The Duelist of Konohagakure

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Chapter 001

Spiky sunny blonde hair, whisker marks on his cheeks, a light tanned skin complexion, this thirteen year old was currently shuffling his Duel Monsters deck as he sat down in a recliner, on a boat that took him from the Outside World, into the barrier that separated, in truth, a different world altogether. Also, it has also been referred to as "The Mists". He wore a pair of beige shorts with two large pockets over the pant legs, a black belt with a double deck case, and two shirts. One was a long-sleeved navy blue shirt, which the sleeves were rolled just past the elbows that he fixed in place with a bit of sewing, the shirt over that was a fishnet jersey. The bomber jacket he worn was orange, with short sleeves that looked like they were torn off, and left unbuttoned. The mud brown hiking boots were more like sneakers, with ankle black socks.

All of this of course was concealed behind a sand brown poncho with the edges of the fabric decorated with red roses and green vine-entwined patterns. It also hid the Duel Disk he wore on his left arm, one of the standard issue Duel Disks that have been upgraded to look similar to that of the Duel Academy Duel Disks used today. However, his Duel Disk was in colors of orange, silver which looked to more of a whitish color, and the arm band onyx black.

"Don't know why I have to return..." He slots his deck away into its hard cover case hanging off his belt, and retrieved the letter from inside his jacket, and opened it. His guardian in the Outside World was none other than Pegasus J. Crawford.

Yes, Pegasus J. Crawford, the man who single-handedly created the game known world-wide as Duel Monsters... found baby Uzumaki Naruto on the doorstep of his vacation castle/mansion at Duelist Kingdom with a note attached to the weaved basket. Pegasus knew who Sarutobi Hizuren was, as the duo briefly met long time ago. This was before he had gone on his expedition and searching for the three gods Osiris, Obelisk, and Ra, and Sarutobi having just retired his position as Hokage to the Fourth.

"Hm... I'm practically going to be the only duelist in this world..." Naruto sighed, as he saw the boat move into one of the docking ports of Hi no Kuni. He returned to his cabin and packed his things up, before carrying it using the handle and the wheelable scrolls screwed to the bottom of the suitcase.


Before this story goes on, first let us return back to the day Naruto's father had sealed the Kyuubi into his own son, and died because of the high risk he pulled when summoning the Shinigami. The village is in recovery mode, and already many proclaimed to have Naruto killed, even though he has been alive for only twelve hours. Sarutobi Hizuren forced to reclaim the Hokage's seat and out of retirement, held the sleeping Naruto in his arms as there was a knock on the door.

"Sarutobi, it's me."

Thank goodness! He thought, as he walked over and opened the door. Stepping in and closing the door was the Fire Daimyo.

"Fire Daimyo... Daisuke... I can't take it. If I allow Naruto to live in this village, the anger and hate those stupid fools hold against the child will turn him down a path of darkness... like a former student of mine..."

Daisuke, the Fire Daimyo, nodded, as he now held the sleeping child.

"Kushina and Minato's son... such a burden that has been placed on him before he was even born... a twist of fate..." Sarutobi merely nodded, as he finished up the law, and placed his approval stamp on it. After giving it a once over, Daisuke applied his personal seal over it.

"I have to make this announcement quick, please excuse me."

He walked out towards the platform that connected from his office, overlooking the roaring crowds below screaming the death of the "demon boy". Of course everyone civilian and ninja had became deathly silent when not only Sarutobi came out, but so did the Fire Daimyo after placing the blonde boy in his crib.

"I have never been so ashamed in my years at a village that demands the death of an innocent child who has only lived for twelve hours... going on thirteen." The bell tower on top of the Hokage's Tower rung twelve times, signaling midnight. When the sound had stopped, the Fire Daimyo looked out across the sea of the village, as most of the children have been hunkered away in safety within the mountains asleep possibly. Good thing too...

Sarutobi spoke up. "Because of the death of the Fourth... I have been reinstated as the Third per emergency and the final orders by our beloved Fourth Hokage. Due to this, and the threat my village has placed, I have instated a law that has been approved by our Daimyo."


Daisuke spoke up. "Death shall come on swift winds to those who break The Third's Law. Never again shall you speak of the boy, or even whisper his status Jinchuuriki, to the young generation for as long as you live. For those who break the rule, you will be taken away, and executed by the Marksmen of the Twelve. This applies to EVERYONE, including the members of the Konoha Council."

Gasps rang out. The personal guardians of the Fire Daimyo, twelve elite-trained men and women whom can deal with any situation when it comes to the personal safety of the Fire Daimyo, and his family.

