I know, I haven't finsihed my first story and please don't be angry I will still finish it. But since I have lack of inspiration (and reviewers) I decided to go ahead and come out with this one. It's been sitting there. Written. Doing nothing.

Anyways, I know its kind of unoriginal, but hopefully I changed up a few things.

WARNINGS FOR CHAPTER: Slight lemon, angst at the end.

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Ch. 1

Sasuke Uchihah sat back and closed his eyes as he started to drift off to sleep. His classes had been so boring today…he was suddenly shaken from his light sleep. Sasuke's eyes shot open and he glared at the person who dared to shake him awake. His eyes met a goofy grinning blonde boy dressed in a sports uniform. Naruto laughed at Sasuke's annoyed face.

"Come on Sasuke!" he shouted grinning widely. "You don't want to be late for the game!" Sasuke groaned and rolled his eyes, looking over to his left at the plain school clock he sighed and got up from his seat. Naruto ran for the door, Sasuke following him, hands in pockets.

Even in the college like school, Naruto and Sasuke hadn't changed much except both had grown considerably. The scrawny blonde boy was much more filled out, but his personality hadn't changed much. Sasuke smirked slightly as Naruto nearly slipped on the shinning floor, apparently not paying heed to bright yellow sign that warned of wet floors.

They both emerged from the school doors and walked towards a quickly crowding area. Naruto waved to Sasuke as he raced towards the field below, and Sasuke only gave a 'Hn' in reply as he sighed and found a seat in the bleachers, leaning on his elbows. He didn't know why, but he would always stay after his classes and watch these pointless games. He guessed it was because he hated going home. Now that he was nearly at his early twenties he had been able to inherit the old Uchihah mansion, where he lived. But he lived alone in the mansion, and he was growing to hate that feeling, but he didn't want anyone close to him…he smirked at his ironic thoughts and returned his attention to the field.

The game didn't really have a name; it was a strange variation of kickball and soccer, a team consisting of eight players at a time, with several different 'point goals'. It was played much like soccer, but different moves and kicks, pushing the red ball into different places would give the team different points. At the end of the time limit, the team with the most points won.

Sasuke watched as the opposing team took their positions and his eyes were drawn to Naruto who was bouncing up and down like a spaz, his blonde hair bouncing everywhere as excitement and anticipation danced in his blue eyes. Sasuke smirked slightly, and the horn signaling the start of the game sounded loudly. Sasuke cringe slightly as the dog-boy Kiba started off the game right as the horn blew.

He watched the strange aerial kicks as they forced the red ball with their feet to fly into the goals and lazily watched as the scoreboard changed constantly. In the end, there was uproar from the college students as they cheered madly. Their team had just made it into the Championship! Sasuke shook himself as if he had been asleep; he hadn't really paid any attention to the game. He yawned, reminding himself of Shikamaru, before he turned and started up the stairs dodging the random crazed students as they cheered and celebrated.

Sasuke fought his way through the mass of students before he finally freeded himself of the celebrating crowd and hesitated as he turned towards the parking lot, fiddling with his keys. Just then he heard shouts and protests loudly from an all too familiar voice. Sasuke turned just in time to see the grinning Naruto burst from the crowd and start looking around.

Most likely for Sakura, Sasuke thought of the pink haired girl who had thankfully stopped throwing herself at him after dating Sai. Naruto scanned the area and his eyes landed on Sasuke, who hadn't noticed he had been staring at Naruto while thinking.

"Oi! Teme!" Naruto shouted gleefully. He ran up to the raven haired boy and grabbed his shoulder excitedly. "Did you see the game?" Sasuke nodded almost indifferently.

"I smell it too," Sasuke said dryly referring to Naruto. Naruto ignored the comment and kept smiling and babbling.

"We're going to the championship, teme," he said excitedly. "Ai, do you know where Sakura-chan is?" Sasuke shrugged.

"I didn't see her at the game," he said. Not that I was looking anyways. Naruto dimmed slightly thinking of Sai and Sakura but instantly perked up again.

