Claire without Quil?

I was making my way through the backyard when I saw Claire.

"Claire bear!" I called. She turned around.

"Quwill, Zwank!" She exclaimed turning.

"Zack?" Claire nodded. "Who's that?"

"Hubband." Husband? Quil thought? He was surprised at his jealousy. They are just joking.

Emily came outside with cookies and milk for two, "For the new couple," She joked. "Quil, you've met Zack," winking.

Quil walked up to Claire and picked her up. "BACK! BACK!," she shouted looking at Zack. Quil put her down confused.

A rabbit pulled up to the driveway. "Unca Jake!" Claire cooed. Jacob waved. "Time to go, Quil. Meeting down at the usual spot." Quil left without a word. What happened?

Sam was standing on top of a blue van. "Has anyone noticed changes..? Imprint wise..?

Everyone who imprinted raised their hand. So, it wasn't just Quil and Claire.

"That's normal." Everyone wasn't so sure of what Sam was saying.

"Well, that's called an 'Imprinting Scandal' happens every time in a wolves life."

"Will it last forever?" Quil pressed.

"'Course… not." Sam smiled gently.

Quil was relieved! "How long will it be… this way?"

"A month, tops.." Everyone started to speak. Quil was happy but… one whole month?!