Retribution: Reprisal

Part 2



There had always been something unnatural about the way Lilinette moved in her gigai. To the human eye, she was completely normal, but to someone who had seen her soul form, it was almost awkward to see her bound around without her usual shower of chartreuse hair and vivid pink eyes. The dark hair and eyes she now sported made her seem like something was missing.

Yumichika couldn't wait to get to Urahara's, just so he could see her again.

"Lilinette, slow down. I don't want you tiring yourself out." God, he sounded like her mother, but the flippant smile she threw him was worth it.

"Aww, Shinigami-san," she teased, turning around to look at him. "Like you don't feel like running, too."

"I don't," Yumichika frowned. It was true, he didn't feel like running. Not for fun anyway. He hadn't explained the whole situation to Lilinette. Like the fact he had actually caught sight of a shinigami a few nights before and that was what sparked his interest in leaving. He had been lucky it was an amateur that didn't know what he was looking for, had it been someone with experience and knowledge of what his reiatsu felt like, their capture would have been impending.

Telling her that the shinigami were getting close was much easier than watching her worry. If they were close it meant they weren't there yet and that's all that mattered to Lilinette.

Yumichika let out a quiet sigh, far happier than he should be in this situation. Lilinette was doing her best at keeping her reiatsu at a minimum and he hadn't felt any other obvious reiatsu spikes for several hours. They were safe for now and growing much closer to Urahara's shop.

Yumichika could only hope they'd be safe.

Shuuhei crouched on the rooftop, carefully looking out over Karakura. It was no surprise he was here. He'd volunteered his division to keep watch and it was part of his duty to check on his subordinates. One had reported in a strong reiatsu a few days ago that they had been keeping an eye on, but it suddenly just disappeared. He didn't mind keeping a close watch on his lower officers.

However, he was worried about this reiatsu. Has it been just a fluke or could it possibly have been Yumichika? Deep down he didn't want it to be Yumichika. In his mind, Yumichika was not an enemy. He did not defect. He'd been taken and hopefully hadn't been brainwashed into thinking like they did. However, from the looks of it, he had.

That was a shame. Yumichika had always been a good shinigami. Maybe not his favorite person in the world, but they'd never been enemies. Even now, knowing Yumichika was harboring an arrancar and might possibly be residing in Hueco Mundo, he wasn't an enemy.

Hopefully this whole thing would blow over soon.

He really didn't need any more headaches.

The shimmering of blades clashing against each other was almost distracting. The two bodies doing a fight dance in the sky with the weapons were giving their all.

Or, at least one of them was.

Ikkaku couldn't understand why his opponent wasn't trying, only reacting enough to deflect a swing.

"What's wrong with you? Do you want to die?"

He didn't expect the answer.


Ikkaku's eyes flew open.

That dream had been haunting him for a while now. He knew it wasn't just a dream though. It really had happened.

He poured some water into the basin by his bed and splashed his face. It was still early, but he wouldn't be able to sleep again. He knew if he did, he'd just see that look in Yumichika's eyes.

All he could see was love in them...for someone else. It was that Espada. Ikkaku knew it, but that didn't mean he had to like it.

Yumichika hadn't loved him in a very long time, but that didn't mean he never would again.

Ikkaku slid his sheath through his obi and gave a quiet sigh, heading outside.

He'd try to see what Yumichika could see. He just couldn't understand what that Espada could give him that was better that what he had.

He loved him.

Did the Espada?

Yumichika didn't exactly want to trust Urahara, but the truth was that the man was all he really had. There wasn't anyone else he could go to for help with getting jeopardized. He wouldn't have gone at all if he hadn't been worried for Lilinette.

"Yumichika, Lilinette," Urahara said with a slightly forced smile, leading them into a large room at the back of the shop. "There's someone here who wants to help you."

Yumichika could feel Lilinette's panic and placed a calming hand on her back, guiding her into the room with ease. There was a man dressed in a plain suit staring at a painting on the wall. Yumichika stopped immediately, certain of who had come to see them.

"This is a lovely painting, Kisuke," the man turned his brown eyes towards the trio who had just entered the room and a smile lit up his face. "Hello, it's nice to see you again, Yumichika."

"Absolutely not."

"What?" Ukitake's face fell, leaving a slightly confused look straining his features.

"I will not accept his help." Yumichika took Lilinette's arm. "We're leaving."

"Don't go," Urahara gave a slight pout.

"I genuinely want to help you," Ukitake said, crossing the room. His close presence set something off inside Yumichika. It wasn't danger, but it wasn't peace either.


"I don't like what's happening to you. It's unfair and completely shortsighted."

"Ukitake-taichou, I can't trust you."

"I wanted to tell you about what Yamamoto-soutaichou is planning."

"What?" Kisuke leaned forward with interest. "You didn't mention this to me."

"It's not important to you," Ukitake said calmly, looking down at Lilinette. "The captain commander plans on killing the arrancar we have captured. All of them."

"Shouldn't that be a good thing?" Yumichika asked, wondering exactly why he was being told this.

"For shinigami, yes, but I don't think you or your friend would appreciate it. Several of the captains are having second thoughts regarding it, too. I refuse to participate in such a massacre."

"It doesn't really matter to me…" Yumichika glanced down at Lilinette, but she was expressionless.

"You were friends with that one, weren't you?" Ukitake narrowed his eyes thoughtfully. "The strong one with the dark hair?"

"What about him?" Lilinette's bright eyes studied the captain's face with intensity.

"Wouldn't you want to save his life?"

End Part 2

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