O.C.D By: 13 and me :P

1- Read all the books countless times.

2. - You have a spaz if you ever see a Twilight related car. EX: Volvo, Mercedes even Ducati xD

3.- You are intoxicated by the presence of a book.

4.- You say the 'Our Edward' prayer before and after each day.

5.- You check twilight websites/ fan fictions each day.

6.- You quote the Twilight quotes 24/7.

7.- When ever someone within an earshot says the name Edward you spaz.

8.- You threaten anti- twilight fans daily.

9.- You freak out at anyone who says anything about vampires having fangs.

10.- You slap people who say Edward is their.

11.- You used to hate your pale skin but now you love it because it's like the Cullen's skin.

12.- You celebrate the Twilight characters b-days including SM's

13.- Your mom thinks it's funny to say Edward randomly to hear you scream.

14.- You have gotten people obsessed with Twilight/ Edward.

15.- Are overly defensive of your favourite character.

16.- Feel hatred every time you hear the name "Jacob/Jake" (sorry pple..)

17.- The books get taken away as a punishment.

18.- Twilight is your brand of heroin.

19. - So is Edward.

20.- You say "I need a human minute"

21.- Fantasize about being

22.- Often say "sure,sure"

23.- Stayed up all night reading a book.

24.- You hate black dogs because they remind you of Jacob (sorry..)

25.- Want to live in Forks.

26.- Watch what you think about incase anyone can read your mind.

27.- You like thunderstorms.

28.- You know character bios.

29.- You know the website Bella found about vampires in Twilight (I do!)

30.- don't think this list is crazy!

31.- Can add more to this list.

32.- Are satisfied knowing there are obsessed people like you out there.

34.- Own "Bella's Bracelet"

35.- Relate everything with Twilight.

36.- Want to "cheerfully beat" the person who posted MS.

37.- Cry through out the series.

38.- You buy "Eclipse" gum.

39.- Your brain has been taken over by Twilight.

40.- Imitate Edward's crooked smile when your reading and don't even know it.

41.- Can never imitate Edward's smile even when you try,

42.- You sign your last name as Cullen (it comes naturally).

43.-The books are your obsession.

44.- Have death plans for Jacob, (Sorry Jacob fans!)

45.- Read the Host just because of SM.

46.- Used to hate reading before Twilight.

47.- Name your stuff after the Cullen's.

48.- Try's to say your friends name but end up calling them a Cullen name (because their name starts with the same letter).

49.- Secretly wants to do a book report so you have a reason to talk about Twilight.

50.- Try to relate all things to Twilight.

51.- Since you read the books you question your sanity.

52.- Your family and friends question your sanity.