"That is all I have to say. Now, let us repair, and recover... tomorrow, we will hold his funeral..."

With that, the two men swept back into the office, slamming the curtained doors shut to ignor ethe chaos erupting below from the law that will literaly force them to shut up about Naruto's burden.

"What of Kushina?"

"I wish for her to be buried in your garden... I remembered she would travel to your palace, just to enjoy her time in the garden... it would be best anyway... same with the Fourth... as it stated in their last will."

"And little Naruto?" Daisuke questioned.

"I have an old friend beyond the veiling mists... who can take care of him... his name is Pegasus."

Daisuke nodded. "Return with safe winds, Sarutobi. I shall remain here until your return."

"In the meantime, I need the Guards to silently remove the bodies of Minato and Kushina from the morgue."

Daisuke nodded.

"When Naruto is of age... his legacy shall be told to him... and then to the village itself."

Sarutobi chuckled. "I just hope... I live long enough to see that."

Daisuke smiled. "If you get rid of the tobacco you will." He let out a laugh as the Third had flipped the man off, and took a drag from his pipe.


Sarutobi looked down on the sleeping child. At this time of year, his old friend would be at his private island, which in this case, is known as Duelist Kingdom. The blonde was sleeping soundly as always, clutching onto a plush doll of the Toad Boss, Gamabunta. With the letter pinned to the weave basket, he smiled one last time, and rang the loud-sounding chimes that were the door bell.

In a swirl of smoke the Hokage Shunshin away...

Goodbye Naruto...

The door opened five minutes later, and Pegasus' right hand man, who still has his job apparently, looked down and saw a discarded child. The letter had the name of his boss on it. The baby was awaken by the sound of the bells, and looked up at the man with bright blue eyes, whisker marks on the child's small face... and made a coo-like sound.

He had put two and two together... "Pegasus will be surprised..." He picked up the child, gently placed the unpinned letter into his pocket, and closed the door, "let's go and see Master Pegasus, young one."

The baby cooed again, bringing a smile to the man's face.


The child was asleep in the retrieved basket, this time in more comfortable blankets, while Pegasus sat at his desk, taking a sip of his wine having read the letter.

"It will be fun to raise a son, I suppose... never would have thought Sarutobi would greet me after so long by dropping Naruto in my lap." He let out an amused chuckle, as his eye scanned the letter once again.

Dear Pegasus,

It has been awhile, hasn't it? Things have happened back at home, that Naruto's life will be threatened if he had lived back in Konoha. As you should know, only the very few know of our hidden world, you being one of them when we first met. Naruto's father and mother had passed away, and his father Minato had no choice but to seal the dreaded demon within his own child to save the village from destruction.

I had passed a law, with the backing of our Daimyo, which will protect Naruto until the time comes when he is of age to learn the truth of his past, and of the burden he has been shoved with before he was born. I hate to ask you of this, but I had no choice. It was for the safety of Naruto. Tell him when he is old enough, about your dear old friend and where he came from, but keep in secret of his heritage. When he turns thirteen... he'll return to become a shinobi. Until that time comes Pegasus, keep Naruto safe always. He needs someone who will love him, and he will get none of the love if he remained in Konoha.

Until then,

Sarutobi Hizuren
Sandaime Hokage of
Konohagakure no Sato, Hi no Kuni

He closed his eyes, as a thought entered the man's mind. "I wonder if Naruto will love Duel Monsters..."

Now, back to the present day and time, Naruto had waited calmly as the boat docked into shore. Twenty minutes later, he had gotten off and had caught a ride with a merchant traveling to the destination he needed to go to: Konohagakure no Sato.


"It is very rare to have a visitor from the Outside Realm," said the merchant, "my great, great, grandfather met a young woman who came from the Outside."


"Yes young lad. She had no idea about the way of the shinobi and the usual business, but he protected her. They had fallen in love. That story was passed down among my small family. I actually live in a small town not far from the border of Kusa."

"Ah... so sir, I really thank you once again for allowing me to hitch a ride in your wagon."

The old man chuckled. "It is alright. You needed to get there, and I am going to make a pass through the village in three days. It's the least I can do."

Naruto smiled.


Naruto pulled the headphones from his ears as the guards at the gate stopped the old man's wagon, a day later.

"Papers and reason for stay," one of the Chunnin politely requested.

"I'm here for only three days. Afterward, I shall be traveling back home to the village off the border of Kusa."

