The Cullen's so go the CN TOWER!

"So… I love the shopping in Toronto," Alice stated.

"Where to now?" I asked.

Edward took my hand. "The CN Tower."

"Oh." I felt uneasy but with Jasper there I couldn't trust my feelings. "Easy, Bella." He warned in a soothing voice.

As we arrived some kid yelled, "OH MY GOSH! Remember me from wonderland? Ommett!" (NAME FROM 13). Oh No. "Beat it, kid!" I didn't forget about THAT experience with him. Edward wrapped his arm around my waist.

The ride up the elevator was… scary. But manageable. Toronto is beautiful ! We headed back to Forks. Alice was gloating about all her shopping. Japer was in the passenger side, Edward and I were in the back. Suddenly the car made a sharp turn.

"Alice- what..?" Jasper tried to ask. "A vision. That Ommett kid was getting push off a building.." She sighed. "You now the one hitting on Bella..?"

"Oh." Jasper let it drop. Alice raced into the store to get a huge trampoline and put it where Ommett would fall. We decided it would be best if he didn't know we were in on it. (He would never let it drop). What an annoying kid. That's how Edward must have felt by me. Ommett dropped yelling for help. He landed on the trampoline laughing. What a weird kid! I thought. Alice knew the job was done. We turned back and continued our drive home.

"Ah. That kid." Edward sighed, shaking his head.

"Jealous..?" I asked

"Very," He mused.

"Don't worry! I love you more than anything in the world!"

"Wrong! I love you more..," Edward corrected.

"You can't know that! Let's call it a 'tie.'

"If that's what you want.." He grinned.

Japer sighed and Alice said," Guys, can you stop with the lovey, mushy stuff right now?"

Edward and I laughed but agreed.