Alice gives Bella a makeover J

"Ew, Bella! What are you wearing?!" Screeched Alice taking in the sight of Bella's outfit; slacks with a plain purple t-shirt.

"Alice. Don't," Edward warned.

"Let's go, Bella!" Alice called, ignoring Edward. "It's fine," Bella whispered to Edward.

After hours of prep Alice studied Bella; the shoes, the hair, clothes and grinned. "Well, do I know how to clean up good, or what?"

Bella sulked looking at the shoes, "An accident waiting to happen!"

"Don't be such a baby!" Alice raised her eyebrows, "Let's go see what Edward thinks!"

Just the thought of seeing Edward made Bella happy. The two sisters made their way back to Alice's' Porsche and back to Edward.

"How do I look" Bella asked Edward in a glum voice.

"Beautiful. More than you will ever know.." Was the only think Edward said.

Bella flushed. "Thank you, Alice."

Alice jumped up and pecked Bella's cheek, "Anytime."

Bella turned to Edward and went on her tiptoes so she was levelled with Edward.

Edward sighed, "You are the most beautiful thing in my life. Of all my years….."

"Erm, Alice..? Mind leaving..?" Bella asked nervously.

"Nah. I gotta go hunting with Jazz now anyways. Bella call me if you need anything else!"

"Alice… she's beautiful without your makeover. Now tell Jasper hi for us and go," Edward warned.

"Fine! Luv you guys!" Alice cooned.

"Where were we?" Bella asked.

Edward smiled and took Bella to their meadow.