"I have a meeting with the Hokage." He pulled out the envelope with the folded letter, which had the official stamps on both envelope and letter. Just then, a gust of wind exploded up, and Naruto stared... at big bushy eyebrows... twitching bushy eyebrows. First thought: Are they alive?

"Hello my youthful guards of the gate. Maito Gai and youthful Team Nine, reporting back from C-Rank Mission!" he boastfully announced.

"Hm, I was going to alert ANBU, but Gai here and his Team can take you to the Hokage's Office..." He stopped there, as he did not know the boy's name.

"Oh, sorry. I'm Crawford Uzumaki Naruto. I was born here in this village, but I was taken to the Outside. My adopted father Crawford J. Pegasus took care of me until this letter arrived at the office two weeks ago. Apparently I have to return. What for I have no clue, which is why I have to meet the Hokage."

The two Chunnin when they heard the name Uzumaki Naruto held back their hate. The village knew about the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi, and how Sarutobi with help from the Fire Daimyo, had taken the newborn child to the Outside, with the law passed that the younger generation was to not know of the "dark secret" lest they want to die by the Marksmen of the Twelve.

"Gai shall take you there," the Chunnin to the left said quickly, allowing them through.

"Well, hope your family is well, Tosh."

The old merchant smiled. "Thank you Naruto."

"Follow me my youthful friend, while I introduce you to my Genin Team!" Gai shouted.

Naruto had a strange feeling... he was going to see this man and his mini-me a lot more often.


The door slammed open, and everyone knew one thing only: Maito Gai has arrived.

So, instead of watching a very funny yet disturbing scene via the Sunset Genjutsu, Neji foaming at the mouth because of the dreaded sunset, and Tenten tackling Naruto to the floor to spare him the horror of the Genjutsu... let us skip to the meeting, with Team Nine waiting patiently to turn in the report of their accomplished mission.

"Naruto... it has been awhile since you were born."

"So old man," Tenten gasped at the sudden disrespect, and the hidden ANBU tensed up, "whatcha need me here for? Ya know I had just finished winning first place at the Regional Championship in the Rose Bowl Tournament a week before your letter arrived at my home near I2?"

Instead of anger, Sarutobi just chuckled with amusement. "Well I am getting old Naruto."

"You can live longer if you ditch the cod pipe and tobacco. Not good for a man of your age," Naruto pointed out, kicking his legs up on the corner of the desk, and leaning into his offered chair, arms tucked behind his head.

"Yes, but at times I need a bit of it, to rid the stress that is paperwork," he mused, a smile shown, "so how is dear old Pegasus?"

"Still the same... Enjoys his Toon Monsters, pissing off Seto with his Blue-eyes Toon Dragon plush doll, trying to get Yuugi to take over his company... I have a few shares off the I2 stock market ya know. Helps that I can get the company to print me some cards that I created out of my mind, of course after I work up the fine artistical detail, the card lore, shit like that... Here, lemme show you of a card I planned on doing."

"I see your vocabulary is... adult." Sarutobi muttered as Naruto rushed out a portrait sketched he carefully rolled up, and then unrolled. On the art, it showed of a wise old man wearing VERY familiar Hokage clothing, but outfitted with outlandish and strange battle armaments around the shoulders, legs, arms, chest, and with two oni horns jutting out from the large metal plate that covers the old wise man's forehead, with the kanji for Third displayed in black ink. And attached to the back were a sword and a battle staff in X formation.

"Yeah, traveling across the world fills your vocab. Well, mostly around the Oriental areas of the world, and in America, Canada... anyway, this next upcoming card is based on part of the Ninja series. This is Commanding Leader of Ninjas; a level seven star Warrior-Type monster, with the attack strength of twenty-seven hundred, and a defense of thirty-one hundred. As long as Commanding Leader of Ninjas remains face-up on the playing field, all monsters with the word "Ninja", "Nin", Shinobi", or "Kunoichi" in its name receives a boost of five hundred attack and defense points. By a Tribute of one thousand Life Points, with this card, you can search your deck and Special Summon Ninja Animal Summon: Monkey to the field. I still need to do an art of that, but I have the card lore set-up for it. When Ninja Animal Summon: Monkey is destroyed as a result of battle, you can then use its monster card as an Equip Spell Card, and equip it to Commanding Leader of Ninjas, boosting its attack strength by nine hundred points."

Sarutobi smiled. "Pegasus sure wasn't kidding when he said you had done a lot of artwork in your time."

"Yup. Though it's only if I didn't have anything that interrupted my life... You see, last summer I had to go and help this kid named Judai take down this criminal organization known as the Society of Light who have been brainwashing duelists into joining their leader Takuma Saiou in ruling the world... the leader of the Society of Light who was empowered with the Dark Light was finally defeated, though now many of us wonder about Judai..."

