Mile High Club

When Mac and Stella fly from Washington to New York things get steamy.

Mac and Stella board the plane from Washington where they have been on a conference all week about forensics they are bound for New York..

As they take there seats Stella sighs " As soon as this plane is in the air I will be asleep I'm knakerd" Mac just looks at her and has other ideas.

30 minuets in to the flight Stella is nodding off when Mac starts to rub her cheek lightly she opens her eyes ate stares at him" What are you up to she asks a little stunned" " Ever tried the mile high club he grins " this makes Stella wake up she sits up to look at Mac she is about to reply when Mac stops her by kissing her she responds and smiles I think it could be fun.

Stella slowly rubs Macs crotch and she can see he is getting excited he dose the same and they are both lost in there own little sexual fantasy" Lets go" smiles Mac he stands up and moves to the loo in the back on the plane a few minuets Stella joins him.

As she enters the loo they lock the door and immediately are kissing very passionately and groping each other as they begin to get more aroused Mac sits on the toilet and watches as Stella pulls his trousers down and slowly takes him in her mouth she slowly moves up and down and Mac loves the feeling she is giving him he grabs her hair and thrust in her mouth.

After a few minuets she pulls Stella up from him and slowly undoes her trousers and pulls her down on him she gasps as Mac enters her " Urgghhh Mac she moans" as Mac starts to thrust harder she can feel her getting close to climaxing she pulls her thighs together on doing this its Max turn to moan in pleasure .

They are both moving in sync with each other that there climax dose not take long to reach with Stella laying her head on Macs shoulder " I cant believe we just did that" she miles as she kisses him.

As she and Mac stand up Mac bends her over the sink and enters her from behind looking in the mirror Stella can see Mac's face and smiles as he begins to thrust again they both watch each others expressions as they reach another climax just then the captain announces that they will soon be landing.

Mac and Stella both get cleaned up and have one final soul searing kiss, they make there way back to the seats and wait to land they gently rub each others thighs keeping the tension alive.

They land and are met by the team who are there to take them to a crime scene so how was Washington smiles Lindsay " Good replies Mac" and the flight how was that asks Don " Oh that was also very enjoyable" grins Stella to Mac out of view of the rest of the team Mac gives a sly wink and agrees.

I have no idea where this idea came from I was thinking about that plane episode from a few weeks back cant remember the name and decided that this would be good RnR let me know what you think thanks xxxxx