I've been waiting to start this forever. This thing is the one story I've ever been so excited to start and write. It's also the first story I ever planned out. O.o; Strange, I know.

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Otherworldly Infection
A proud presentation by the infamous CeleBaby20
Rating Warnings for the ENTIRE story: Blood, Gore, Language, Character deaths, Violence.

Themes for this chapter: Dead is the New Alive, Devils Never Cry

Chapter One: A fatal mistake

Blue on red, green on purple, yellow on white...

Busy hands etched out a code on a computer screen, trying to concentrate on the results before them. The hands then came up to cup a very bored looking face of a scientist, who was working hard on a top secret experiment. Around him were several other scientists who were going on with their own tasks. The scientist who was working on coloured codes stretched and called his boss over.

"Sir, the experiment is almost ready. Test subject Delta is secured and ready to recieve the prototype viral injection."

A smirking, taller man approached the scientist. The smaller scientist quickly turned his face away and rolled his eyes. His boss hasn't stopped acting cocky ever since he had murdered the princess two months ago. Because of that, the entire lab wasn't permitted to rest on their projects. His boss, Xanon Dandral, had to be the cockiest son of a bitch alive.

"Let us proceed with the injections, then. I can hardly wait to see the end results of this," Xanon said with a hint of excitement.

"Yes sir," the scientist replied. Xanon went over to the test room window to watch. The scientist shook his head and monitored his fellow researchers. It was a pitiful sight, really. Since the murder of the princess, everyone felt like they just had to work harder. Their wings were drooping and their eyes had black circles under them. Many of them had not been eating properly and were skinny. The lack of food, thanks to one of their generals, had made all the Devils weak and sick. The worst part was the weakest were actually thrown into the River Styx. Those who dared to complain were deemed as a traitor and sentenced to the end of the afterlife.

"My own sister was one of them...I'm starting to think that maybe it would have been better for the princess to just take the throne...even if she wasn't pure blooded. I honestly think that the Medusa loyalists are blind and putting their faith in the seven generals is a big mistake. Food has just decreased, taxes are higher and the summons of various men and women to the palace can't be a coincidence...maybe I was only working hard because I expected the princess to take the throne...given the treatment, though, I bet she wouldn't have wanted to..."

"Seras! Get over here! I am not a patient man!!" Xanon yelled. The sudden interruption of silence had caused several scientists to jump and a few of them glared at Seras for making the boss yell. Seras casually walked over and stood near his partner, a lanky Devil by the name of Ber. The two of them strapped on their heavy duty gloves and nodded to one another.

"Ber is a Medusa loyalist...most of the people here are. Only a few of them are like me. I wish I could talk to Ber about this a bit more..."

Seras and Ber entered the dark room. Inside was a single test tube with a figure held in it. Ber drained the liquid and Seras opened the test tube to steady the figure. He studied the figure before him carefully. It was a blond man, a human they had been ordered to steal and preform tests on. Seras didn't understand why this particular man, but Xanon made a big deal about it. He said there was no better test subject then this filthy specimen. Seras didn't care, as long as this damn project would just finish up.

The man uttered a small cry of surprise. He had been asleep in the test tube until he finally felt the cold. The Devil before him put on an emotionless mask and said he was sorry. Before the man could register what was happening, he felt two needles dig into his arms. The injection was so cold! What were they doing to him?

Seras and Ber slowly pushed the syringe down, releasing the pulsing black liquid into the human's blood. The liquid itself was designed so that it would be a matter of seconds for it to travel through the bloodstream completely. The man screamed as the syringe was emptied and Seras and Ber quickly threw them aside. Xanon was watching through a one way glass on the other side, and his smirk grew wider and wider.

"At last!! I have completed the ultimate weapon against Heaven! Goddess Medusa, you will be so proud!!"

Ber and Seras pulled off their gloves and studied their test tube subject. The man was having a seizure of some sort and wouldn't stop twitching. He began coughing up insane amounts of blood and screaming for the pain to stop.

"Should we stabalize him?" Ber asked Seras.

"No, our task now is to observe and hold him down only when necessary. Their are others also observing and taking notes," Seras replied.

Suddenly the subject stopped moving. There was no sound in the room, aside from Ber's and Seras's breathing. Not even a single breath was being drawn by the human. Seras wondered if he was dead. Was the injection a...failure?

Ber sighed. He knelt down to check the pulse of the human...

...and suddenly got his head torn off.

