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Summary: AU. The vampires have taken over and the humans are their slaves. After the murder of their father and the rape of their mother, Bella and Alice are taken to the Center where they are to be sold to the highest bidder. On a lazy afternoon Edward comes in with Jasper and Emmett to get his first human. He is intrigued by the mental silence and rebellious attitude of Bella and decides to take her home so that he can figure her out, not fully understand what that will lead to, as he begins to slowly fall more and more in love with the girl who has sworn to hate him and his kind forever. ExB JxA

For those who read Collide, the rules about the vampires are the same. They are born, not made and from the age of infancy to about twenty they sleep but it decreases as the years go by from constantly as an infant to about an hour or two every couple of weeks. Same for very old vampires only in reverse order. The more a vampire sleeps as an adult, the closer they are to finally dying.


Chapter 1,

Bella knew that she was lucky. To have two parents who loved her was more than anyone like her could ask for and yet she knew she was doubly blessed to still have her freedom. She looked up at the ceiling and knew that even though she couldn't see the stars, she was truly blessed. Her best friend and sister laid next to her. Alice wasn't always her sister, but when they found her with no memory of who she was or where she came from, her soft hearted parents took her with them. Every night the two girls would go to sleep in the same small bed with their hands clasped tight. In the bed just a few feet away, her parents slept. Renee laid in her husband's protective arms and each night they thanked whatever god was watching over them, that they had each other.

Bella was human. That was how she couldn't hate the lumpy pile of straw that was hardly a bed, or the thin soups and stale bread she ate when she could. When her parents wished for a better life for her and Alice and apologized for failing, Bella reminded them that they had their freedom. They weren't property of the bloodsuckers. On the cold nights of winter, when their underground home was cooler, they would huddle together, a small family but a happy one.

Nobody appreciated the freedom they had more than Renee and Charlie. When Alice and Bella had been younger their parents showed them their marks. Burns in their skin showing their status as a piece of property. When she was thirteen, Renee had been selected by an elderly vampire and taken to live as a pet. The old woman who bought her wasn't the terrible one. It was her son. A vile and disgusting vampire who would rape and beat her on a daily basis. She had scars on her body from where he dug his nails into her skin and broken bones that hadn't healed properly, giving her arms some lumps. But the worst of the physical damage was in her eyes. At one time Renee had the same dark eyes her daughter had, deep and full of curiosity and hope. Now they were dead and held more pain that Bella could even imagine.

Her father wasn't much better. Blind in his right eye from a vampire's rage and scared from tortures. His eye held the same sadness and pain. There was no other one. A long red scar covered his left eye and it had been sewn shut when his vampire owner had grown tired of seeing the empty socket. They had been lucky to escape. Renee was smart and quick and stole away into the night when her owner was sleeping and her tormentor was out with his friends. Charlie escaped during a brawl between his owner and a friend. When he met Renee she took his breath away with her beauty. She looked upon him and he felt ashamed of his disfigured face. She loved him from the moment she saw him. Bella would notice to this day that when she looked at him, his heart would flutter and his breath would catch. He was the most handsome man in the world in her eyes.


They came without warning. Bella opened her eyes and was looking into hungry red ones. "Hello little girl," the vampire purred, stroking her cheek.

Bella screamed and realized that he wasn't the only one. She and Alice were pulled to their feet and thrown into a pair of icy stone arms.

"MOM! DAD!" Alice screamed. The vampires had already descended upon their parents.

"Looks like some fugitives," one, a blonde vampire with black eyes said to his friends. "Look, someone got his eye."

Charlie kicked the vampire and in his surprise he dropped him. The kick was useless. The vampire recovered instantly and grabbed him. Bella and Alice looked in horror as their father tried to get to them but was stopped when the blond vampire sank his teeth into his neck.

"I needed a good snack," he growled, throwing Charlie aside as if he was nothing. There wasn't a drop of blood left in him. Scarlet was already beginning to fill the vampire's eyes.

"Look at this one," his friend, a man with rust colored hair said with quite a bit of humor in his voice.

"NO! LEAVE US ALONE!" Renee screamed.

