Tails, Amy, and all the other elves and reindeer waited patiently at Santa's workshop as Sonic sped in on a bicycle, Santa holding on for dear life on the back. "Hey!" the hedgehog exclaimed, skidding the bike to a halt. In the process, he accidentally kicked up a wall of snow onto the waiting group. "Ooops, sorry..."

Everyone quickly brushed their way out of the snow as Sonic and Santa held up three colorful jewels. "I thought I felt these babies go haywire coming back at the North Pole," Sonic grinned.

Tails returned the smile as he and Amy held out two emeralds each. "We split up ourselves, and found them in no time!"

"Wonderful!" Santa rolled up his sleeve to check his watch, "Now we can..."

He grew silent, his happy face sinking into that of a frown. "Santa?" Sonic grew concerned, "What's wrong?"

"We didn't make it back in time..." Santa murmured, "It's too late to gather back the presents and deliver them in time." He dragged himself back over to the bench and plopped down in hopelessness.

"But Santa," said Amy, "Didn't you say Christmas isn't about just getting presents?"

"Of course," said Santa, "It's all about the joy and the spirit of believing. But what joy is there when the children are let down by Santa?" He suddenly bolted upright, his face stricken with horror. "It's because of the presents! Ohhhh!" he threw his hands in the air, "I'm still thinking the wrong way! This was a waste of time! Christmas can't happen unless people BELIEVE it happens, and they can't do it without the presents!" He buried his face into his hands and began weeping, "I'm been leading them down the wrong path! Ohhh, I'm such a failure!"

Sonic, Tails, and Amy looked at each other, worried. Santa was really losing it! "Look, Santa..." Sonic came over and kneeled in front of him, trying to look him in the face, "Does it really matter what it is that makes them happy? It's the feeling of making them happy. And if we can pull this off, then we're talking some serious Christmas joy!"

"It doesn't matter anyway," sighed Santa, "Chaos Emeralds or not, my reindeer won't be fast enough to deliver over a million presents to every person on Mobius. Not even you would be able to."

"Maybe not as I am now..." a sly grin crept across the hedgehog's face, "but if I use those emeralds, I'll be faster than ever!"

"Really??" cried Tails.

"But Sonic, you've never done that before!" said Amy, "How do we know if it's safe?"

"That's right, Sonic," said Santa, standing up, "Forget about the presents. I don't want you to do anything dangerous to yourself."

"To make everyone happy and save Christmas," Sonic took all the Chaos Emeralds into his arms, "It'll be worth it."

He held the emeralds high above his head, and they began to glow brightly. Sonic closed his eyes as the power of the emeralds began to absorb inside his body. Everyone watched in awe as he was lifted into the air, illuminating the entire area. Suddenly, an explosion of light burst from him, and he let loose a scream in unleashed power.

"Sonic!!" Tails cried in panic, as they all shielded their eyes from the light. Once it died down, everyone looked back up to see a golden figure, hovering in front of them, his eyes shut tight, as if he was afraid to see what had happened.

"Magnificent..." murmured Santa.

Amy's eyes glistened. "He's so beautiful...!"

"Sonic!" Tails called, "Open your eyes and look at yourself!"

Sonic slowly opened his eyes and looked down at himself... "Whoa!!" His blue fur was completely golden, and he glowed and sparkled every inch. He continued examining himself all over, "I've never looked way pay cool!"

"Yes yes, you look wonderful," said Santa, "But now isn't the time to show off! You need to get going before the day is over!"

"One Christmas miracle, comin' up!" the new and improved "Super" Sonic grinned and prepared to race off. "Up... over..." Suddenly, he was gone in a golden flash. "GOOOOooooo---"

He was gone before he could even finish his sentence. Everyone was left astonished as their hero was gone in less than a fraction of a second.

"............ oooooooooooooOOOOOOOOONE!!!!!!!!"

He raced by again, finishing up his sentence. The force of his new speed threw everyone off their feet and they went landing in all different directions.

"Merrry Chriiistmas to meee," Robotnik sang in the depths of his fortress, huddled by a huge stack of presents under an enormous tree, "Merry Chriiiistmaaaas to meeee!"

He sighed happily, gazing upon the presents, the first time he ever gotten any in his lifetime. This is what Christmas is all about... receiving as many presents as possible, basking in the joy of taking, and sharing the holidays with no one but yourself.

"Ahhh...." he sighed, "Happiness is always so much enjoyable when its based off the misery of millions."


Robotnik was nearly knocked over by a sudden golden force. "WAAIGH!" he cried as he was spun around rapidly in circles. Once it died down, he rubbed his dizzy head. "What on Mobius was that...? WHAT?!" His eyes bulged when he noticed everything in his den was gone. "What happened here?! Where are my presents? Where are my decorations?!"