"Ber!" Seras screamed. But his gaze was fixed upon the mutating test subject he had injected. Seras backed away, thinking oh shit, oh shit, oh shit...

The human's left arm began to grow longer and longer until it no longer resembled an arm, but rather a giant blade. His skin rippled and turned wrinkly and decayed looking. The human's eyes were moving too fast and suddenly rolled to the back of his head. After three seconds, the whites turned green.

The mutation continued. Black dragon-like wings sprouted from his back and took on a span that was much longer then any Devil's wingspan. He opened his mouth and four fangs, two on the bottom and two on the top, grew longer and longer until they were at least half an inch long. He stood up and Seras realized the mutation had added height to the human. He stood at least six feet tall.

The blond hair turned black and small chunks of it fell out onto the floor. The mutation even caused his male anatomy parts to shrivel up until they vanished into clumps of skin, which fell among the hair.

Xanon watched the scene calmly. He was expecting this completely.

"Delta Nemesis...I have been waiting for you."

Delta Nemesis stared blankly around the room and Seras prayed that he wouldn't see him. The monster suddenly grabbed Ber's body and began feasting on the blood and flesh that it had to offer, starting with the wings. Seras bolted for the door and pounded on the glass, but the door wouldn't open!

"Let me out!! LET ME OUT, XANON!!"

Xanon's voice came over a loudspeaker in the room. "Don't you get it yet? Don't you get why I picked you and not anyone else to inject Delta Nemesis?"


"Your loyalty to our true queen was shaking...the signs were obvious, you pathetic piece of shit. I read some of your computer logs. I overheard you speaking about how wrong it was to lose your sister. I KNEW YOU WANTED THAT WRETCHED PRINCESS ON THE THRONE!!"

"Xanon, you-!" Seras was cut off by Delta Nemesis's blade, which was poking out of his stomach.

"Too bad you couldn't see clearly...it costed you and your partner's afterlife. But don't despair! You have offered a fine meal to Delta Nemesis! Thanks to both of your expendable bodies, my ultimate weapon against Heaven will grow stronger! I really must thank you, but alas, there is nothing I can do. Wait, perhaps there is...you'll get to see your sister again in the River Styx. Isn't that wonderful?"

Delta Nemesis pierced through Seras's neck with his fangs. Seras glared, knowing his time had come. He wished that he had never agreed to work on this project...he wished he had never shown his feelings...there were too many regrets now.

"Myua...at least we'll see each other again..."

Seras sighed and closed his eyes. Delta Nemesis bit through his flesh and blood until Seras's spirit finally left his body.

Xanon was cackling madly. His fellow scientists around him were shaking with fear, knowing their project had finally been complete. They could hear Delta Nemesis breaking down the thick door until Xanon just opened it himself. The scientist used his wings to flap away, just nearly out of Delta's reach.

"He's still hungry. Guess what, everyone?! YOU'RE LUNCH!" he shouted, flying out of the main exit. Outside, Xanon activated an emergency lockdown he knew Delta Nemesis could break down and escape through. The scientists screamed as Delta Nemesis bit into their flesh and Xanon took in the screams with extreme pleasure. The mad scientist walked away without a single second thought.

It was hours before Delta Nemesis had finished his meal and exited the labs. The monster had no idea what to do next...but his hunger was very unsatisfied. He wanted more flesh to munch on, more blood to drain, more bones to snap. The hulking monster left the area, unsure of where to go...until he saw a blinding light further up.

"Sensors indicate the smell of more food...prepare for investigation and food..."

The monster followed the light until he had completely vanished. Post Apocalypse had only begun.

No one noticed the shuffling and moaning in the laboratories...

...or Seras's eyes reopening.


Wow. I honestly think that was the craziest chapter I have ever written, besides crackfics.

You saw some Resident Evil things here, hm? Actually, none of you will know what I'm talking about if you've never played a game or did research.

Delta Nemesis is a poor rip off of the enemy Nemesis from Resident Evil 3. To be honest, the only thing that rips it off is the name. I created the after mutation appearance and powers all from my crazy brain.

Xanon Dandral is sorta like William Birkin, except without a wife and daughter. He's all my ideas. The name Xanon comes from "Xenon" which is an element on the periodic table. Dandral is a word I made up from the name Durandal, which is the sacred sword of fire in Fire Emblem 6 and 7.

Seras and Ber...well, Seras came from Hellsing and also RE4. Ber was a random name I made up when I was trying to think of a good name for a dead man, and then I saw my Winter Berry lotion. Hahaha, I am so clever...(gets shot) OW!!

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