Otherworldly Infection

Themes for this chapter: Vengeance is Mine (When a City Dies), Mithos, Presea.

Burning now, I bring you Hell!
-Hell, Disturbed

Chapter Seven: A Hero is Lost

The last thing Princess Peach, Princess Daisy and Ike, the future king of Mushrooms, expected was a broken window and the cause of it being Luigi hurled right through it.

Daisy had screamed when she looked up to see Luigi's shadow coming towards them through the window and was trying to rouse the green plumber from his sleep. Peach wanted to be calm, but she was frantic with worry for Mario.

Ike, on the other hand, was not a man to sit around and be worried. He grabbed his sword and announced he was going out. Mario and Toad Town were both in trouble and, as the future king, he had a responsibility to protect the citizens.

"Ike, it's not a good idea!" Peach protested. "Something terrible must be out there! You can't go alone!"

"Peach, I don't have a choice. I need to investigate what's happening. They're going to be my people someday. I have to do this for them," Ike replied. Before he could leave, Peach grabbed his arm.

"Let's at LEAST make a plan. Whatever threw Luigi all the way here from the sky must be immensely powerful. Oh!" Peach's eyes lit up. "I have an idea! Let's call Bowser!"

"BOWSER?!" Daisy, Toadsworth and Ike all shouted.

"Are you nuts?" Daisy asked.

"My dear, are you certain that is a wise choice?" Toadsworth added. "What if this is one of his plans?"

"Bowser is many things, but he wouldn't kill my people," Peach said calmly. "Even though he does kidnap me, he's not that evil. He's actually a really stubborn baby." She giggled. "He helped me and Mario in the fight against Count Bleck after a little persuasion. It can't hurt to try."

"I don't trust him, Peach," Ike said. His forehead was scrunched up in deep thought and his sword arm was twitching.

"But I do," Peach said. "I'll get TEC to contact him for me."

TEC, also known as TEC-XX, was the X-Nauts' supercomputer during their invasion and desire to open up the Thousand Year Door in Rogueport. He and Peach had grown close during Peach's kidnapping and being held hostage on the moon. After the base somehow survived a mass explosion, Peach had TEC brought down to Earth and installed in her castle on the same backup memory that had helped Mario escape the base after obtaining the Crystal Star. He was much happier in his new home and fully convinced he was finally 'perfect'. He was also happy to be serving Peach, though he didn't seem to take much of a liking to Ike.

Peach went up to her computer room and turned the lights on. TEC, who usually stayed asleep when the lights were off, woke up with a whirr.

"Good evening, Princess Peach. How can I help you now?" TEC asked.

"Good evening, TEC," Peach smiled. "I need you to send a call to Bowser. We need his help for a crisis."

"A crisis?" TEC asked. Lights continued to flash around, indicating he was thinking. "Is something amiss?"

"We're under attack. Ike wants to go out by himself to try and stop the monster attacking. I don't feel right about it...I want Bowser's help," Peach informed her computer. TEC's lights continued to flash around before he finally agreed to the call. A telephone icon appeared on the screen and rang three times before it was answered. Baby Bowser's face appeared on the screen.

"Momma Peach?!"

"Junior, I'm not your mama..." Peach sighed. "Where's your daddy?"

"He's yelling at the guards again. Sumthin' about the seven others causing havoc and they're not doing anything to control 'em," Baby Bowser said. "Why, you wanna see Poppa?"

"I'd like to..." Peach started to say, but was interrupted by a crash in the background. Seven different turtles piled into the room and Peach recognized them as the Koopalings, Bowser's first seven children. A roar behind them indicated Bowser was close behind.

"I swear, it was Lemmy who wrecked your Clown Car, Dad!" Iggy shouted. "He wants to join the circus!"

"THE CIRCUS! THE CIRCUS! IT'S FUN!" Lemmy shouted. Unfortunately, he shouted right into both Morton and Roy's ears, earning him a punch from both the brothers. Larry, Ludwig and Wendy each looked like they had a headache and were terrified of their fast approaching father.


Before the Koopa King could let loose a flamethrower, Baby Bowser piped up. "Poppa! Momma Peach is on the line!"

"Junior, I already said I'm not your mama!" Peach snapped.

"I know!" Baby Bowser said. "But I like calling you that!"

Bowser, on the other hand, had quit chasing his seven children and hurried over to the computer with a happy look on his face. "Peach! Why could you be calling me? Did you finally ditch Ike and decide we should legalize our old marriage?"

"You wish," Peach thought. "No, Bowser, but I do need your help. We're under attack over here and something just threw Luigi right through the window. Ike wants to go in and try to save everyone but I'm terrified that he might end up dead."

"Yeah? Where's Mario then, eh?" Bowser grumbled. "That hero, always taking everything from me..."

"Mario's also in trouble..." Peach said softly. "He hasn't come back. The message we got is that some Toads were killed by a monster, but they're coming back to life and causing more havoc. Please Bowser...you're the only one I can turn to. Please!"