"Why is that Naruto?"

"You see... before I was born, there was this incident that occurred that almost threatened the entire world. Father told me of this adventure he undergone in finding the three Egyptian Gods: Saint Dragon of Osiris, Obelisk the Great War God, and Sun God Ra. They were deities of the planet, worshipped gods whom had lived a period of their time frame. Pegasus had after a long search, found the resting place of the gods, and sought to recreate them for his Duel Monsters game. He had finally managed to do so, but the gods were angry at him for the disturbance. When he had created their three cards, all of their powers have been transferred into the cards as well."

Naruto could tell they were listening in. "The gods had shown a vision to my father through the Sennen Eye he once owned, the future if he was to keep the now renowned Egyptian God Cards... total annihilation of the planet and the human race. The Keeper of the Ankh and Scales had warned my father, and when he had woken up from the vision, he had sealed the god cards and immediately flown to Egypt, where the Tomb Keeper Isis then accept the cards, and with her powers, sealed the cards in the original tomb of the Gods.

"Then they had resurfaced in the world some time later. Mutou Yuugi and Kaiba Seto were reincarnations of two powerful kings of ancient time, and had the power to wield the powers of the God Cards, however through a tournament father spoke to me about, Yuugi had saved the world from a dark power, claimed all three Egyptian Gods, and soon where they were finally sealed away, along with the Sennen Items, to forever be buried beneath the sands of Egypt. The Pharaoh Atemu, a kind but regal spirit trapped with the Sennen Puzzle, had gone onto the afterlife, as his destiny was fulfilled."

Naruto sighed. "Even long before the Final Duel as many of us refer to it as, the gods had been stolen by a group of men who wielded ancient magic far powerful than the Sennen Items and the Gods themselves... the Orichalcos."

"The Orichalcos?"

"Yes... the Seal of Orichalcos when played has the ability to turn an ordinary duel into literally, life and death situations. The person who loses the Seal Duel... will have their soul completely stripped from their body and sealed away." He heard gasps emanate from the room, as he looked at Tenten, Lee, and Gai. They were shocked, and though the boy Neji didn't show anything, his eyes spoke another feeling, "The Orichalcos was beaten back however... but the stones still exist out there... It happened after my misadventure with Judai and his friends in stopping a man named Nightshroud from destroying the world..."

Sarutobi gained a serious look on his face.

"I still question how the population of Domino City was captured by Nightshroud yet Kaiba evaded capture... he never told me his secret," he muttered then shook his head back to focus, "Earlier when I spoke about Judai having a tie to the ancient past, there was this man who without my father knowing, collected a counterfeit card of Ra, and sought to use it. With the duel against Judai, the god was very angry at being used against its will with a Spell Card he specifically created that actually allowed the man to control the god of the sun itself."

"Controlling the powers of a god..." Sarutobi muttered. Power like that would drive a power hungry man insane... like a certain snake he should have killed long ago.

"However when its power was taken by Judai and played against the evil teme, Ra accepted the boy with no punishment and helped win the duel, even though his real card was elsewhere in the world. All of us are still up in questions over that.

"But anyway, I'm getting off track... the Orichalcos... lately I found rumors of a group of men whom had found green stones, and/or duplicate cards of the Seal. Pegasus feared that they may be used once again and had every reason to. I had already known what a Seal Duel was... because during the Rose Bowl Tournament, my opponent in the finals had such a card in his deck. And he was in the tournament to try and destroy Pegasus using me, and played it. He was disqualified due to the rule Pegasus had placed after the Doma Arc, as I call it. However... because no one could directly interfere... I had no choice but to beat him, or lose my soul forever. I won, with the combination of three cards."

He sighed, remembering the threat against him and his adoptive father. "Anyway..." the ANBU materialized around Naruto, weapons drawn... as Naruto took out a deck of cards, and began shuffling them.

Team Nine watched, as the Hokage dismissed the ANBU, whom mistaken Naruto's last movement as a threat.

"Do they always do that when someone reaches into their pocket just to take out an item that is totally non-life threatening?"

"Sometimes..." Sarutobi sighed, you'll know the truth when you're older Naruto... I just hope this village doesn't drive you down the same path as Orochimaru or Uchiha Itachi...

"Hm... if only Duel Monsters was popular here... I could get my game on."

