This one-shot is for Kish's Kittie's Deathfic Contest, it might not be my best work but I'll try.

Disclaimer: I do not own Tokyo Mew Mew or the death fic Contest

The Chimera Animal let out a scream of rage, then drove at the helpless green Mew, who was supporting Mew Ichigo. Mew Lettuce panicked and then quickly placed Mew Ichigo down before sprinting towards the forest. The Chimera Animal followed Lettuce into the forest, letting out another wild scream.

Pai floated alongside Kisshu and then he heard a scream, then Lettuce's scream. Pai's eyes widened and then he quickly teleported.

Mew Lettuce tripped over a stray branch and landed on her stomach. Lettuce looked back and screamed, as the Chimera Animal jumped into the air, intending to jump on Mew Lettuce.

Lettuce squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for the pain. It never came. Lettuce looked behind her and tears appeared in her eyes. Pai was laying on the floor, a pool of blood around him. The Chimera Animal facing someone else. Mew Lettuce stood up and she looked past the Chimera Animal. The other Mews, Taruto and Kisshu staring at Pai. Kisshu took out his weapons and destroyed the Chimera Animal.

"NO!" Taruto screamed, flying towards Pai.

Taruto landed beside Pai and began shaking him.

"Pai, wake up! PAI!" The little Alien screamed, tears in his amber eyes.

"Hey Midget." Pai answered faintly.

Taruto looked at Pai and knew, it was too late. Taruto started crying and Pai stopped the shy Mew, watching them quietly.

"Lettuce." Pai called weakly.

Lettuce walked over slowly and then got down beside Pai. He let out a small smirk and then looked at Lettuce.

"Here I was, hoping to kill the Mews but I ended up saving one," Pai stated, "Look after Taruto for me, ok?"

Lettuce nodded, tears running down her face. Pai frowned and then raised his hand and wiped them away.

"I'm sorry, Lettuce. That I hurt you, I never wanted to." Pai said softly, stroking Lettuce's cheek.

Pai's hand fell to his side and then he took his last breath. Taruto latched onto Lettuce crying. Lettuce held Taruto back.

The other Mews and Kisshu watched, nothing they could do, would calm them down. The one Alien, who Taruto looked up to as a big brother was gone and so was Lettuce's love.