Sometimes he just snapped. Just sunk into a brief psychosis for a few moments. Iago would always feel uncomfortable watching his master mutter to himself, sinking his nails into his dark skin. Seeing his cool, calm, collected master bite his lip hard, eyes rolling upwards and shaking madly always made the parrot want to fly away as fast as he could.

He knew he couldn't leave. Jafar was the only thing he had left. Vice versa as well. When his master had fallen into the occasional madness he would whisper to his beloved parrot, "you won't leave, Iago? Please don't ever go."

"I won't. I'll always be here, Jafar."

Iago didn't blame him for going nuts sometimes. It was a wonder he was able to keep himself in control for so long when dealing with idiot sultans and stuck-up princesses. It was a wonder that he didn't have a complete break-down and had to be carted off to the loony bin after being treated the way he did. His brief lapses into insanity always lasted briefly.

But it still scared him. Still freaked him out seeing the vulnerability in his eyes. Seeing the shaking body and ragged nails. Watching him gibber and mumble nonsense to himself. Iago would crave the return of his sadistic but patient master and would always dread the return of the psycho.

One thing got to him the worst out of all of it. Something that got to both the parrot's brain and heart. Something that struck a nerve.

"You know I love you Iago. Do you love me too?"

"Yeah sure I do. And don't you ever forget it, okay?"

He never said it when he was back to normal. He never mentioned it. But Iago knew it was their. Hidden deep in that black old heart of his. It didn't upset him that he admitted it. It only upset him that he only said it when he snapped.