Vampire baseball

"Guess what?" Alice asked. No one responded. With a sigh Alice told us. "Baseball time!"

Japer looked around. "I'll call Carlisle."

Esme turned to me, "Bella, would you like to referee with me?" I smiled, "Yea. That would be great. Thanks Esme." Everyone claimed their positions and we headed off. Edward and I took Emmett's Jeep.

"Bella, love, ready to run from her?" My stomach went un-easy. "Just close you eyes. You'll be fine."

I climbed on his back, hoping not to throw up but I felt comfortable with him. "And we're done," Edward announced.

"Thanks," I said giving him a kiss. "Let's go find Esme." I pulled Edward along with me. The game started. Alice threw the ball so fast it was hard to see. Emmett hit the ball and Edward went for it. "Out," Esme observed in a clear voice.

The next run both Edward and Emmett for the ball. They collided with a loud thud. They were on the ground, laughing.

It was the final run. Rosalie ran around the bases fast but not fast enough for Edward. I called "Out." She growled at me and in a flash Edward was right by my side.

"How was that," Edward asked referring to the game.

"You did really good," I said smiling, "You're a pro."

"Ready to go..?" Alice called.

"Huh?" Oh. Noo.. Shopping? Please, no!

"Oh, Bella! Shopping, let's go! Now!" She looked at me with a sad puppy face. "We can take my car and Jasper can go with Edward!"

-Sigh- "Fine, Alice." I turned, "Bye guys! You all did great! Bye, Edward." I gave him a kiss. "I'll be home soon. 'kay? Love you."

"Love you too. Let's go Jazz."

"Rose you coming with us..?" - Alice will be Alice..

"No" Rosalie growled.

"I guess it's just you and me," I whispered to Alice.

"Let's go!"