I gave my friend an idea about Merlin (I am not spoiling it for you guys) and she liked it (thanks Megan) so I started writing and couldn't stop. This is gonna be an extra cute fic, hope you enjoy!

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Merlin hadn't wanted to go to the forest with Arthur. He despised hunting and the forests around Camelot were dangerous. Of course, Arthur ordered him to go and he couldn't exactly resist unless he wanted to be put in the stocks. He was lugging the hunting equipment while Arthur paced on in front, his sword sheathed and checking for trails in the dirt. He cursed under his breath and indicated for Merlin to approach.

Cautiously, Merlin went by Arthur's side and bent down, looking at a hoof mark imprinted in the dirt, "That means there's deer nearby?" He asks hopefully, just looking forward to getting back to the warmth inside Camelot's walls.

Arthur shook his head, "It's an old track. A herd have headed south but they could be hours away by now. It's no use even looking for them." He cursed again and kicked at the dirt angrily, "Useless, this is! It's nearly winter and everything will be in hibernation soon. This'll probably be the last hunt for months!"

The young warlock winced as Arthur began to raise his voice and suddenly heard a snap of a twig. Instantly, birds began to fly from the trees, squawking in alarm and quickly departing. The young boys snapped their heads around, looking around wildly.

"What was that?" Merlin asks, trying to cloak his scared voice.

"Well I'll take a wild guess and say it's probably an animal," Arthur said, whacking Merlin lightly for his stupidity, "Don't get so frightened over nothing! You're so jumpy…"

Merlin blushed angrily and scratched the back of his neck, "I wasn't scared… just a little surprised. C'mon, can we go back to Camelot now?" Arthur snorted and pushed past him, beginning to head in the direction the noise came from.

"I'm not going anywhere, I want to return with some sort of animal," He flashed a grin to his manservant and began to inspect the bushes and frowned when he saw nothing, "Where is that wretched creature?" He murmured.

That's when both of them heard the deafening roar from only a few metres away. Merlin yelped and looked up to be face to face with none other than a huge dragon. Now that can't be possible…

He heard the sharp sound of a sword being unsheathed and saw the young Prince trying to fend off the furious creature. The weapon flicked from left to right as his wrist made swift actions that Merlin would never be able to do. The dragon wasn't harmed as the blade tried to slice the rock hard scales of the torso and it roared in anger. Lifting one huge talon, it kicked Arthur away, knocking him against the tree. Merlin yelled and ran to him, checking him over to see if there was anything wrong.

"Merlin, get off me!" Arthur yelled over the screeches of the beast behind them. Curling his hand around the handle of his sword, he got up once again.

"Arthur, it's no use, you'll be killed… leave it to me!" Merlin tried to stop Arthur from charging at the dragon, but no such luck.

"YOU?!" Arthur scoffed, "I don't think you'll be able to hold back a dragon, Merlin," He snorted and stared in the eyes of the reptile.

Merlin closed his eyes, trying to think back to his magical book which he had been reading loyally for the past eight months. How to slay a dragon… Think Merlin! You know this! Remember the spell! He clenched his fists and sighed, deciding to improvise. He knew the word for dragon and maybe he could just make up the rest of the words…

Placing himself close enough to the dragon but not so close that Arthur would be able to notice, his raised his arm and began to chant the ancient words which he could only hope would work…

"Thea drago mea tus scyfalo!" He hisses, staring intently at the animal. It was unharmed and still teasing the prince, amused by the small human trying to fight the huge dragon.

"Cula theponas droste!" He chants, and that's when something changes. He could hear the mighty roars over the commotion but Merlin could hardly keep his eyes open. A familiar voice was yelling and then there was a huge thud which Merlin hoped was the dragon falling to its death. Groaning, Merlin trying to move his arms, but they were paralysed with the rest of his body.

What was happening to him?

Merlin fell into a slumber, ignoring the cries from his master and friend. Neither knew what was happening to the young warlock.


Arthur hadn't noticed Merlin chanting words to the dragon as he was fighting it. He was busy trying to take jabs at the scales, desperate to impale the unusually large creature. The Prince yelled in frustration and as he got his sword ready for his next shot, the dragon began to scream out in agony.

Looking around, Arthur's eyes caught sight of Merlin falling to the ground, as if in pain. He ignored the dragon's deafening roars and sprinted up to his servant, shaking him.

"Merlin? Wake up Merlin, the dragon is dead!" He began, pressing to fingers to his neck, finding the gentle thrum of his pulse. He was still breathing… so what was wrong with him?

He heard a crash and saw the dragon fall to the ground, felling a tree in the process. Who had done that if it was only he and Merlin there? Looking around, Arthur tried to look for someone else who could've killed the dragon without either touching it. A groan emitted from Merlin's mouth and he frowned at his friend. Surely not…?

Before Arthur could even think about the possibility that his best friend could be a sorcerer, Merlin's body started to glow. Standing up, he covered is eyes as the light got brighter and brighter and nearly blinded him.

"Merlin?! Merlin, what's going on?" Arthur yelled as he falls to the ground from a flash of lightning knocks him off his feet. It was too bright to see what was happening and Arthur crawled backwards, his eyes still covered. It took a few minutes until he heard a sound that certainly didn't sound like his manservant.

Uncovering his eyes he was face to face with something he never expected to see. Two bright blue eyes were staring at him in wonder. Arthur could already tell that it was his manservant from the red scarf around his neck and the unusually large ears, but it wasn't Merlin as he knew him.

This Merlin was only a few feet tall with clothes with were way too large on him and a round, undeveloped face.

This wasn't a man, but merely a four year old boy.

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