Chapter 017

A/N: Sorry it took awhile, but I was a little absorbed into The Orichalcos Effect, and also playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

"Damn it. I had this game for 3 years, and I still can't beat it," Naruto grumbled. What was he going on about you ask? Super Metroid Redesigned, a hack that recreates the entire game of the still ever-famous Super Metroid SNES game... Yes, Naruto is at home at this time, having just saved the game and then closing out the SNES9x program. He shuts off his laptop and leans back into his chair with a frustrated sigh.

"How the hell can you beat that damn game...?"

What are you complaining about, kit?

"Super Metroid Redesigned... even DavidLADarkStryker has trouble completing the game, and so far he's killed Ridley, Kraid, Phantoon, and only needs 4 more Chozo Statues to find and disarm, and to rid Draygon and what leftover mini-bosses he hasn't encountered." He opens up The Second Reality Project Reloaded game, and resumed gameplay off a saved file.

Kyuubi just blinks. You really are a game head... and who is DavidLADarkStryker? Naruto just flips his Duel Spirit off. He heard a knock at his door and the fox vanishes as it opens, and he looks over to see that pervert from the Hot Springs.

"What do you want Pervy Sage," Naruto's new nickname for the perverted women-peeper, "and does oji-san know you're in his house uninvited?"

"Yes he does, and don't call me Pervy Sage. It's insulting to a man of my status!"

Naruto blinks. "I saw you peek at women at the Hot Springs! You're supposed to be one of the greatest shinobi of his time, and all I saw was a perv."

"Quiet. I am not a pervert!" He then struck a dramatic pose, "I'm a super pervert!"


Naruto had thrown a frying pan and it struck poor Jiraiya in the face. In his mind, Kyuubi laughs at the funniness of this scene. Naruto is playing his computer games.

"Look! What if I told you I want to teach you something?"

"Yeah right... Kakashi told me and my two comrades that those who abandon their comrades are trash, and those who abandon the rules are worse than trash, yet the hypocrite abandons me for the Uchiha."

He's then grabbed around the waist and drug away from his room by a giant toad, while Jiraiya walks out of the house the toad following. All the while Naruto is screaming such obscenities. Kyuubi materialized on the chair, looks up... and continued playing the video game for Naruto. Don't ask how a fox with no opposable thumbs can do such a thing, but... he is... like Brian the Dog from Family Guy.


Naruto narrowed his eyes at Jiraiya.

"The hell you want me to do again?"

"Take off your shirt..."

"What are you, a GAY pervert?"


He's face planted the ground by a strike to the head.

"NO! Gaki... just listen to me!"

Recovering quickly, he grumbles. "Fine... but if you try anything..." He left the threat open, as he takes off his shirts and sits there cross legged on the rock of the male side of the hot springs. Jiraiya channels some chakra, and then holds it over the blonde's stomach. The seal slowly forms... and Jiraiya looks at him as he pulls his hands away. What he saw was a ruined mark, as if someone slashed over it with a blade or something sharp like a claw.

"What happened to the seal?"

"Seal? Oh... don't know. The only thing I learned from my Duel Spirit was that I was attacked, and she saved me from death. Ever since then, she's always remained by me as my Duel Spirit."

"Duel Spirit?" Jiraiya didn't understand what a Duel Spirit was.

"Yeah... didn't ojiisan told you that I was raised by Pegasus, my father? Outside the village?"

"Yes I did..." And he was one of the few who didn't wish for it to happen, but it did, "anyway... since your sensei apparently doesn't have time to train you, I can teach you some techniques you can use for your upcoming match in the Chunnin Exam finals."

"Really? What can you teach me?" Naruto asked.

"Well... what do you know so far?"

Naruto told what he knew so far, which was Kitsune-bi, Sankon Tesso, Kage Bunshin, Kawarimi, Shunshin, Katon: Hinomi, Housenka, Shounetsujigoku, Takaken, Suiton: Suinomi, and Fuuton: Genkotsukaze. In translation order: Fox Fire Magic, Iron Reaver Soul Stealer, Shadow Clone, Body Substitution, Body Flicker, Fire Release: Fire Tower, Grand Fireball, Hell Burner, Falcon Punch, Water Release: Aqua Tower, and Wind Release: Fist of the Wind.