He looked upon himself and screamed bloody murder. "WHERE ARE MY CLOTHES?!?!"

It was breaking dawn, and the little boy's living room was empty, save for a naked tree. He sat glumly on the couch. Some Christmas this turned out to be....


"What the--?!"

A golden flash entered the living room and as quickly as it came, it was gone. And it was as if all those presents, decorations, and a lighted up tree materialized out of nowhere!

"Wow!" he cried. But what did all this? He caught something in the corner of his eye and raced to the window. A golden streak soared through the the orange-purple sky. He never saw anything like it! It was like a shooting star!

"Mom, look, quick!" he called his mother, who quickly joined him at the window and saw the beautiful light show. This was better than any mountain of presents. There was only one person who could have been responsible.

"Thank you, Sonic!" the boy chimed, "And Merry Christmas!"

A lone echidna sat by the Master Emerald altar, his arms crossed, and eyes on alert. To him, this was just any other day of the year.

"Huh?!" he suddenly jumped to his feet upon seeing a golden light speed right at him and held up his fists, ready to defend.

But it screeched to a halt right in front of him, revealing to be a yellow hedgehog, glowing brightly like a star, and dragging a large brown bag. "Who're you?!" the echidna demanded, his defense still strong.

The hedgehog shook his head. "Knuckles, Knuckles... You mean to tell me you don't remember your old pal?"

He recognized that voice. "Sonic?"

Sonic nodded. "Cool new look, huh?"

"What happened to you?"

"Long story short.... Chaos Emeralds."

"You mean you used the power of the Chaos Emeralds to power yourself?" said Knuckles, "But why??"

"I'd love to stay and tell you my life story, but I've got deliveries to make," Sonic reached into his bag, "Which by the way... Here!" He handed the stunned echidna a big jar of creepy, crawly, black ants. "Merry Christmas!"

"Christmas?" said Knuckles, "But I've never celebrate."

"Doesn't hurt to start now," Sonic smiled.

Knuckles' usual stern manner began to fade, and he looked (as well as felt) very touched. "Gosh.... Thanks, Sonic. No one's ever given me a present before. I only wish I had something to give to you."

The super-charged hedgehog waved his hand. "Don't worry about it," he grinned, "Your knowledge of the Chaos Emeralds really came through for us. So in a way, you helped to save Christmas." He grabbed his bag and waved again at his red friend. "Well, gotta go! Got a few more friends I need to visit!" And in a snap, the gold hedgehog was gone.

Knuckles watched him leave, his jar of ants snugged in his arm, and a smile crept on his face. "Merry Christmas, Sonic!"

All around Mobius, the yellow streak zipped everywhere, the planet looking as if it was being wrapped in a gold ribbon. Super Sonic was everywhere at every minute, dropping by every home and dropping off every present to every happy Mobian, who could barely make out the figure of the golden hedgehog.

Breezie and Robotnik Jr. received plenty of mistletoe to last them the whole season. 'Da Bearz got their year supply of honey like they ask for every year. Professor Von Schlemmar had gotten the new doo-dads he had seen on TV and practically begged Santa for. The merhogs were given beautiful waterlillies to spread around their underwater kingdom.

Everybody was getting something wonderful to brighten their holiday. The spirit of Christmas was slowly coming back.

Super Sonic just had one last place to stop...

"ADVANCE THE VIDEO!!!" Robotnik screamed at his small chroney robot, "I want to know who broke through the perimeters and stole all my presents!!!"

"But Dr. Robotnik Claus...."


"Sorry... Dr. Robotnik. Even our more advanced camera converters weren't able to pick up the image. That gold streak was just too fast. You don't think it was the hedgehog, do you?"

"OF COURSE NOT!" Robotnik couldn't keep from screaming, "I built these cameras to pick up Sonic's speed! Not even that horrible hedgehog could move that fast.... Besides, you redundant robot, HE'S BLUE!!!! Not gold!!!"


Once again, the golden streak whizzed by, blowing the chroney over and spinning Robotnik wildly into circles. And just like that, he was gone.

"There he was again!!!!" Robotnik bellowed, "Did you get a good picture?!"

"I'm afraid not, sir..." the robot moaned, being stuck head first into a trash can.

"You no-good, brown-nosing little---GAH!!!!" Robotnik turned around to see his den completely filled with coal. "Not again!!!" he roared, "Who is this repulsive, repugnant, annoying little...."

"Sir...?" the robot managed to pluck himself out of the trash can, and pointed at Robotnik. "You seem to have a Christmas card on the back of your head...."