"We're all going out to eat for celebrating the victory," Naruto said talking about his teammates. "You coming, teme?" Sasuke closed his eyes and thought for a moment of the dark, huge mansion.

"Hn. I have nothing else to do," Sasuke said slowly. "Just promise me you'll shower first." Naruto laughed loudly and shouted for Sasuke to wait by his car, the team would be out in a few minutes. Sasuke sighed and walked towards the parking lot as Naruto disappeared as quickly and loudly as he had appeared moments before.

Shikamaru was the first to arrive; he wasn't actually on the team but some kind of manager. He claimed it was an easy way to get money, and it wasn't tiring at all. He waved slightly to Sasuke who nodded at Shikamaru. Shikamaru approached him, his fingers interlocked behind his head.

"You going too?" he asked. Sasuke nodded.

"Naruto asked me to come," Sasuke answered. Shikamaru smiled slightly as he gazed up at the clouds.

"Oh yeah that's right, I forgot you guys were good friends," Shikamaru said in a bored tone. Sasuke said nothing and leaned back on his car again. "This whole thing is such a drag." Shikarmaru sighed and closed his eyes. Kiba, Neji, and Lee came out at the same time. Kiba and Lee arguing about who pulled most of the weight on the team while Neji appeared to be mentally stabbing himself, over, and over, and over, and over again. Several other teammates drifted out until Naruto himself finally emerged.

"Alright!" he shouted. "Let's get some ramen!" Shikamaru made a face and Kiba protested loudly.

"No way buddy," he said quickly. "Not this time. Let's try that new place, I hear it's pretty good." Naruto's eyes narrowed and he muttered under his breath:

"Says a guy who probably eats dog food…" Kiba turned on him with rage.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME?!" A slight fight ensued before Shikamaru threatened to give the whole idea up if they didn't go eat soon. Kiba and Naruto finally made up and decided on the new restaurant in town, Naruto not really caring anymore, he was in too good of a mood to really care after all.

When they arrived at the restaurant they split into different groups to sit in the small booths. Sasuke was looking around thinking about how bored he was, (and then kicking himself mentally for becoming so much like Shikamaru) before Naruto pulled him towards a booth with a waiting Shikarmaru and expectant waitress.

Naruto hungrily saw they had ramen but decided he wouldn't dare to hurt his taste buds with a foreign ramen, and ordered some strange sounding special. Sasuke just ordered a small amount of food and Shikamaru ordered barbeque.

"So…" Shikamaru said slowly. "You just bored or something?" he asked Sasuke. Sasuke shrugged, eyes closed.

"I came to the game, I had nothing better to do, so I decided to come along for free food." Sasuke said smirking slightly at Shikamaru who sighed, having been tricked into paying for the meal. Naruto laughed at Shikamaru's dejected face.

"That was amazing though," Naruto said in a strange, methodic way, still thinking about the game. "What did you think, Sasuke?" Sasuke caught himself staring at the intriguing and ever surprising Naruto again and sighed returning his look to the table.

"It was great," he lied. He hadn't really paid attention to the game but Naruto would've been greatly offended if he had told him that. Naruto scoffed.

"You didn't really pay attention did you?" he accused. Sasuke was slightly shocked, since when did Naruto learn to read through him? Sasuke shrugged.

"Not really…" Naruto playfully punched Sasuke's arm before engaging in a conversation, arguing with Shikarmaru about why he was so lazy. Sasuke's mind wandered. The waitress brought the food and Sasuke looked down at the steaming plate and took a small bite. He wasn't really hungry. He heard a glimpse of Naruto's conversation while eating and turned to look at the two.

"Seriously, Shikamaru," Naruto said in a low and almost whispering tone, "I didn't want to have to be the one to say this but…you're starting to get fat." Shikamaru pulled back in surprise.


"You are! You're so lazy and-"

"What's wrong with being fat?"

