Leah Imprints

"Leah?" Seth called. "What?" I responded.

"I need more milk for my hot chocolate."

"Get up and get it…"

"But I'm sick.."

"UGH! FINE! I'll be back soon.."

On my way to the store I dropped my keys. I turned around and saw a guy with pale blond hair and blue eyes standing with my keys in his hand. He smiled at me gently. "Hi, I'm Adam." My stomach had knots in it and I felt I was floating in the air.. Am I going to puke?

"I'm Leah…" I smiled timidly. "Thanks," I said as Adam gave me my keys back.

"I gotta go. I have to get stuff for my brother." Adam laughed, "May I join you..?" I blushed, "Sure." I walked right to the milk and turned to Adam, "Well, that' it." Oh man.. We don't need anything else at home… "See you round." As I walked Adam caught my wrist. "Come here often?" I giggled like an idiot. "I'll be here next week…" My heart thumped with hope. I, LEAH CLEARWATER JUST IMPRINTED ON A GUY NAMED ADAM.

"Oh. That's cool. I'll be there. Bye, Leah." Adam winked. My heart stopped beating. I think he likes me.. I went back home and Seth was lying down. "What took you so long?" I laughed. "I imprinted. Seth looked at me incredulously. "With..?" He prompted. "With A.D.A.M.! I'm going to see him next week.."

"What about Sam?" This time when Seth said his name it didn't hurt to think about him and Emily. "Nothing. I'm better than ever." And I really meant it. I couldn't wait to see Adam next week. . I found myself very excited and making Seth hot chocolate.. This is strange, I thought to myself.. I felt slap happy! I feel like a hole in my hear has been patched.