Strawberry: Umm....


Ikuto:Amu-Koi calm down

Strawberry: -runs behind ikuto- aaahhhh!!!! shes gonna kill mi!!!!

Ikuto: Hold on -picks up amu bridle style nd goes into another room-

Strawberry: O.O

ikuto: -comes bac with hair messy nd so is amu's hair also-

Strawberry: Holy S**t

Livon: Yeah she curses alot

Yaya: Hi everybody!!!

Amu: when did she get here?? O.o

Ikuto: so plz tell why Ichigo

Strawberry: Ummm.... -thinks- oh!!! Yeah about my stories they will be on hold for now

Amu:......... -flames in ear- WAT?!?!?!

Yoru: -holds down cute kitty ears- my ears nya

Strawberry: its my fault -eyes get teary- I HAVE NO IDEA WAT TO WRITE FOR NOW!!!!!!!! I HAD SOMTHIN BUT I DIDNT GET TO TYPE IT!!!!!

Ikuto: ooooooo o.O

Kukia: plzz dont give up

Amu: Wat the hell??

Strawberry: But hers a note to my readers out there

Dear Readers,

All my stories will be on hold but...U can help mi!! Here's the thing i need ur help to continue!!!!! all u have to do is sne d mi a message with an idea i can use for my stories nd ill chose one. But i need ideas for all my stories except christmas surprise or watever its called -_-(even i cant remeber my own story name) anyway but plz help mi. nd i chose one idea for each story. but the winners can also be in my stories nd mi nd the winners can create a story together. so may the best idea writer thing begin!!! Nd i hope none of u people r mad at 4 this...-sniff- plz forgive mi!!!


Ichigo!! :3

Amu: wow

Ikuto: Plz hurry nd send in ur ideas so the story can be updated faster!!!

Utau: Hurry nd plz think of some story ideas she can write also!!!

Ran: nd if u also help her on story ideas then u can be in it!!!

Utau: R&R??

Everybody (except livon): R&R!!!!

Livon: dead line is in thursday