"Nothing, nothing, I'm just saying-"

"Whatever," Shikamaru rolled his eyes. "Like I care anyways…this is such a drag." He signaled for the waitress to bring him the bill, glancing at the empty plates, with the exception of Sasuke's. Naruto grinned slightly and turned to Sasuke.

"What's wrong, Sasuke?" Naruto said in an almost worried tone. Sasuke looked distant, clearly not with them but lost in his thoughts. Sasuke turned to Naruto surprised.

"Nothing," Sasuke said his grey eyes meeting Naruto's for a moment and smirking at Naruto. "Just thinking."

Naruto rolled his eyes in an annoyed fashion before they both turned to Shikamaru who made a sputtering sound as he looked at the bill and then looked at Naruto's multitude of empty plates. Naruto sheepishly scratched his fox cheeks.

"Heh heh, Kiba was right, this restaurant isn't too shabby," he laughed. Sasuke couldn't help but give a crooked grin as Naruto laughed loudly and Shikamaru looked dejectedly at the piece of paper.

"What a drag…"

The teammates said their farewells, yelling out that they'd see them tomorrow and not to forget practice if they wanted to finish in first. Sasuke watched as everyone left one after another, Shikamaru waved lazily behind him at Naruto and Sasuke the last remaining people. Naruto made his way to his old car and opened the door.

"See you tomorrow at class, Sasuke!" Naruto grinned at the raven that nodded slightly and headed for his own car. Naruto sighed in content, as he started the car and backed out of the lot and onto the road, heading for his shabby apartment.

Sasuke pulled up at the mansion and sighed, looking at the door before he unlocked it slowly and walked inside. He glanced around and quickly showered and changed, reflecting on how much everyone, especially Naruto the idiot, had changed. He shrugged and got ready for bed, throwing himself down on the bed after setting his alarm he drifted slowly off to sleep.


Naruto pulled up to his apartment and got out humming. He walked carelessly to his door and squinted at the key ring in his hand to find the right one. The lights in his area had burnt out a long time ago. He finally found the right one and inserted it into the lock; he whistled quietly as he opened the door and stepped inside. The door shut behind him, and Naruto turned in the dark to look for the light switch. When he turned it on he looked around his run down apartment and went towards the bathroom to shower.

Suddenly he felt a gloved hand around his mouth. Angrily he went to elbow the assailant but the person had used this as an opportunity to tie Naruto's hands together swiftly and pulled them tightly, enough to make it rip on Naruto's skin.

Naruto grunted at the pain but didn't stop fighting. But the next thing he knew he was thrown against a wall harshly. Naruto fought once again and managed to wrench himself from the figures hands but the action sent him reeling into the lamp smashing it to bits and cutting Naruto's back.

Naruto was able to see the shadowed person was a man now and he lashed out, trying to get away. The man approached him, heading for his feet. Naruto rolled off the couch and struggled to get up. A sharp punch to his stomach made Naruto gasp and fall back down to his knees.

The man attacking him swiftly ripped the cord off the now shattered lamp and used it to lash the struggling kitsunes feet and legs together, rubbing the skin, it felt much worse than the ropes on his hands. He thought of calling for help, but knew it would useless and only please his attacker.

He tried to get away again but he was completely tied up, there was nothing he could do. The attacker dragged Naruto to the bedroom where he roughly threw him to the floor. Naruto struggled and kicked the man twice before the man pulled him up and glared at him before tossing Naruto on the bed.

Naruto grunted in anger and pain, but was shocked and thrown into panic as the attacker went around behind him and grabbed his training pants. After a slight struggle, the man was able to rip the flimsy pants into shreds and pull the boxers down after that. Naruto struggled violently, panic choking him.

He bit back a scream, hoping to discourage the attacker. But the man only chuckled as Naruto resisted and then reacted in anger as Naruto started to roll away, with a quick punch to the shoulder, the man pinned Naruto down before suddenly, and without warning, plunged into Naruto, raw, causing Naruto's involuntary scream of pain to burst from his lips.

