PlainStrawbery: yosh! My second one!

Amu: wat kind of story is this one?

Ikuto: better be amuto

PlainStrawberry: hellz yeah!

Ikuto: Yay!

Amu: -sweat drops- Strawberry-chan doesn't own shugo chara or us!

Chapter 1

Amu's POV

Walking in the park limping. My body felt numb. It was about 11:00 pm. My chara's home. I should took them with me, I thought. I saw somebody coming but then I blacked out. The only thing I heard was "amu?!"

Ikuto's POV

I walked toward the person limping. Once I got a little closer I saw pink hair! It was amu. "Amu?" I asked. She blacked out and fell to the ground. I ran towards her and kelt to the ground. Her face had scratch's and was bruised all over. But, the thing she noticed mostly was that she was bleeding in various places. I picked her up and carried her to my apartment were I lived alone in.

Once at the apartment I carefully set the rather light Amu on my bed. I got out a first aid kit and brought it back to the room.

"What you doing Ikuto nyaa?" Yoru asked. He then shifted his gaze to Amu. "Oh, no, Ikuto! Not her! She is the enemy!"

"Yoru, she is wounded! Would you have left your precious Miki out if she was wounded and barley breathing?" I demanded, in a voice of… caring?

"No…." Was the chara's response. Yoru said he was going out, and left the house.

I examined Amu's arms first. There were a few cuts that were bleeding. I sighed and slowly put Band-Aids and disinfectant on the scratches. Then moved to her face. There was nothing I could do here. There were just many bruises and scratches. She had obliviously been abused…badly. I looked at her legs. Nothing bad or anything

I treated all of her wounds. Finally I was done. I went into the kitchen and started to cook somthin.

Amu's POV

I heard something cooking. I slowly opened my eye lids and looked around. I was staring at a blue cealing. I got up and sat up in he bed. Right there and then I saw Ikuto staring at me.

Ikuto's POV

I heard something move and I ran to my room. There I saw Amu staring wide eye. I went over to her and asked "Why do you have so many bruises?"

Amu's POV

Oh shit! I wasn't expecting that…


PlainStrawberry: I know it's a bit short -_-

Amu: What the hell happened to me!?

Ikuto: Can I know?

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