Bella winced as she heard the sound of ripping fabric. "Which one will it be mother dear?" the red head asked. "You or one of your lovely succulent daughters?"


"As you wish," the vampire purred. Alice turned her head away and tried not to cry. The vampire holding her grabbed her head and forced her to watch.

"Don't worry pixie," the third vampire purred, "he'll give you your turn next."

Bella watched as the fourth vampire held her head. Renee wouldn't look towards them. They watched as the vampire roughly had his way, clawing her naked breasts and biting her, tasting her blood. "Your are almost as delicious as you feel," he growled in a husky voice that sent shivers down Bella's spine.

"This one smells the sweetest," the fourth vampire said, Bella felt the tip of his cold nose on her neck as he inhaled her scent. "Never been used," he purred, "her blood is perfectly clean."

"Virgins huh?" the vampire holding Alice laughed. He tossed some of his sandy hair from his eyes. "Guess we'll just have to leave them. They'll pay a high price for untouched girls, especially ones that smell this delicious."

Bella snapped. She snapped her head back into the vampire's neck and kicked back into his groin.

"LET HER GO!" She screamed at the red head. She threw herself onto his back and tugged on him. It did absolutely no good and he didn't even break his violent thrusts to throw Bella to his blonde friend.

"You're a little pistol aren't you?" the blonde teased. He licked her neck. "Even her skin has a good flavor."

She swung around and the vampire caught her hand. He smelled her wrist and licked her skin. "A pretty thing like you will fetch a high price. Shame, we'll just have to share your mother. We can't give up the money you two virgins will bring."


"Damn she's feisty," the vampire that had been holding her before said. Bella looked at him with fierce eyes. He smirked and ran a hand through his pitch black hair. "I'll bet you've never been touched by anyone."

"Don't damage her," the blonde warned, "you'll ruin her value."

"I won't damage her," the dark haired one purred. He touched Bella's throat and she jerked away from his icy touch. "I just want to see."

Bella jerked again as his cold tongue ran along the vein in her neck. He grabbed the front of her tattered shirt and ripped it a little. Bella squirmed as his icy hand touched her breast. She felt the sick disgusted feelings rush through her body. "Soft, and supple. How such a lovely creature can come from two ugly bloodbags is beyond me."

"Let me have my turn."

Bella didn't know who said the words but she assumed it was the vampire holding Alice. There was a brief struggle and a slap and Alice fell back with blood on her lips. Bella looked over, horrified, as the red head leaned down and licked the blood from her lips. "She isn't theirs, her blood doesn't taste the same. Adopted probably."

"Whatever works," the blonde said, not caring either way. Bella saw that the red head wasn't satisfied with his turn with her mother. He grabbed Alice by the hair.

"Now be a good girl and open wide."

"DONT'!" Bella yelled.

"Can one of you please shut that stupid bitch up? She's getting on my nerves, and you down there, get to it. If I'm not satisfied and pleasured than my sense of mercy tends to slip."

Alice looked away and bit her lip. What choice did she have? He made up her mind by thrusting hard into her mouth anyway. Bella heard her sister gag and choke and the vampire laughed. "I guess you're too big for her, eh?"

"I guess so. I fit just fine in her mother, loose slut."

Bella made to fight again but the dark haired vampire held her jaw tight. "Now listen to me and listen well," he murmured, "if you want your mother to live you will behave yourself like a good little pet, and if you don't quiet down, well, we can always find something to occupy that little mouth of yours."

"You disgusting pig," Bella spat. The vampire laughed and dragged Bella to his friend and Renee.

"Mother dear, your little girl seems to think that I am a disgusting pig," he said. Bella felt a wave of nausea wash over her as she saw Renee. The smell of her blood was overpowering. Streams of white covered her chest and her crotch was bruised and bleeding.

"No," she moaned, "please..."

"Take it easy there tiger, she has to last at least two more."

"Mother dear tell your little darling to mind her manners."


"Mom don't listen to them!"

"Oh damn I got some in her hair!"

"Do you want your family to survive?" the vampire asked her. Bella didn't respond. She wouldn't. She wouldn't give them the satisfaction of begging when she knew they were going to kill her and her family anyway.