"I never heard of some of those jutsus..."

"Let's see... Fist of the Wind is the counterpart to the Battlechip series Counter from Rockman EXE 4. I recreated the same jutsus Fire and Aqua Tower from the EXE games. Hell Burner is from the chip series Hell Burner off Rockman EXE 6. Now, Falcon Punch I emulated from Captain Falcon from the Super Smash Bros. series, Fox Fire Magic and Iron Reaver Soul Stealer I copied from the anime show InuYasha, and that's it. I'm planning on recreating a jutsu form of Delta Ray Edge..."

"Impressive... sounds almost like rip-offs," Naruto glares harshly, "and never understood what the hell you just said. But they're never heard of in the Elemental Countries at all. You'll be quiet a surprise."

"Well... you said you could teach me something..."

"Well, it sounds like you're doing well... however, I can sign you this Summoning Scroll. Come with me Naruto."


The day ended with Naruto walking into the house, with a dead look on his face. He entered his bedroom, ignoring everyone else, and closes the door. On the computer was Kyuubi, cursing up a storm about stupid hackers making hard hacks. He however falls asleep in bed.

One month later...

"So, how do I look?"

The Naruto-tachi stared.

"Did you steal that cloak form my dad's closet?" Sekai asked.

"What?" Naruto questioned. The jacket of his was traded in for the cloak worn by Marik years ago when Malik's body was taken siege by the dark evil entity within him. Also, he changed his looks just for today. He wore beige cargo slacks, with his usual belt and the duo deck case of his (Kyuubi suggested to get an empty case to hold the discarded cards). He also moved his Hitai-ate from worn on his head, to worn around his neck, just like Hinata's. The shoes were the same; however he wore a DX jersey for a shirt.

Th others just shook their head. They wouldn't remain around; because today was the day of the Chunnin Exam Finals, but unfortunately the Naruto-tachi have to return back to Duel Academy, and his father returning back to the company. He stood at the gates as Sarutobi's hand-picked Jounins, Biggs and Wedge, escorted them back to the nearest Port so they can return to the Outside.


The stadium was filled, and the finalists were there. Sasuke was missing however, and Naruto... he wasn't there as well. However, the exams had to go on. Genma, the Proctor for this portion of the Chunnin Exams, ordered everyone but the first two participants to remain. And then, it was just Neji who remained waiting. Genma was about to disqualify Naruto, when he stopped as he turned towards the entrance. A brisk wind blew through the area, kicking up some dust as Naruto's cape flared, rippling briefly as he strolled into the now hushed arena. Naruto, sporting the new looks, calmly looked around as he walked towards the center of the arena, as his Duel Disk was easily spotted by those with keen eyes.

"You were a fool to arrive. You would have remained unharmed if you just quit. Fate defines me as victor."

Naruto's reply: brushing back the gravity-defying cloak with his right arm, and offers a creepy smile. "Fate this." Naruto gives Neji the one-fingered salute with his right hand.

Genma didn't know what to say, so he just decides to call the match as he saw it, by starting it. "Hyuuga Neji vs. Crawford U. Naruto. Hajime!"

Remember... We may have trained for a month in energy harness, but you still got more to go to endure the drain.

Neji now lashes out with a strike, however Naruto poofs into smoke. From behind, Naruto reappeared, this time with Swift Black Ninja. The ninja's blank card was held in his hand. "Swift Black Ninja, attack Hyuuga Neji!" Naruto commands. The black clothed shinobi of darkness nods and leaps into the air, launching kunai at the boy. Neji saw this coming and dodges the attack, however gets grazed across the cheek by a kunai the ninja threw.