Robotnik stopped belly-aching for a moment, reached back, and grabbed a card that was scotch-taped to his head. "Merry Christmas to the most naughtiest egg-bellied doctor in the whole wide world, Ro-BUTT-nik?!" he read furiously, "From your friendly-neighborhood, super-powered hedgehog, SUPER Sonic?!?! RAAAAIIIGH!!!!" Robotnik screamed in fury, tearing the card into tiny little shreds. "I HATE CHRISTMAS!!!!! But not as much as I HAAAATE THAAAAAT HEEEDGEHOOOOG!!!!!!!!!"

It was now a bright morning as everyone waited at the North Pole, wondering how Super Sonic did with his journey.

Tails ears perked, hearing the familiar noise of sound barriers breaking. "Here he comes, I hear him!"

In the distance came a running hedgehog, no longer gold, but back to his true blue color. He hurried over to the rest and for the first time, he was out of breath and collapsed in front of the group into the snow.

"Sonic!" Amy cried as everyone rushed to his side. She and Tails picked up his shoulders, hoisting him upwards. "Are you okay?"

Sonic struggled to breathe steadily. "That..." he panted, "was..... so...... COOL!" he jumped back to his feet, only to sway and have some of the elves help hold him up. "I have GOT to do that again sometime!"

"Did you deliver every present to the right person?" asked Santa.

Sonic nodded, and winked. "With a few seconds to spare!"

Santa grabbed Sonic around the waist, lifting him up and bear-hugging him tightly. "Magnificent!" he cheered, "You did it!" He placed him back on his feet. "How can I ever thank you?"

"Well you know Santa," Sonic raised a finger, "I always did want a--ow!" He was elbowed in the gut by Amy before he could finish. "... I mean, just helping you is a Christmas gift in itself."

Santa laughed, "Oh Sonic, it seems you've finally captured my vision of what Christmas is all about."

Sonic nodded. "Yeah. Gotta admit, I've never felt this merry on Christmas before."

"I'm glad you think that," Santa smiled and removed his hat, "Because I've been doing some thinking while you were out delivering those gifts, and I've decided that it really is time for me to retire."

Everyone did a double-take. "What??"

"Yes," said Santa, "When you've been in this job for as long as I have, you tend to lose the meaning, and that can cause for a big mess like today. But fear not, my friends, I know just the person to take my place! He's jolly, he's generous, and he's just right for the job!"

"Oh no!" Amy cried, "We're not dealing with another fake robot Santa, are we?"

"No no," Santa laughed, "I'm giving this job to the only and only..." He placed his red hat on top of Sonic's head. "Sonic Claus!"

"S... Sonic Claus?" Sonic blinked, a bit apprehensive.

"Yes. You've brought Christmas cheer all over Mobius, better than I could have. I couldn't imagine anyone better for the job."

Angie brought over a mirror, and Sonic examined himself in the hat. He began to smile. "You know what? I kinda like this whole Sonic Claus thing!"

Amy bounced over and engulfed Sonic in a tight hug. "Oh sweetie, I'm so proud of you!" she chirped, "Now you can give me my present in person!"

"Whatever happened to Christmas NOT being about presents?"

"Yeah... but a present or two doesn't hurt."

"*AHEM*" Tails grabbed their attention, pointing upwards. The two hedgehogs glanced up to see Angie on the shoulders of another elf, dangling a bit of mistletoe over their heads. Amy clasped her hands together in joy and looked over at Sonic.... who had raced off in the other direction and was now disappearing over the horizon. The pink hedgehog groaned and rolled her eyes.... and then felt a tap on her shoulder. She spun around to face a grinning Sonic.

"Just kidding!" he said as he grabbed Amy, tipped her, and planted a big kiss on her stunned lips. The elfs swooned. Tails turned his head, gagging. Amy was too shocked to do anything. After a while, Sonic finally brought Amy back up and let her go. "Merry Christmas, Ames."

Amy was in a stupefied faze, and couldn't even stand straight. Finally, she sighed and fell backwards into Tails' arms, hearts glazed in her eyes. "Isn't he grand?"

"Ho ho ho ho!" Santa laughed, "No doubt this was the best Christmas ever! And now Sonic, won't you conclude us with one of your famous 'Sonic Says' segments?"

"Sure thing, Santa," Sonic turned to you readers, "Remember, kids, Christmas isn't JUST about getting presents." He wrapped his arms around Tails and Amy's shoulders, "It's about being with your loved ones, and spreading joy for the holidays.... even IF getting a present or two doesn't hurt!" He winked, "So have an extremely Merry Christmas, every year of your life."