"Yes, yes she does!" Renee cried, "Please Bella!"

Bella closed her eyes. Her mother made up her mind for her. She knew what horrors awaited. She felt his icy fingers on her cheeks again. "So pretty," he murmured in her ear, "if you weren't so valuable I'd show you what a real man feels like."

He threw her to her sister and Alice felt for her hand. Bella grabbed it and the two girls sat in silence while the vampires decided what to do with them.


It had been a long time since Bella had seen the sun. She and Alice sat quietly in the back of the truck. Renee laid beside them, broken and exhausted. She had finished bleeding and her body was recovering. She was in too much pain to move. She could only look at her daughter's with guilty eyes, ashamed to let them down.

"Girls..." she rasped, "Bella..."

"Don't speak mom," Bella said gently, "you need to rest."

Renee held her hand weakly. "I love you girls."

"We love you too," Alice promised. She held onto Renee's other hand and they both hugged their knees. "Where are we going?"

"To the Center most likely."

Bella squeezed Alice's hand tight before she could ask what the Center was. Whatever it was, she didn't want to know.


"C'mon hurry up," the dark vampire growled as he pulled on their chains. He walked them into a massive building with white walls and few windows. Bella looked over at Alice who looked as curious as she did, and then at Renee who had gone as pale as the vampires around her. She had been here before. Bella drew closer to Alice. Her sister grabbed her hand and held it tight.

"Well, well, Vincent, what have you brought this time?"

This vampire had dark skin. Bella was surprised by that. She thought all vampires were as white as snow.

"I found an old runaway," the dark haired vampire said, pushing Renee forward. The dark vampire took a look at her. "What do you think, Rick?"

"Getting old," Rick sighed, "but her blood smells sweet. She also smells like you boys had yourselves a good time."

"No harm done, she's been whored out before."

"Her brand is expired," Rick sighed looking at the burn on Renee's ankle. "Woman died years ago. I'll give you 100 for her."

"Fine, whatever."

"You took that well," Rick said. Vincent grinned.

"I have something that will really make your day."


Bella and Alice were brought forward. "Both virgins. Their parents were escapees and made freak love to create them. The little one is adopted, but this one," he pushed Bella forward a bit, "will bring in some money."

Bella didn't like the way Rick looked her over. He appraised her body as if she were a vase or a painting to be sold. He took her wrist and held it to his nose. "She smells clean. No trace of the pill anywhere. No trace of semen either. What about this one?"

"We had a bit of fun with her mouth. Or rather Danny did. Messed in her hair."

"She'll have to be bleached then," Rick sighed, "she won't fetch a price if she's got another vamps load on her."

"They're both intact."

"Can you be sure?" Rick asked, raising his eyes.

"Yes, they are," Renee said, "both of my girls are."

Vincent sneered at her, "you should check them both anyway."

"My girls have never met a man beyond my husband," Renee insisted.

"Such lovely girls, perhaps their father got a little frisky."

Bella shuddered at the idea and Alice looked sick.

"We'll check anyway," Rick said with a grin. "Then we'll talk price."

Bella didn't have time to wonder what exactly was going to happen when they were checked, or what they were being checked for, but she was sure that she wasn't going to like it if Renee had tried so hard to prevent it. Both she and Alice were taken into the back room where they were stripped. They wore only the iron chains around their wrists and ankles.

"Sit," Rick ordered, "We have more for you."

Bella looked at the vampire that came in. He looked just like the others, dark haired and pale skinned. He looked over the two girls with a grin. "Right this way ladies."

"They're supposedly virgins," Rick said, "so check for a hymen or signs of damage."

Alice closed her eyes and receded into her happy place, like she usually did when she felt scared. Bella watched the doctor poke around inside of her and smile. "Yep, this one's a virgin. Now you." Bella greeted him with a swift kick to the groin. "Fuck she's a fighter."

"Yep," Vincent said, "it was so hard to keep from throwing her ass to the ground and fucking the spark out of her. I'll bet her tight little pussy would have felt so good."

"Burn in hell you disgusting vile rodent!" Bella snarled.

"Keep that up and I'll take you right now," Vincent purred, "screw the finders fee. Would you like that little girl? My cock in your ass?"

