Title: Milkshake

Author: Stormy1x2

Pairing: Ace/Teddy

Word count: 540-ish

Warnings: shonen ai, fluffy-fluffess

Notes: I....really will slash just about anything. :D

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Coming out of the pharmacy, Ace checked his list and made another mark. That was it – he'd managed to pick up everything on his list, and it hadn't even taken him an hour. "This deserves a reward," he declared, and promptly trotted across the street to the ice-cream shop.

Stepping through the open door, he scanned the room automatically. Starlight was behind the counter, and she waved at him, beckoning him forward. Ace grinned and headed over. Theirs had been an amicable split a few years before, and he was grateful that they'd managed to retain their friendship. "Hey, Starlight."

"Hey, Ace." She nodded at him, looking past him curiously. "Where's your other half?"

"At home with a bad cold." He waved a paper bag of medicine and groceries at her. "I went and got some stuff for him."

"Poor guy," Starlight commented as she filled a tall glass with a freshly mixed Squash Squish. She slid it down the counter to the patiently waiting customer, and then gave Ace her full attention. "Is it that bad?"

"Bad enough. He spent the whole night coughing his lungs out, and now his throat's all raw and sore," Ace said quietly, shaking his head. "He's demanded I not return home without a nice, thick, ice-cream shake. So, I'll take two to go, please." He winked at her.

Starlight chuckled as she took out two take-away plastic cups. "Won't that be bad for him? I thought you weren't supposed to have a lot of dairy when you're sick."

Propping his arms up on the counter, Ace shrugged. "I think that's more for upset stomachs. But trust me - as the one in charge of making sure we have food in the house, I know he hasn't been too worried about that. Sweetheart mentioned something to him about starving fevers and feeding colds – or vice versa, I'm not sure – and Teddy seems to have taken it to heart."

"Eating you out of house and home?"

"And then some." Ace grinned. "I'm dreading the grocery bill for this month."

Starlight hit the start button on the blender. "Aww, admit it. You like taking care of him."

"It's so rare he lets me do it," Ace admitted, drumming his hooves idly. "He still thinks it's a weakness to let people help him."

"I thought he was getting better about that."

"He is. If he wasn't, he'd have insisted on coming out to get his own shake."

"And would have promptly infected everyone here." Starlight rolled her eyes and stopped the blender. Pouring the blended ice-cream, sugar, and milk into the cups, she put the lids on and stuck straws through the holes at the top. Then she set them into a foam carrier, handing Ace the handle. "Here ya go, six jangles please."

Ace pushed the money across the counter and took the container. "Thanks Starlight. See you later."

"Sure thing. Tell Teddy I hope he feels better."

"Will do." Ace waved and headed out the door towards home at a brisk, three-legged trot. He had a sick partner to take care of, after all.

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....I wonder if anyone will actually read this. I am SLASHING one of my favorite childhood cartoons. I think I'm going straight to hell for this, even if it is WAFFy and sugar-filled. Anyone interested in more of these?