Kenny hadn't fought his death. Sometimes he did, sometimes he didn't, and that last time he didn't. It made no difference anyway. There was nothing left for him. If Damien didn't know better, he'd say the kid'd been wanting out for a long time now.

His final curtain hadn't been too exciting, not really, not if you considered his history to date, including bombs, wolves, machinery, etc. The car had been doing at least 60 and caught him by surprise. The driver was a local and, recognising the child he ran over as Kenny McCormick, didn't even bother pulling over. Stan and Kyle had made their token protest. Cartman had said nothing.

Dying. Kenny was not dead when they turned from him, but dying. The last time they would see him alive. They weren't to know though. How could they? Damien almost pitied them.

Kenny himself seemed to understand right away what was happening, almost from the moment Damien helped disentangle his soul from his bloodied corpse.

They hadn't left immediately. Understandably, Kenny wanted to hang around a little, haunting, in a way, and Damien had been willing enough. He wasn't exactly pleased about losing the kid to heaven. He'd come to Earth personally to collect his soul, only to find God had already put in his claims; when Kenny McCormick's soul left Earth, it would ascend to Heaven and there it would stay. Damien was pissed off, of course, but he got over it. Plenty more humans in the Earth. Still, he had had his heart set on that one. Kenny was one hell of a strong kid, putting up with his parent's abuse, the mocking of his so called friends, the deprivation of food and so on since he was barely out of diapers. What could God do with a kid like that? Why should Damien and his Father only get the messed up ones?

Maybe there was still hope though. After all, he had lifted Kenny's soul from his body, which he wasn't supposed to do, so maybe he had contaminated it in some way. It had not been touched by any old evil but the son of the devil.

Looking back, Damien would say, despite his desires to drag Kenny to hell with him once and for all, he hadn't planned it, he had just behaved on an impulse, but then he would remember how patient he had been with Kenny, how careful he had been helping him climb out of his bones, how he had wanted him to feel at ease, and he knew it wasn't true. Consciously or subconsciously, he knew what he was doing.

And so, sitting with Kenny, just before the end of the end, he had brought him to an abandoned barn near South Park Elementary, which was somehow more comfortable than creepy, wanting him to feel relaxed, he had asked him if he would like to lose his virginity. Of course, he had only asked out of curiosity, to see how he would react. He would have taken it whether Kenny wanted him to or not.

He was pretty sure some part of Kenny knew this. Damien saw real fear in his eyes in that barn, not surprise or caution but outright fear. He knew fear when he saw it. He could practically smell it. Perhaps that was what Kenny was under all along, not his own curiosity or lust, but the terror of what it would be like to be forced by a demon less than a mile from the place he learned and played almost every day. Damien smirked to himself. He would have taken him by force without a second thought. Hell, maybe he'd have even preferred it.

No, he had wanted Kenny to enjoy it, to some degree. Otherwise he wouldn't have bothered being so tender with him in the first place. And, scared or not, he had enjoyed it.

Would they let him into heaven then? He had not only let it happen but loved every minute of it. The sin would be coming off him in waves. Maybe they would banish him not to hell but to wander Earth forever. It wouldn't be the first time. Damien smirked again. He'd got what he wanted. He didn't really care.

Ooh so dark, so dark. Poor little Kenny, I do love him really.