Bella glared at him. He kept looking at her with the same twisted smirk on his face. The doctor roughly grabbed Bella's shoulder and thrust her onto her back.

"Mmm I wish I had taken her mouth at least."

"Enough from you," Rick said.

Bella sucked in a sharp breath as icy fingers went inside of her. They lingered longer than they had in Alice. "She's a virgin alright," the doctor agreed.

"Kindly take your disgusting fingers out of me."

"You'll bring down your price if you keep talking like that."

Bella grabbed the sides of the table and thrust herself down. She winced as she felt a twinge of pain as the stone fingers pierced her hymen. "YOU LITTLE BITCH!" Vincent roared.

The doctor laughed and Rick did as well.

"Oh sweet innocent little human," Rick laughed, "no vampire will care if your hymen is complete. They'll still want to be the first cock in you. You'll fetch a high price. With your sweet blood and pure body we'll get quite a bit."

Bella didn't find out how much Vincent got for supposedly finding her. She and her mother and sister were taken from the room and into a large shower. They met up with other humans, some as young as seven and as old as fifty. They were all naked and scared. Renee held her daughter's close and Bella let her pride disappear as she clung to her mother. The water started. Icy streams from above washed away the dirt and grime from each of them. It wasn't uncommon for humans to go underground. It was harder to be found that way.

Renee washed her daughter's quickly and roughly. Bella shivered and huddled close to Alice. Renee was sobbing as she washed them. Bella knew why. When they were both very small they were sometimes able to steal away into the night and bathe in the lake in the moonlight. They would play quietly with each other and it was their only time to be in the fresh air.

"Mom, it's going to be okay," Alice said, "you'll see."

"Yes, we're going to be alright."

They were wrong and Renee knew it. She knew what was waiting for them in the next rooms. The water stopped and hot air was blown down on them to dry them. They left into the next room where they were given clothes. Simple pieces of cloth. Bella and Alice were pulled away from Renee where they were forced into white knee length dresses and had a yellow rope tied around their middles to act like a belt. When they emerged again they found Renee and ran to her. She was dressed in dark green.

She pulled them roughly to her. "Whatever happens," she whispered, "I love you both with all of my heart."

She kissed each one of them on the foreheads, holding her lips against their skin for a long time. She was crying.


"I love you girls. I love you a million times more than anything else in this world."

The girls were confused by this but then understood when they were being pulled away.

"MOM! MOM!" Bella screamed. She reached for Renee's hand but their fingers slipped away. She and Alice were pulled away and Renee fell to her knees in tears. Bella whirled around and attacked the vampire leading them. She was thrown off and fell to the ground where she was nearly trampled. Alice pulled her up and they looked back to see Renee being pulled off into a separate room with others dressed like her.

The next room took Bella by surprise. Her jaw fell open and Alice was the same. The room was massive. The smell was horrible. Sweat, blood and stale sex. Bella gripped Alice's hand tight. They stuck together as if they were glued and looked around, frightened. Down at the end of the hall that seemed to go on forever, Bella saw dark green.

"Look around you," the vampire said. "You are whites. You are better than all of them because you are the most valued of your pathetic race."

Bella looked around. There was a grated ceiling above them and occasionally they would see someone walk over them. There were pearly white figures looking into the rooms, made of thick heavy plastic. She felt as if she might as well be on display with a sign around her neck. Human for sale, fully housebroken completely intact.

They were led into a small plastic cage. There were three other girls inside, huddled against the corner. Bella and Alice were pushed into the room and the three girl shivered. Alice looked at Bella.

"What is this place?" She asked.

"This is where they come to buy you," one of the girls said. "The vampires."

Bella walked to the plastic wall of her prison and peered out. "What do the colors mean?"

"Green means old, blue means young, red means young and lightly used, and white is brand spanking new."

"They just keep us here?"

"Yep," the girl said walking to her. "I'm Emily. This is Leah and Lauren."

"I'm Bella, and this is my sister Alice."

"You two are really related?" Emily asked.

"Her parents adopted me when we were four," Alice answered in a quiet monotone.

