Part 7 in my mini-series of the saga that is (or not) the Romance between our two favourite characters.

Spoilers: Season 7 – Tag to Death Knell

Very short tag, straight to the point.

Rating: T

Warnings : nothing

Summary: Sam is missing - AGAIN!!!!!!.

I don't own anything associated with Stargate SG-1. Everything belongs to MGM and all the others!..

This story is not betaed so all errors are mine.


Jack was having trouble controlling his emotions. His Major was missing – AGAIN. How many times did they have to do this dance. Hell he didn't even know if she was ok. Everyone else was dead, luckily they found Jacob in time, but where was his Carter? The place was blown to hell. Who did this? How did they know they were here? Yelling to everyone to hustle, they had survivors to find.

Struggling through the underbrush she paused briefly to catch her breath. Her leg hurt like hell, but she couldn't stop. She had to keep moving. The creature was tracking her and had almost found her several times. Thoughts flashing through her mind, thoughts of her soul mate, the one who was always there for her, the one who she was hoping would find her, one more time. She told herself she had to tell him the truth. Tell him how she felt, how she's always felt. She couldn't do this any longer. She had to break it off with Pete, how could she be with a man who wasn't the one she wanted to be with. Leaning against a tree, she closes her eyes, hoping to get s few minutes respite from the relentless hunter. Her subconscious going to her most peaceful place. The place where she and Jack are married, have children and are so happy. No regulations in their way, no evil doers to fight to use as an excuse to keep them apart. Just them and their kids – Bliss.

Getting more and more anxious, Jack continues to track them. The UAV was shot down somewhere near them, hearing an explosion, he breaks into a dead run, they've found her, alive with the warrior looming over her. It's now or never. Kill it and tell her, before its too late. Tell her all the things he wants to tell her. That he'll resign, they can get married, have kids. Have a life, have the life they know that they deserve.

Gazing into the beast's eyes, she said her goodbyes, told Jack that she loved him, that she wanted to wait, but somehow things went wrong. She said goodbye to Janet and Cassie, Daniel and Teal'c and finally to Pete. Pete. Shouldn't he have been first on her list? Suddenly the creature exploded before her, she was safe. Her head resting on the shoulder of the man she had always and would always love. Waking finally in the infirmary friends around, she seeks out the chocolate brown eyes that will always find her. A brief smile exchanged, she chickens out. Next time, I'll tell him next time.

Breathing a sigh of relief, she's awake, she finds him with her eyes, he returns her smile. So much said in that brief glance before Janet walks in with a bunch of messages, all from Pete. Jack holds his tongue, he remembers, Carter got that life he told her to get. He backs away quietly telling himself he'll tell her next time, if he gets that chance. If it isn't already too late.