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On the planet of Polis Massa, screams could be heard down the halls of the medical facility. Soon, cries of an infant could also be heard echoing the enormous, dimly lit halls. This should be a glorious day for Padme, one she could look back on with joy. But utter sorrow filled her heart, replacing the warmth that was there only hours earlier. Before all she could think about was her husbands safety, and the scene of the Jedi temple ablaze.

Her husband...What ever happened to him? Why did he feel he had to turn to the dark side? Why did he betray her..their family..

So many questions filled her head, as the cries of the second infant filled the room.

"Leia.." She told Obi-Wan as he lowered the baby girl so Padme could see her.

Obi-Wan nodded and handed the child to a medical droid. He gazed down at Padme, tears still filling her eyes.

"Obi-Wan...There is good in him...I know. I know there is...still..." She trailed off as sleep took hold of her.

He quietly walked away, leaving Padme to get her rest. Meeting Yoda and Bail Organa in an adjoining room, he sat down to discuss the safety of the twins and Padme. Obi-Wan rubbed his beard thoughtfully, trying to determine a course of action.

"Great danger, the younglings are in. Hide them from the Emperor, we must." Yoda said wisely, glancing back to the room that contained Padme.

"Yes, I agree Master, but what do you suggest we do about it? The Emperor is strong with the force, he could very well find them here." Obi-Wan sighed. The memory of his former Padawan and best friend, lying on the bank of the lava river filled his heart with remorse.

"I hate you!!" Anakin yelled, pain illuminating off his face.

Obi-Wan had to hold back the tears threatening to emerge. "You were my brother Anakin! I loved you!"

His screams of pain still echoed in his head as he quickly brought himself back when he heard Yoda begin.

"Separate them, we must. Too powerful a force signature from them, when together they have. But not forever, until safe, we know they will be." Yoda nodded, more to himself than anything. "In five years time, reunite them, we will."

"If I can be of any assistance, Master Jedi, please let me know. My planet and hospitality is at your service." Organa spoke up, looking from Yoda to Obi-Wan.

"Gracious we are to your kindness, Senator Organa. Your offer take up, we may." Yoda looked towards Obi-Wan and sighed. "Take the boy, I will. Train him I must." Yoda said with a nod. "The girl will be fine in your care, I trust Obi-Wan. Train her as well."

"Padme will not be happy about this Master, surly you know this."

"If safety, she wishes for her children, then listen to us, she must."

The room fell silent, until Yoda spoke up again.

"To Dagobah, I will go. Secluded it is, perfect for hiding." He turned to Organa, who had kept to himself since his offer. "Alderaan would make a suitable hiding place, for Obi-Wan and the youngling. Hide them there, will you?"

"Of course, Master Jedi, they will be well taken care of, I assure you." Organa replied.

"Then a plan, we have."


"You what!" Padme replied, bolting up from her chair.

"We feel its best if we separate you and the twins. But only for a short while. In five years time, we will all gather on planet Hoth. We feel its best you stay there, hidden from the Emperor's wondering eyes. There you will be safe, until we form a plan." Obi-Wan did his best to calm her rage.

How could they do this to her? Why were they splitting them apart? This made no sense! Padme felt tears well up in her eyes.

"But why? I have already lost Anakin, now you are taking the only part of him I have left? " She felt her throat constrict with emotion, threatening to take over.

"Padme, you know thats not what we are trying to do. We want to protect you and the children from the Emperor. The only way to do that is to separate you. Together, their force signature will be too high, the Emperor will sense it. Master Yoda and myself will train the younglings to shield themselves from Sidious. By the time they reach their fifth birthday, they will be in enough control to be returned to you." Obi-Wan, nearly pleading with his eyes to make her understand.

Padme sighed, defeated. She knew he was right, she didn't want to admit it, but she knew. "Where will you be taking them?"

"Tell you, we cannot. For if the Emperor got ahold of you, read your mind he could. But rest assured Milady, your children are in good hands." Yoda placed his clawed hand upon Padme's trembling one. "Safe, your children will be."

She nodded and stared into Obi-Wans eyes, then to Yoda's. "On one condition."

The Jedi looked to one another, then back to Padme. "I don't like the sound of this, but go ahead." Obi-Wan sighed.

"Never let my children think I have abandoned them...And never tell them of what their father has become. I don't want them knowing Anakin's struggle with the dark side..." She swallowed hard, and continued. "Tell them, he was killed fighting the Emperor. I only want good memories of him given to them, do you understand?" She said, no more like demanded.

"Understand, we do. Anakin, the Jedi they will know, not Anakin the sith." Yoda trailed off. The fate that had befallen upon Anakin was a tragic one. It saddened him to think of all the Jedi and friends he had lost. Grief filled his heart and he clutched his cain tightly, holding back the emotions that threatened to emerge.

"Good...I want to say goodbye first..."


Hot tears streamed down Padme's pain stricken face. She had only known her children for a couple of hours, and this was one of the hardest things she had to do.

"Goodbye my sweet Luke...I love you..." She kissed his soft skin and he cooed in response. She couldn't help but smile, even though they were saying goodbye, her heart filled with joy at the simple gesture.

"And goodbye to you, my darling Leia...I love you too..." She kissed the forehead of the now sleeping child in Obi-Wans arms. And shortly after, bid farewell to her Jedi comrades. Leaving her alone to wallow in her self pity, until her transport for Hoth arrived.


Padme sat in the hard metal chair she was left in. Caressing her still swollen abdomen, as if to pretend the twins still inhabited it.

"What now...My life has completely fallen apart in front of me...My children are gone...taken away from me..."She hunched over as a sob heaved its way to the surface.

"And Anakin...My love...What happened to you...Why did you feel you could not trust me to help you...Why did you throw it all away...why...I loved you...I still do...Oh Anakin..." She nearly jumped out of her seat when she felt a cold, clammy hand rest upon her shoulder.

"How touching..Poor little Senator Amidala, what ever is she going to do without her precious Anakin.." The Emperor tightened his grip on her shoulder, causing her to wince in pain.

"Quit your blubbering! Its pathetic!" He chuckled,his grotesque voice sent shivers down Padme's spine. "Now, tell me where the younglings are, and I might let you leave with your life." He smirked. "Might."

"I don't know where they went, and even if I did, I would rather die then tell you." She spat in distaste. "Like I would ever surrender my children over to a monster like you!" She felt a shooting pain spread across her face as his hand made contact to her, sending her toppling off her chair and onto the floor.

"We will see about that...Cody! Take her into the ship, bind her well. We are taking her to Coruscant. We will see if she will talk then..."

"Yes sir!" The clone trooper spared no time in heaving Padme off the floor and dragging her kicking and screaming to the ship.

"She will be broken soon enough...And Vader will know nothing of it...I will see to that personally..."