"The shock will wear off soon enough," Emily promised. She was friendly. She reached out a hand and Bella took it. She brought them to their corner where they had blankets. They curled up under them. Bella and Alice gripped each other's hands.

"You two won't be here long," Leah said, "none of us are. At least, none of us whites."

"What do you mean?" Bella asked.

"We're virgins," Lauren said, "never been touched. The reds, they've probably had sex a couple of times. Enough to carry a scent. See vampires have a great sense of smell. If a girl has sex enough times they take on a smell from whatever comes out."

"The white stuff," Alice mumbled, "it smells horrible."

"How do you know?" Lauren asked, accusing.

Alice buried her face in Bella's shoulder. Bella shot Lauren a warning glare. She knew that fighting the weak human girl would be no problem if she had to.

"Be nice," Emily said, "don't listen to them."

Alice felt Emily attempt to comfort her. "They did the same to me. Made me suck on each of them."

"Vincent?" Bella asked.

"And his merry band of pricks. After they killed my father and my two twin brothers."

"They killed our father, drank his blood. Then they put it in our mother."

"Most of them do," Leah said bitterly, "humans don't get pregnant like vamps do. The men especially have a thing for warm bodies."

Bella didn't want to listen anymore. She wrapped her arms around Alice's shoulders. How long would it be until they were pulled apart too? Was their mother okay? Bella could just imagine Renee, in a cramped plastic cage, crying as she was now. They were only yards apart but it felt like miles. Alice hummed softly, stroking Bella's hair. They shifted so it was Alice who was holding her sister. She sang a soft lullaby that only Bella could hear over the sound of the chatter of the trapped humans. How many of them were in there? Bella couldn't begin to count. There were three floors and each of them were stuffed full.


Three vampires walked into the Center. They walked up to the front desk and the receptionist turned her attention to them immediately.

So handsome! Good lord the Cullen boys make me melt!

"We're here for a human for Edward," Jasper said with a grin.

"Our little Eddie is growing up," Emmett cooed. "Now pick out a good one and make sure it's had all it's shots."

"You guys are impossible," Edward sighed, rolling his burgundy eyes.

"Gentlemen, how are you this fine afternoon? My name is Mike and I'll be your guide today. Now what exactly did you have in mind?"

"Nothing that will give him something," Emmett teased.

"Lightly used," Edward said, "if you can manage it."

"For you, anything Mr. Cullen."

Edward smirked and walked into the viewing room with his friends.

"Let's not even go upstairs. Only greens up there."

Edward looked through the plastic walls at the hundreds of faces, each of them had a million thoughts all focusing on hoping they weren't next. Some hoped they were, anything was better than this hell. Jasper was tense and Emmett was as carefree as ever.

I can feel everything. Such a nuisance.

"I hear you," Edward agreed. His eyes slid to the people in blue.

"Now these are our standard roughed up picks. Not quite as used as the greens, but not as new as the reds. Are you looking for a young lady?"

"That might be best," Edward said with a quirked eyebrow. They walked by the people in blue and to the reds.

"We do have whites in," Mike said eagerly. Edward seemed interested, as did Emmett and Jasper. They walked to the end of the hall to the final room. Edward peered in and saw the girls waiting. Three of them were in one corner, huddled under a blanket and two were in the other. They were standing side by side. "Has anything caught your interest?"

Edward looked at Bella. Her hair fell around her ivory shoulders and her eyes...he was drawn to her eyes, like melted chocolate and as deep as an ocean. He could hear the thoughts coming from the girl next to her but nothing from her.

Please, not Bella, please anyone but Bella

Nothing from the dark haired girl. Was she mentally challenged? Some vampires would love that.


"I believe something has," Edward said. Mike opened the door to the room and the four vampires walked in. Edward walked up to the girl and her small friend began to show signs of panic.

Please! NOT BELLA! For the love of god please anyone but her! I can't lose her too!"

"Such a lovely human," Edward murmured. He reached over to touch her and she pulled back. He looked at her with an amused expression. "Something wrong?"

"I don't want to be touched by a filthy leech," Bella snarled.

"You'll hold your tongue!" Mike said firmly. He cracked his whip and her and she flinched. Still no thoughts.