In reality the act didn't take too long as the man got pleasure from Naruto's anger and pain as Naruto found to his intense dislike that he started to enjoy this. Naruto was filled with self loathing as the man finally climaxed inside of Naruto before slapping his face and leaving the bleeding Naruto to die on the bed before slamming the door behind him.

Naruto lay in a curled up ball, unsure of what to do next. He sat up shakily and tore at the bonds on his hands, finally he freed them, the jolting and movement of the…actions the attacker performed had loosened them. He wiped some blood off his mouth before pulling the harsh cord from the lamp away from his legs. The harsh tying had left Naruto's leg purple, the cord had cut off his blood circulation. Naruto groaned as he forced himself to get out of his bed. He stumbled slowly to the dirty shower and turned it on, walking in immediately; enjoying the cold, numbing feeling.

But try as he might, Naruto couldn't get the smell and feeling of the man off of him. He suddenly collapsed under his own legs landing on the hard tile floor of the bathroom. He cursed his weak legs because of his lack of blood flow to them and crawled his way out of the shower. He looked under him and noticed the tiny drippings of blood dropping from his temple.

Naruto shakily felt his head and rubbed the cut with his finger. Pain riveted through his aching body but he couldn't stop. What was wrong with him? He finally pulled his finger away from the cut and gazed at the blood on his finger. He stared at it fixated before he gathered himself and pulled himself off the floor and went into his bedroom shakily.

He glanced around the room, it was completely soiled, and the sheets were ruined, stained by blood and other fluids. Naruto gazed at them in disgust before he grabbed a new pair of boxers and a new shirt before he lay down, without thinking, on the cold hard floor and slowly fell into a numbing sleep.


Naruto woke slowly on his cold floor and looked around dazed for a moment before he grabbed his throbbing head and gently pressed down on the quickly forming bruise on his shoulder. Last nights events continued to flash into Naruto's head. Naruto grabbed his knees and pulled them up to his chin, trying to suppress the thoughts and tried to defeat the feeling of being utterly alone in the world.

That was what Naruto was afraid of the most, being alone. And that's exactly how he felt, worthless, foolish, and alone. He angrily insulted himself continuously as he got up shakily. He hated the feeling of being alone; he hated it more than anything. He stumbled into the bathroom and looked at the reflection of himself in the mirror on the wall.

He looked at the pitiful blonde staring back at him with dark rings around his eyes starting to already form. In a sudden fury of self loathing and trying to release the ever present feelings ravaging his body He slammed his arms against the mirror, as if falling on to it. Naruto moved slightly as the mirror toppled and fell off the wall and landed harshly on the floor. It broke into several large pieces, but remained in its frame.

Naruto glanced at his arms and saw the blood running down it. The same feeling as when he hit his head washed over him and he slowly applied pressure to the cut wound, sending pain throughout his body. Naruto finally stopped; feeling almost dissatisfied with the wound, his eyes fell on the mirror. He bent down and picked up the mirror before carrying it into his destroyed living room. Naruto moved a larger piece of the lamp before sitting down on the couch, placing the broken mirror at his feet.

It looks like a puzzle, Naruto mused to himself, staring at the mirror. He absently picked up a piece of it. It needs something. Naruto thought suddenly. He looked at his bare arm and the piece of glass in his hand. Carefully at first, Naruto slide the glass along his arm, wincing at the pain as blood slowly ebbed from the wound.

Encouraged by the sight, Naruto continued cutting all the way to his elbow and back down again. Finally, after what seemed like hours, Naruto was finally done, feeling dizzy, but relieved that he had rid himself of the feelings that constantly assaulted him now. Carefully, Naruto placed the now red piece of glass back in its place. Naruto stared at his arm and walked towards his bedroom, regretting that he had to even see the place again.

His eyes snagged on the clock and he reminded himself he had classes today. Naruto opened his drawers quickly and pulled out a long sleeved black shirt and some dark blue jeans before grabbing his things for classes and walked outside, running his fingers through his hair. He glanced upwards at the sky, there were dark clouds covering the golden sun slowly, promising rain later on. Naruto looked at the symbolism for a moment before getting in the old car and driving away.