"Yes, about that Naruto... it will be a long while before you can go again. You see... Pegasus and I made an agreement. He takes care of you until you turned thirteen, and then you return back to Konoha. Tomorrow, I'll enroll you into the Academy. They only have three weeks left before the Genin Graduation. Pegasus told me you were smart, so I doubt a brain cram won't hurt you much."

"Gimmie some Starbucks coffee or something similar and I can do whatever," was the blonde's reply, as he pulled out a card. It was the one card that Pegasus gave him when they came fresh off the printing press, Kyuubi no Kitsune. The same card that had Naruto hooked into the game, like countless others around the world, young and old.

"Great. Hm, Naruto, what is that?" He indicates the card the blonde held.

"Oh this? This is one of the first cards Pegasus gave to me when they came off the printing press at the company, and one of the three cards I had used in my victory against Touji Masato. This is the Six star, Zombie-Type, Fire-Attribute monster named Kyuubi no Kitsune, part of the Youkai Deck series."

The entire office drifted into silence. "Pegasus gave me the entire card list, so that I could build my own deck. I chose a few from the Youkai series, and some from the Spirit series, and then intermixed with my own created cards, or some other cards like Spellcasters. Or Dragons..."

He then showed the card to Sarutobi, who paled briefly. The card image shown the dreaded bijuu of legend in the stance of stalking pray, with nine tails splashed out behind, fangs bared with its slight snarl, and an angry look in its eyes behind a dark setting of a forest and mountains shrouded in midnight lighting with a glowing full moon seen in the distance.

"Of course, I have other favorites besides Kyuubi... my deck is a mix of Frog, Ninja, and Spirit cards, alongside some Spellcasters, and a few other types as well. A delicate mix finely crafted by me."

He then picked up his Duel Disk after taking it out of the suitcase, and turns it on, switching it into Active Mode. Grabbing Kyuubi's card, he places it on the slot. A spiraling swirl of lights erupted before Naruto... depositing the cutest fox anyone has ever seen before. The Kyuubi no Kitsune... had big cute anime eyes, nine swishing tails behind it, and was no bigger than a medium sized teddy bear.

And it had let out a cute fangirl-attracting mewl. It was so, god, damn, cute. Plain and simple...

"Cute, isn't she? Trust me, seeing the art, many would expect her to be... you know... imposing, tall, in a rage and ready to destroy... and instead you get one hell of a cute cuddly kitsune you wanna smother and not let go."

Tenten's instinct of all things sharp and pointy collided with the urge to try and grab the fox and cuddle it despite it being the fabled bijuu spoke of in history.

"You only get the tall and imposing Kyuubi if I Special Summon it through it's card effect." He turns off the Duel Disk, and Kyuubi vanished, leaving Tenten to sigh in disappointment within her mind.

"I feel you'll be such a hand full Naruto..."

He smirked. "Pegasus said the same thing to the Kaiba Family whenever I was dropped off to be babysat while he was busy with company stuff. Of course the Yugi-tachi, as I call them, all helped in raising me. That's where I got most of my dueling skills, learning from the absolute best. Despite being a member of the Crawford Family, Mokuba, Seto's younger brother, adopted me into the Kaiba Family, though it's unofficial." He grinned, taking out his wallet, "and Mokuba is finally a father. He and Rebecca have twins, a boy and a girl." He shown the photo, and the old man chuckled. In this photo, it showed the Kaiba twins, being held by a grinning Naruto with a smiling Mokuba behind the boy.

"Mokuba made me god father to his twins, and Rebecca agreed, though Seto pulled me off to the side and told me that he gets the first chance of spoiling his grandchildren."

"At your age? Wow... that is much unexpected Naruto. You can tell me more stories later on Naruto. I'll need to get on with my job, and interview Gai's team on their completed mission. Until we can find you a place to live, for now you'll be moving into my estate with my grandson Konohamaru. Just wait in the front lobby and I'll have my son Asuma take you there."

"Sure thing old man." He got up, slots his deck away, and stuffed the portrait back into his zipped-up suitcase. With everything in tow, he left the room, closing the door behind him. He didn't bother taking of his Duel Disk. He felt it more comfortable on his arm then unhooked and in the suitcase.

"Hokage-sama, sir," Tenten spoke up, "Aren't you angry at the disrespect?"

He just smiled. "No Tenten-san... He was supposed to live here, but... after the Kyuubi attack; Naruto lost his parents and was going to be an orphan. I had an old friend, Pegasus, in the Outside, and I brought baby Naruto with me for him to be raised. He's like a grandson to me after all... I promised his father I would keep my best interest in the boy. Anyway, Gai, what is the mission status?"