"Gentlemen Shardal! Come to me!" Grasping the card, the red aura shined over him before appearing in a flash of crystal shards was the ice-blue haired warrior

"Crystal Eye!" Shardal thrusts his palm forward, unleashing a sphere of crystal that smashes the ground, missing Neji who sprinted away. However he was forced to duel against Swift Black Ninja, whose speeds caught up easily. Neji throws a Jyuuken strike, but the black ninja leapt back, and holds his hands up together in the traditional sign. Several poofs of smoke emerge, and Neji spots several clones of the dark-clad shinobi. Among them was his true opponent.

Naruto, using the dueling energies sealed inside of him, was using his cards to fight this duel. The next card he drew from his deck case, was a Trap Card. He held it as Neji managed to break through. However Shardal raised a forcefield which Neji unfortunately struck. The glass shatters and the explosion sends him flying back. The audience couldn't believe their eyes. Neither could Sarutobi and the Kazekage. "You triggered my trap card, Neji," Naruto calls out, "Gun Del Sol!"

The trap card flashed before appearing before him was an odd mechanical device. This was the fabled Gun Del Sol, solar gun and trademark of Django the Solar Boy. Slotting the card in the second case, he snatches the gun. "Since it's such a bright and sunny day, this nifty solar weapon has more power..." He pulls the trigger, firing several balls of glowing light.

Solar Shots.

Add to it several Crystal Eye from Shardal, and the kunai launched by the last surviving Swift Black Ninja clones (4), Neji had no choice.

"Hakkeshou Kaiten (Eight Divination Palms of the Hand Heavenly Spin)!" Hiashi in his booth stared in shock, at seeing a Main Branch technique used by a lower rank branch member of the Hyuuga Clan. Hanabi, Hinata's younger sister, was confused.

Naruto, do it! Attack!

Naruto pulls out his card. "Swift Black Ninja, Shardal, you've done your job. Return to my hand!" The two vanish, returning back into their cards as Naruto slots them away. Spinning the Gun Del Sol in his left hand, he somehow hooks it to the side of his belt and he leaps into the air.

"Fuuton: Genkotsukaze (Fist of the Wind)!" He punches the air, and sudden blasts of wind shaped like his fist nearly strikes Neji. One other fist thrown catches him in the gut.

"Hm, try and block this! Suiton: Suinomi (Aqua Tower)!" He slaps his hand against the ground, and shocking everyone, a large pillar of water sprays from between the fingers and forms a pillar of water that rapidly descended upon Neji. He was washed over, and crashed into the nearby tree as the water splashes all over now.

"Now, have some fire! Kitsune-bi!" He snaps his wrists, launching green fireballs ala Luigi style (not really but you get the idea). The tree is caught aflame but Neji disappeared. He pulls the trigger when unslotting his Gun Del Sol and Neji, about to strike Naruto in the chest with a glowing index and middle finger, was bathed in burning sunlight. He screams in pain and stumbles back. Naruto grins as he sets it down, and holds the cards up he managed to retrieve from his deck.

"Come to me ladies!"

The aura shined more upon his calling. Coming forth, was Maya, Minerva, Yureru, Lily, Shinju, and Mary. Everyone was surprised. He collapses to one knee, grunting a bit as the energy zap took a toll on him. Mary and Lily kneel beside him, as Maya, Minerva, Shinju, and Yureru take up attack positions in front of their master, Yureru picking up Gun Del Sol.

Shinju the Maiden was a beautiful young girl. Her skin was a blue to light blue tone, and her eyes were a water-shimmer cerulean. Her hair was of the same color, like a long curtain splashing down all around her. Her ears were at a long point, like Celtic Guardian's, wearing a type of ornamental crown around her forehead, with a sapphire tear gem set in the middle point of the crown. The dress was made of translucent silk, though she wore a denser heavy fabric around her torso, which wraps around the front and back, the biceps of her arms, and just to her knees. There was no doubt the dress, a two tone light indigo and pale blue, would have been breathtaking if she was underwater.

"A-attack... Win this duel," Naruto grunts.

