Chapter 1- Meeting Someone New


I watched as the hotel door unlocked, my leg crossed over the other as I lounged in a chair. Any minute now, I thought. Finally, the door swung open and the three of them stepped inside, their shoes hitting the carpet heavily. One paused, and I smiled.

"Someone's here," Ruby whispered.

"What?" Dean asked, switching on the light. He and Sam whipped out their guns, their faces showing concern. Ruby stood beside them, her eyes wide.

"You're finally here," I said, standing. My short hair rocked against my neck, the brown locks drying from the rain outside. "I've been following you three buffoons for about three states now. I was wondering when you'd catch on; was pretty surprised when you didn't. And you call yourselves hunters."

Dean cocked his gun, still aiming it at me. "Who are you?" he practically shouted.

"Put your guns down, I'm not here to hurt you." I rolled my eyes, turning my attention to Ruby. "You either. Stop looking so damn scared. It's pathetic."

She straightened, clearing her throat.

Sam and Dean turned to her, their eyebrows arched. She nodded her head. "You can put your guns down. She's...she's not like me."

"So who is she?"

I snapped my fingers, smiling sweetly. "It would be nice to address the person you're speaking of."

Sam chortled, shaking his head in disbelief.

I tilted my head, suddenly catching the sound of beating wings. I inhaled deeply, my eyelids fluttering. The smell of wind, or grace, filled my sense. Castiel and Uriel. Of course. Perfect timing.

"What is she doing?" I heard Dean whisper.

"Tracking," Ruby whispered in reply.

I smirked, my eyes locking on the open door, where the two angels now stood. They looked at me, my heart beating a little faster as Castiel locked eyes with me. I cleared my throat, shaking my head to stop my cheeks from flushing. What was it about the angel that got me so damn...gah! "Well, well, look who has decided to drop by." I teased, walking towards them.

"Tracker," Uriel replied.

"Uriel. I would say it's nice to see you, but lying is a sin, isn't it?"

He shook his head, laughing slightly. "I see you haven't changed, though it's been years since I've seen you last."

"Not long enough," I murmured, walking behind them, my fingers trailing along Castiel's jacket. I smiled as I felt him stiffen, holding back a laugh. Deciding not to torture him any longer, I said, "So, what brings you two by?"

"The same that brings you here, Alista." Castiel replied.

I put my head between theirs, smiling at the Winchester boys. "Kodak moment?" I teased.

"Would someone tell us what the hell is going on?" Dean asked, sitting on one of the hotel beds.

I sighed and made my way back around the angels, frowning. "You sure know how to ruin a girl's fun."

"I think you're the only one who thinks the situation is 'fun'," Uriel pointed out.

"You three are the only ones who know what the situation is." Sam responded, sitting beside his brother.

Castiel stepped fully into the room, his jacket billowing around his legs. "Lilith is in town." of few words. Just what I liked.

"So, what seal are we supposed to prevent her from breaking now?"

My time to step in. I stepped into the room, leaving Uriel behind. "None. She has twenty other demons with her, most of them powerful sons 'a' bitches. You two, three including your loyal pet Ruby, aren't doing a damn thing. Get in your shiny, pretty car, and drive out of town." I told them, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Are you sure there are twenty?" Castiel asked.

I nodded my head, arching a brow. "Doubting me, Cass? When have I ever been wrong?"

He just looked at me. Sometimes I wished the man would shrug his shoulders. "They might help."

I laughed, brushing a hand through my hair. "Doubt that."

Uriel walked towards me, his head tilted. "You certainly are prideful for what you are."

"What is she?" Dean exclaimed, practically slamming his fist atop a night table by the bed.

I stared at him. He was pretty good looking...they would've loved him in Hell. "Pushy." I picked a piece of lint off my pants and then sighed, figuring the angels were waiting for me to dive in. "My father was an angel, my mother a human." I stated.

"You're...a nephilim?" Sam asked, looking at me with a confused face.

"I know. Bible describes as being giants, so I should be taller, right? Because five feet ten inches isn't tall enough for you."

He opened his mouth to respond, but I held up my hand and stopped him.

"Yes, I'm telling the truth. Just ask the lovely angels. Isn't it right, Castiel?"

He shook his head in agreement, his face stern. "It's true."

