them in the trash can waiting for ultimate destruction.

However, she had to admit, there was one pearl she would never want to destroy. In fact, she would spend the rest of her lifetime staring at those beauties that always made her smile.

Those beauties were the pearl-white eyes of her teammate and fiancée Neji Hyuuga.

That was the only gem she liked. Those eyes that seem to see everything, Byakugan or not. Those eyes she started to like when they were mere genin, and continued to grow and love as time went on. She loved them even more when they looked at her nervously when he asked for her to go on a date, and laughed when they looked away from her as his cheeks lightly turned red when Hinata poked fun of how her cousin had a crush on his female teammate.

And when he asked her to marry him, she knew that she would be able to stare at those orbs for the rest of her life.

Oh yes, Tenten hated pearls. But, for Neji's eyes, she made an exception.