Arm wrestling with Emmett x]

"It's time," Jasper announced. "Emmett and Bella's arm wrestling match."

"Hey, sis!" Emmett called to Bella, "Ready to get schooled? You might have won last time but not again," Emmett winked.

"Shut up, Emmett," I called.

Edward , the thought just an arm wrestling match.

Alice grinned at Bella. She herself, looked scared. Emmett pulled Bella up to a giant rock. "Let's go," Emmett said in a snide tone. At first Emmett had the upper hand but Bella appeared to be stronger. She smashed his hand into the rock.

"No fair!" Emmett growled, " Your still a newborn, that's why you won!" Bella smirked, "Re-match in a while.. ?"

"You know it.." Emmett smiled and hugged Bella.

- A month later-------

Re- match: "Bella, you don't have to do this.." I started.

"That's okay, Edward." Bella grinned. "Ready?" Alice asked.

"Yeah! Let's do this..!" Emmett called in a playful voice. At first Bella was winning. Emmett eventually won. He was gloating while Bella grinned and came up to me.

"All part of the plan," She explained.

"Oh. You let him win!" I accused.

"Yeah. I did, for the better.."

"Good job. Sis! I won! But.. Good job," Emmett joked.

Rosalie gave Bella a hug, "Thanks. Or I'd never hear the end of it!"

Bella laughed. "Ready to go home?" She asked turning to me. Then leaned forward and gave me a kiss.

"Yes. Thank you." Was all I could respond. She left me dazzled.