"We killed most of the other nephilim, but Alista was...special. The Lord wanted us to spare her life, have her help us track down humans. After all, angels don't walk amongst humans normally. We watch... She was our...hmm, what word would you use, Alista?"

"Spy." I stated, patting Uriel on the shoulder. "Good boy. You actually managed not to mention your strong dislike towards me in those few sentences. I'm proud of you."

"You're an angel?" Dean questioned, shaking his head and laughing softly. "Wow."

I scowled, facing him. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"You don't seem very...angelic," Sam answered for him.

"Half angel. I won't become a full angel until I'm dead. Or I do something so bad I fall. One of the two. I'm really hoping it's the first though."

"So...when were you born?"

I looked over his shoulder at Ruby, smiling cheerfully. "Let's just say, I know your little friend Ruby from a long time ago. When her name wasn't Ruby."

Both of the brothers' eyes opened wide and they turned to her. She bit her lip, shrugging her shoulders.

"Keep the brothers here, Alista." Castiel told me strongly. "You might need them. This seal-"

"What is the seal? We're still in the dark." Dean said, brushing a hand over his face. I watched as he took out a beer from a mini-fridge, practically drinking half of it in a second.

"Ever hear of Pandora's box?" I asked, kicking back a seat on the chair I'd been lounging on before they'd arrived.

"Pandora's box? As in, open it and the world is enveloped in chaos?"

"That's the one. It's pretty much the same, except there's a pendant and a bit more chaos. I'm talking bloodier, nastier monsters than just world diseases. Shit you wouldn't even want in your worst nightmare." I looked at Cass and Uriel and sighed. "You think they can handle Lilith this soon? Fine, I'll keep pretty boys in town. But, stay near. If I need you guys, I'm calling."

"We're not your watchdogs," Uriel told me.

"We'll be here," Cass replied, eyeing Uriel.

I smiled and walked up to him, smoothing his collar down. "Thanks, Cass."

He nodded his head, swallowed, and then backed up. I watched as he flew off with Uriel, still amazed at their beautifully black wings. How I wanted my own set. I couldn't wait. I turned around, looking at the three people stationed around the room. I yawned, more tired than I thought I'd be. I closed the door and began to lie on the floor, stretching my limbs out. Ruby was still keeping away, looking at me carefully. "Don't worry, Ruby. I won't bite." I joked, lying down.

"What are you doing?" Dean asked.

"Going to sleep. You have a bed, and I'm assuming the other two share one. So, I'll sleep on the floor."

"Why don't you just rent your own room?"

"Because Lilith knows I'm here by now, as she knows you three are. And I'm not letting you three get killed while I'm here."

"Why not?"

I glared at him, my shirt inching up a little higher as my jeans crinkled. I kicked my boots off, declaring them too uncomfortable to sleep in. "You ask too many questions."

"Part of why I'm still alive."

I shook my head. "No, you're alive because an angel dragged you out of Hell."

He grumbled something under his breath and then stood, sitting on the chair I'd been in. "Go on the bed. I'll be fine here."

"Hmm, Dean, such a charmer." I held out my hand, grinning as he helped me off the floor. "You sure? We could share. I won't try anything, promise."

"Yeah, looks like she's got the hots for a certain angel." Sam spoke up, lying down with Ruby next to him. The sight made me...shudder. Only because of how utterly sad it was. A big bad demon huddled with a human. Gag me.

"Shut up, demon blood." I yawned, lying down on the bed. Hmm, much better. I felt the bed dip as Dean lay beside me, making sure to keep his distance.

"Both of you shut up," he said, closing his eyes.

Ruby shut the lights off and we all settled down. I could still see perfectly, thanks to the angel juice running through my veins. "We still have more questions, I hope you know. One being how you're still alive if you were born centuries ago." Sam said, Dean nodding in agreement.

"Yeah, that's kinda fucked up."

"Tomorrow. Too tired now, too complicated. Go to sleep." I closed my eyes, immediately imagining Castiel and his black wings. Hmm...lovely dreams tonight.

A/N: I know, I totally shouldn't be starting another fanfic while I have like three Twilight ones to finish, but this one was begging to be written. Plus, I can't watch Supernatural for like...a month and a half. So, I'm writing it. :) Hope everyone that checks it out likes it! Leave some love, I'd love to hear what you think.