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Chapter 11

Annie sat pouting in the bedroom she blew out the last of the candles she'd lit. This had not turned out how she wanted. Losing her virginity with Adam was supposed to be magical and perfect. Now he was mad at her for something that wasn't even true. At least mostly not true. So it was a little true, she did want to one up Carlyle with the party.

"Hey," Adam peaked in, "Am I allowed back in?" She shrugged. He walked over and sat down next to her on the bed. "So I'm kind of a dick." She laughed.

"No," She shook her head, "You were right. I mean this weekend was supposed to be about us and I just got carried away." He kissed her. "Adam," She whispered.

"I'm really glad that tonight happened Annie," He said softly.

"Me too," She said and kissed him. He cupped his hands under hair. "Adam," She whispered.

"Is there somewhere we can go and really be alone?" He said, "Without Carlyle dancing on the tables in the next room?"

"We could go to my house," She said. "My room is really fluffy and pink because the last time we redecorated was when I was nine, but my parents probably won't notice."

"That works," He smiled. "I'll go steal a bottle of champagne from the bar, and we'll do this right."

"OK," She smiled. "I'll meet you outside." She kissed him and headed out to the party. She stopped seeing Carlyle and Charlie and stepped towards them. "Carlyle, can I have a word?"

"Of course Annie," Carlyle smiled, her drawl still on in full, "Excuse us baby!" She kissed Charlie who sighed. Adam jogged out.

"Hey," Adam said, "You seen Annie."

"She and Carlyle are having a word," Charlie raised his eyebrows.

"That's gonna be ugly," Adam shook his head, "I'll give them a minute."

"Wanna do some shots?" Charlie said.

"Absolutely," Adam nodded, "What have you got?"

"Carlyle has been drinking Jack and I have been joining her," Charlie smiled, "Having a super rich girlfriend absolutely rules, Banksie."

Spotted: Two queens about to make their final stand, and their consorts just having fun. Bromances are so much fun to watch.

"Good party," Carlyle smiled.

"We need to settle this," Annie said, her arms crossed. "Because I don't know about you, I'm sick of it."

"And that's why you'll never belong tutor," Carlyle said, "You're not supposed to get sick of it. I'll lay off, and tell the girls to, too." She giggled, "Tutu!"

"You're drunk," Annie looked at her.

"I am very drunk," Carlyle said, "I'm sorry I tried to steal your boyfriend." Annie looked at her. "You know back in the fall."

"It lead to you and Charlie," Annie said. Carlyle smiled and swayed to the silent drunken music in her head.

"Charlie," She said, "My daddy hates him. Do your parents like Adam?" Annie went to talk, "Of course they do, Adam is very parent friendly."

"He wasn't a half hour ago," Annie giggled. Carlyle stopped and looked at her.

"Hot Damn Bryant!" Carlyle laughed. Annie blushed. "Good for you." Adam walked out.

"You ready to go Anne?" He asked. Annie nodded. "Alright, let's go."

"Bye Adam," Carlyle giggled.

"Bye Carlyle," He singsonged back to her.

"Be safe," She giggled and bounced back into the building.

Julie and Portman rounded a corner heading back to the apartment, just as the sun was starting to come up. They'd walked around Newport talking and kissing and being nauseatingly adorable all night.

"Hey," Tammy said, jumping off the fire escape.

"Hey," Julie said, "Where's Fulton?"

"I wore him out," Tammy giggled.

"I believe that," Portman nodded. Fulton followed. "Hey man."

"What the hell are you doing here?" Fulton looked at him, "What happened to, 'Oh, I have job, I wanna buy a car, I'm being responsible!'" The girls laughed.

"Needed to see my girl," He said circling around Julie who beamed up at him happily. "What about you Princess?" He winked at Tammy, "Aren't you supposed to be in like Europe?"

"I never do what I'm supposed to do," Tammy shrugged. "We have to go clean up." Julie groaned. "Annie better have enjoyed herself."

"Seriously," Julie sighed shaking her head, she unlocked the door and they walked up to the apartment. "Whoa," She opened the door. It was a mess, but odder than the mess was those who were left, the Ducks were all in various positions, funniest Goldberg passed out with his head in the fridge, or Carlyle, who was wearing no top, just a bra and her black jean skirt and her cowboy boots her dark curly hair spread all over Charlie's chest. "I think we threw quite the blowout Tam."

"Looks like it," Tammy nodded.

"I need to crash, Adam and Annie better have cleared out." Julie sighed and stumbled to her room, she stopped and looked at the couple asleep, not in but on top of her bed. Connie was curled up with Guy. She sighed.

"Hey," Dean came behind her.

"Hey," She whispered.

"You ready to forgive and forget." He mumbled his face pressed into her hair. She looked at her friend, or well recently frienemy, right now she just wanted to go to sleep.

"Mm," Guy stretched, "Creepy much with the hovering?"

"What's wrong?" Connie asked. "Oh," She said, "I'm sorry Jules."

"Please get off my bed so I can sleep," Julie sighed, plopping down. Connie looked at her. Julie circled her arms around her friend, "I'm too tired to be in a fight with you right now."

The sun rises and everything seems to be different. It's been a wild summer. Junior year, SATs and an endless abyss of the future stand before us. But let's face it, everyone seems well equipped.

Bashes and Blondes are poised for Happily Ever After, even welcoming a lost Duck back to pack.

The perfect couple is perfect again, just as they should be.

A nation with two queens? It looks like we're embracing one. If they're boyfriends can both lead on the ice who's to say that they can't do the same on my rink.

So loves enjoy what's left of the sunshine, and I'll see you all in the fall. For now and always. You know you love me!

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