"You're weak, master, you used too much energy summoning us," Lily spoke softly, as Yureru, Minerva, and Maya launch themselves at Neji, while Shinju was releasing balls of compacted water cannonballs.

"Hadoken!" Minerva launches the white blue fireball attack; however Neji uses the Kaiten once again, deflecting the Hadoken to blow up a nearby tree, and the water shots to splash harmlessly. The Gun Del Sol easily passes the chakra dome when Yureru held down the trigger, bathing Neji in a damaging Spread and instantly halting his Kaiten jutsu. Maya flies up behind, spinning as she tackles the prick into the ground.

"Mary, go and help them," Naruto whispers, as he leans back into Lily's arms. Mary spreads her wings, stunning the audience and the ninja by taking flight. She lashes out with kicks, as crescent waves of pinkish peach chakra-like energy hits the ground near Neji. Maya caught him in the shoulder with a Volt Slinger, and Yureru followed up with a damaging Burning Salamander attack. He nearly drowned when a water ball impacts his face.

"I won't... lose... to any of you!" Neji yells, as he lashes at Yureru across the chest with a sounding swift kick. Crying out, Maya flies down and grabs her as Gun Del Sol shatters away. Mary swoops in, holding a ball of energy which produced a lightning-like blade but Neji spins rapidly, and she is sent crashing into Minerva.

He sprints towards Lily and Naruto, Byakugan blazing with rage. "Hakke Rokujuuyonshou (Eight Divination Signs: Sixty-Four Palms of the Hand)!"

"Mirror Force!" Naruto calls out, holding the trap card in his hand. A forcefield of energy suddenly springs up around them at the possible last second, and Neji once again is engulfed in the explosive wave of energy from the shattering of the barrier.

"Master!" Lily cries, as Naruto collapses again, but is held up. He's still conscious however.

"Don't worry... Kyuubi told me it was a good test to see how much I can endure the energy drain..." he whispers to Lily, who nods softly.

"Aqua Tower!" Shinju plants her hand down on the ground, and a sudden towering pillar of water gushed from between her fingers and rages towards Neji. He was still hurting from striking that barrier, and the water washes over him, once again threatening to drown him. He survived, but not for this next attack.

Yureru from above lashes out with her palms thrusted forward. "Burning Salamander!" With Maya's arms wrapped around the slim female's waistline, Yureru strikes Neji while he was down with the burning attack. Genma decided to stop the match, as he puts out the fire with a simple Suiton jutsu he knew, thus saving Neji. Though he would need to be treated for some minor burns...

"Enough! Shousha: Crawford Naruto!" Genma announced. The girls all smiled as they now crowded around their master, as Lily helps the blonde up.

"Great work my team," he says weakly.

"We need to get him to Hinata-san," Mary spoke up. The other girls nodded. Lily, despite being slim, easily hefted Naruto up into her arms and flew over towards the indigo-haired girl on her giant syringe she brought out of no where. She was riding a giant medical needle side saddle... that appeared way out of place for the civilians and many ninja of this still stunned audience. The judges however, which were the Daimyos of the different countries were amazed at the summoning jutsus (they believed it so), thinking that he could hold Chunnin potential.

As Lily drops the boy carefully next to the girl, and the girls crowded once reaching him, each one turned into balls of light and shot towards his deck, each one returning to their specific cards, Mary going last after kissing the boy's cheek. Hinata gained a little anger tick when the teenaged fairy girl did that, but instantly calmed when she held Naruto close.

Shikamaru was watching this, sitting next to his team. His mind was shifting through information his smart mind could gather. He saw Naruto pull off the same thing, and that was during the second portion of the exams a month ago, in the Forest of Death. Another thing he made note of was the red chakra-like aura that flares whenever Naruto performed those mysterious summoning conditions, that and all of this was tied to that card game he's introduced to the Haku girl and Hyuuga Hinata.

You are an enigma, Crawford Naruto...

Haku leaps down from the higher seats and next to her, and helps apply some medical jutsu technique that she knows on Naruto. The next match was announced... and Sasuke was no where to be seen.