"Vell izzn't zis a switch!" Ludwig laughed. The eldest of the Kooplings stood up and looked at Peach through the screen. "Und wvy should our father, zee enemy of your people, 'elp you in your time of need?"

"Yeah!" Wendy put in. "You've been enemies for years! Why should he help you?!"

"KIDS, ENOUGH!" Bowser roared.

Peach, on the other hand, decided to answer them. "I've asked for your father's help before. And he actually helped us save the world. If he could do that, I'm certain he can help us now. We're in terrible danger, Koopalings...people are dying," she said softly.

A heavy silence hung over Bowser and his kids. Baby Bowser tugged on his dad's arm and said, "We gotta help her! If Momma Peach dies, then the Mushroom Kingdom will be in trouble and no one will save it and we can't cause our own trouble!"

"Junior, shut up," Wendy mumbled.

"No, I think we should go, sis!" Morton piped up. "Let's go be heroes for a while and then become villains again!"

"I wanna join the circus!" Lemmy cried, earning a nasty smack from Roy. The bully Koopaling growled at his older, but smaller, brother and clenched his fists.

"How about I smack some sense in you and you go join the nutbars in the nuthouse?"

"SILENCE!" Ludwig shouted. The eldest Koopling folded his arms and faced Peach again, taking on an air of arrogance. "You still have not told us wvy ve should get involved."

Peach started to say something else, but TEC suddenly spoke up. "Princess Peach, there's disturbance outside the castle. Bringing it up on the monitor right now..." and the screen suddenly showed a small picture of zombified Toads moving in closer to the main gates. On Bowser's side of the computer, the eight children and the king each gasped at the sight and Wendy screamed loudly.


Peach also looked horrified. "Those Toads are part of my guard unit here in the castle and Toad Town...if they can't even handle it, we're doomed!"

"Hang on, Peach. We're coming to help you. Kids! Get your magic scepters!" Bowser roared loudly. "AND NO ARGUING!"

The screen went blank and Peach heaved a sigh. She hadn't actually expected that to work, but she thanked the Star Spirits it did and Bowser was on his way. The Mushroom Princess thanked TEC for the transmission and rushed out, making sure to turn the lights off again.

By the time Peach reached the throne room, Bowser and his eight kids already arrived. Daisy and Ike could not believe their eyes, but Peach cheered happily and greeted Bowser with relief.

"Peach, the situation is dire," Ike finally said. "I can't sit here and do nothing."

"Just relax, blue boy," Boswer chuckled darkly. "We'll go and exterminate these pests AND find out what's causing these undead freaks to appear."

"Dad, do I have to go?" Wendy whined.

"YES!" Bowser snapped.

"No," Peach said. Everyone turned to look at her oddly. "Wendy can stay here with Toadsworth, Luigi and Daisy. I'll go."

Pandemonium erupted from all sides of the room. Ike, Bowser and Toadsworth were completely against Peach's idea and the Koopalings thought it was hilarious to watch the adults argue. A loud crash interrupted the chaos and everyone turned to the source. Wendy, Larry, Lemmy, Peach and Daisy screamed loudly at the intruder. Delta Nemesis had found his way in.

Bowser snorted. "Woo, check out the newest contestant for the Ugly Show!" he chuckled. Flames began to lick around his mouth. Ike gripped Ragnell tight and gritted his teeth. Delta Nemesis was covered in blood and the future king suspected it was the blood of his future people.

"You'll pay for what you've done, freak!" he yelled, running forward to strike with Aether. Bowser also moved forward to expel hot fire breath, which seemed to freak Delta out. The monster recoiled and held up his arms in front of him, as if he could ward off fire. As Bowser exhaled the fire, Delta screamed in terror and ran out the same way he came.

"After him!" Ike shouted. Bowser and five of his children (Wendy, Larry and Lemmy were too scared to move) were accompanied by Ike and Peach and they raced towards Toad Town, where Delta was headed.

What Peach would find there will be enough to tear her heart apart.

Where was their hero when the Mushroom Kingdom needed him the most? The Toads shivered in the cold and tried to run away from the rotting zombies who were either former friends or family. Children cried as they were bitten by best friends or their brothers and sisters. Blood was awash everywhere on the streets. Would their prayers be answered? Or will they all die?

Was this the end of Toad Town and the Mushroom Kingdom?

"Look!!" a tiny toad boy pointed at an approaching figure. "I can see him! It's Mario!! We're saved!"

"Little T, no!!" his mother cried. The woman could already see something was very wrong with the way Mario was walking. He was dragging his feet and his arms were outstretched. Almost like...

"AIEE!! MARIO, WHY DID YOU BITE ME!!" Little T's voice carried out pitifully. His cries soon died out and his mother fell down crying. The woman didn't have to see her son to know the horrible truth: Mario was one of them and Little T...the little Toad who idolized Mario and wanted to be just like him...died by his hero's hands.

Mario moaned and was followed by many other zombified Toads. Rotting flesh was everywhere those still alive looked, from the ground to the rooftops.

The apocalypse would carry on.

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