What do you think Eddie?

Edward looked at the girl. He reached out and took her arm. She jerked free and swung at him. He caught her wrist and pulled it to his lips. "She smells wonderful," he murmured, "freesia."

"Let go of me," Bella growled.

"I don't think you're in any position to order me around," Edward said with a crooked smile.

"I don't think you're in any position to assume that you can order me around," Bella snarled.

"I do apologize for her, sir," Mike said quickly, "she will be severely punished for her actions."

"I'll take this one," Edward said.

"Dude, there are plenty of others. Why go for the thorn?"

"I'll take this one," Edward said again.

"You'll do no such thing," Bella growled.

"Please," Alice said suddenly, "please don't."

"Don't?" Edward asked, "what shouldn't I do? Hm?"

"Don't take her," Alice pleaded, "she's all I have left."

"I want this one," Jasper said, taking Alice's arm.

"Aw Jasper's getting a pet too?" Emmett whined.

"It seems today is your lucky day," Edward murmured.

"Define luck," Bella growled, "I'd say being taken home by a loathsome creature such as yourself classifies as a very bad day."

"You'll have to do something about this one Eddie," Emmett laughed, "she's a little wildcat."

Edward looked into Bella's eyes. Unfathomably deep and overflowing with emotion. She was anything but mentally challenged. She spoke with such passion and anger. But he couldn't hear a word in her head. A mental mute. He would figure out why she was so silent to him.

"These girls will do," Edward decided.

"Will you be having them injected or given the pill?" Mike asked.

"To be safe I suppose," Jasper agreed. "Edward?"

"Not yet," Edward said, "I don't want to ruin her scent."

"But sir, without the pill you could easily kill her if you drank her blood."

"You underestimate my control," Edward said, slightly bragging. Emmett boomed a laugh and they walked out. Mike put chains on both Alice and Bella and handed the chains to Edward and Jasper. Jasper took the chain connected to Alice and walked silently. Edward seemed to find it amusing that Bella was still struggling against his strength. "She's a fun little thing isn't she?"

"Let's hope she's housebroken," Emmett teased.

"Don't pee on the carpet okay," Edward said to Bella, teasing.

"Oh fuck you," Bella spat, kicking him in the back. He laughed when he barely felt anything but the sensation of her foot and her foot was most likely sore. They walked by the other colors and Bella stopped walking. The jerk on the chain from Edward not stopping made her fall to her knees. Edward looked back and sighed.

"Will you be falling a lot?" he asked.

Alice helped Bella up.

They heard Renee before they saw her. Bella ran by Edward to the plastic wall and put her hands against it. "Mom! Mom!"

"Bella! Alice!"

"Mom! I love you mom!"

Jasper tensed. He could feel the intensity of the love between the three women. He could also feel the hatred from Bella. She whipped around and the chain wrapped around Edward. She pulled it up so that it was around his neck and pulled. Edward laughed as the chain did no harm and twirled lazily out of it. "You really have no idea just how powerful we are do you?" he asked.

"Leave her alone!" Alice ordered.

"Not you too," Emmett groaned. "You two sure can pick 'em."

Jasper pulled Alice close to him. "Pray for your sake that you don't thin my patience further," he growled. "I'll tolerate very little of this rebellious streak you two seem to have. I don't find it amusing like Edward does. You will behave or you will be punished."

"Please, let us say goodbye," Alice asked quietly, "she's our mother."

Jasper nodded. Alice and Bella turned to Renee. The woman was crying. "I love you both. Never forget that."

"We'll find a way back to you," Bella promised, "please just hold on mom."

"We love you," Alice promised, crying now, "we love you so much mom!"

Twin jerks on the chain brought the two girls away from their mother. Renee stumbled through the sea of green to be as close to them as possible. Finally they reached the end of the hall and her girls were pulled from sight, off to a world where she couldn't protect them. In that moment, she felt more alone than she ever had.

"Sir we didn't cover how much these girls cost," Mike said, "with the pill as well..."

"I'm Edward Cullen," Edward said with a very amused smirk, "money is never an object."


Very dark I know. I'm loving arrogant brat Edward though as well as rebel Bella.