Title: Death Becomes No-One

Part 8 of my tags.

Spoilers : Season 7 - Heroes

Rating: T

Warnings : nothing

Summary: A fatal off world mission has hit them both hard.

I don't own anything associated with Stargate SG-1. Everything belongs to MGM and all the others!..

This story is not betaed so all errors are mine.

Italics indicates thoughts.

"Sir, when I saw you lying there", she began "I'm just really glad you're alright".

As the tears flowed freely, Jack stepped closer to her.

"Come 'ere" he whispered and took his major into his arms.

He held her tight, both mourning the loss of a treasured friend. Both taking from the other what they needed to survive. Suddenly realising where she was, Sam quickly pulled away from him. Chastising herself for allowing her self restraint to fail. She felt too vulnerable I shouldn't be letting him hold me like this. That should be Pete standing there.

"Sorry Sir, I didn't mean to fall apart like that."

"It's Ok Sam, if you can't fall apart in front of me, who can you fall apart in front of?"

"I'm just gonna get going now, I need to get out of here."

He wanted desperately to stop her, wanted desperately to tell her enough was enough, how many good people were going to die. When would it be their turn. They had both come close on far too many occasions. When would they realise there was so much more to loose than their careers?. Watching her leave, he remembered the last time they had come this close, just weeks ago, when they had almost lost her. He'd promised to say something next time, well next time was here but he keep his silence.

Chastising herself as she left his arms, her thoughts returned to the last time they had faced death, mere weeks ago, when she promised herself she would share with him everything, but once again, she pushed it to the back of her mind, next time. Not realising that she might not get another chance.

Calling her house later, Jack was surprised when a male voice answered the phone.

"Hello" said the strange voice.

"Major Carter thank you."

"Who's calling?" asked Pete.

"Colonel O'Neill."

"She's in the tub at the moment, can I pass on a message?"

In the tub Jack thought, with a man in the house. He'd never thought of his Carter with another man and now the images just began to float through his mind. Hurt, anger and jealousy flooding him, he ground out "I'm just checking up on her, we had a pretty rough day today, I wanted to see how she was."

"Rough day? What happened?" Pete queried.

She didn't tell him she lost her best friend today? "Just ask her to call me when she's free if you wouldn't mind." Jack all but demanded.

"Sure thing" Pete replied and then all he heard was the click as the line disconnected. Jack didn't even say thank you or goodbye.

Having heard Pete hang the phone up, Sam asked "Who was that?"

"Colonel O'Neill, he said he was just checking up on you and that you'd all had a pretty rough day. What happened Sam?"

"I don't want to talk about it Pete, just leave it alone"

"Sam, we're in a relationship, I know you do some pretty weird stuff, but you're still supposed to confide in me about stuff that isn't classified"

"Damn it Pete!" and before she could stop herself, the tears began to fall again. But this time the Colonel wasn't there for her, it was Pete who took her in his arms, Pete who whispered soothing words, Pete who she clung to and Sam did something she would never forgive herself for. She allowed herself emotional intimacy with Pete, crying the whole time, all the while imaging it was her Jack holding her, that it was Jack bringing her to release, that it was Jack kissing away her tears at the end of it, that it was Jack holding her in his arms until she cried herself to sleep.