Technically spoilers for Gridlock, Utopia and Last of the Time Lords from Doctor Who season 3

Year: 5,000,000,058 Planet: New Earth

He could feel that his end was near and it was a relief.

He had been alive longer than anyone could remember.

Longer than HE could remember.

But his Doctor was here. His Doctor was coming.

He knew the next year for the Doctor would be horrible, but he couldn't say anything except to tell him that he wasn't alone. There was another like the Doctor.

Unlike himself.

He would always be alone. The only one. An impossible thing.

But that was when he was Captain Jack Harkness. Working at Torchwood with his teams. That first team of his. Tosh, Owen, Gwen, the pterodactyl, and...Ianto.


His beautiful wonderful Welshman.

He had kept his promise to the young man he had taken as a lover so long ago.

He thought of Ianto often. He never forgot but he never stopped loving again either. No matter what happened and no matter how hard it seemed, he always found love again eventually.

He didn't remember everything but he remembered Ianto's eyes.

His smile.

The feel of their bodies together.

He could remember that the young Welshman would blush when he made reference to their afterhours activities, although he couldn't remember what the actual blush looked like.

He remembered that he loved hearing those Welsh vowels (all two of them) but he couldn't remember how they sounded when Ianto said them.

He remembered he had never loved anyone as much as he had loved his Welshman, his Ianto, his Sweetheart, with his stopwatch, suits and ties.

And that UNIT cap. Best idea ever.

He sighed, trying to remember the little details; the taste of Ianto's coffee, his smell. But he couldn't.

The details didn't matter though. He remembered Ianto and that's what mattered.

Now his Doctor is here. And Martha, the woman who would save the Earth. And the rest of the universe too.

It was almost over, his long and lonely life.

It was almost funny to think that in just a few days the Doctor would see him running across the Plass with the Doctor's hand in his pack. And the Doctor would tell him how wrong he was.

"You Are Not Alone." He whispered.

As he took his last breath he remembered his life.

He remembered.