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*********************************************************The Best You Never Had********************************************************


Dawn rose fresh and rosy-fingered. And Martha Jones, M.D and Medical specialist to U.N.I.T, woke up to the sound of her bedside alarm clock blaring "rise and shine, you're on cloud nine!" That was just typical of the annoying but effective talking clock, courtesy of Leo, on her eighteenth birthday.

"Urgh", groaning she said to no one in particular, "remind me never to go to bachelorette parties with Tish." Massaging the thousands of anvils digging into her brain she gradually lifted the bed sheets off her body and stumbled out of bed.

On her way to the bathroom, in search for some aspirin, she came to a sudden halt in front of her wardrobe.

"Oh. My. God." Staring her right in the face was her Wedding Dress. The Dress she had to wear to her marriage with Tom in exactly three hours.

"I can't believe I forgot I'm meant to be getting married TODAY!" She gasped aloud. "Oh my god, I am so gonna kill Tish for getting me drunk!" All the while muttering under her breath, Martha made her way to the bathroom, took some painkillers, had a shower and applied the appropriate lotions to her body before waiting (albeit a little excited and overwhelmed) for her Mother and Sister to help her get ready.

Five minutes later, the doorbell rang signalling the arrival of her family. As this was her wedding day, Martha resolved that she would not spoil it for herself by bickering with her sister. Or for that matter, have anybody else spoil it for her.

She opened the door for her mother who entered as usual, speaking to her in an exasperated manner. "Where were you? Do you know how many times I phoned you?" She continued with the barrage of questions as she walked past her into the lounge.

"Hi, Sis'…" Tish announced her entrance and giving a quick peck on the cheek, traipsed past Martha, still carrying on with her conversation on her cell phone. That was Tish for you, always the outgoing and confident person. Although since The Year That Never Was, she had become more mature and a lot more world-wary.

Martha was just about to close the door when a bunch of women, clad in candyfloss coloured salon uniforms walked in, armed with make-up, hair straighteners and the rest of the bridal armoury. Martha realizing that all the equipment was for her, she donned on her housecoat and steadied herself to be subjected to pruning and primping.

The Doctor dressed in his 'James Bond' suit, stood in the console room of the TARDIS, basking in the soft cyan glow, to go to the wedding of one of his favourite companions. His hearts clenched painfully when he remembered how happy she looked while brandishing that ring in his face while chatting happily to Donna, oblivious to his internal battle of whether or not he should whisk her off to some distant planet.

As he stood there, staring into space thinking of that day, he remembered once again of how all his companions, human or otherwise, left him whether by choice or not. All his companions, no, Family as Sarah-Jane, so eloquently put it…Susan, Ace, Adric, Jo, Grace, Rose, Martha, Donna…always left him.


Alone and lonely for all of eternity…

"Ow", yelping he pulled his hand off the console. "Weeell, you know what I mean, old girl", said the Doctor thinking of Gallifrey. His voice held a hint of sadness and the TARDIS noting this took on a soothing, humming tone.

The Doctor, suddenly remembering where he ought to be and masking his external grief and solitude, began his manic dance round the console. Setting the coordinates and babbling into thin air about how he was never good at weddings, especially his own and bananas for some bizarre reason, he pressed the helmic regulator, pressed a few buttons, something that looked suspiciously like a bicycle crank and "down goes that lever", he shouted whilst grinning manically. And with that, a metallic whirring sounded and the Time Rotor began to move up and down preparing to dematerialize.

For what seemed like a whole minute, time froze. Then, as if from far away, laughter echoed down the corridors of the TARDIS. There were happy voices claiming that their mother's sonic screwdriver was much better than their father's. Hearing this, the Doctor turned around sharply to see himself, hologram-like, holding a five-year-old boy in his arms and a girl no older than ten smiling jubilantly.

"Dad", she said, "Mum is so going to get you back for saying that she doesn't know how to use a sonic screwdriver."

At this, the hologram-Doctor looked putout and started pouting. No longer had he finished exhibiting his brilliantly practiced pout, there came the sound of echoing footsteps and the hologram-Doctor visibly paled. Before getting a chance to identify the woman who would frighten him to the core and elicit a peal of renewed giggles from the children, the people faded away, leaving nothing but a faint echo in their wake.

Before the Doctor could so much as figure out the puzzle, the TARDIS zapped him and he decided to leave it until a later time it.

A few seconds later the TARDIS, for what must have been the first time in centuries, landed gently by the pavement next to St Giles' Church. Inside the TARDIS, the Doctor checked all the scanners making sure that nothing was amiss or that there were not any erratic surges in the rift in Cardiff (he didn't want to be in the wrong books with Martha), bounded out the TARDIS breathing in the fresh air, secretly hoping an alien invasion would stop Martha from marrying that doctor.

Unbeknownst to the Doctor, a faint ethereal golden glow appeared round the console; much like the vortex energy Rose had absorbed, and dissipated into small shimmering icicles.

Ensuring that his "Mask" was firmly in place, the Doctor walked up the gravel path. There Martha's family, Captain Jack Harkness, Sarah-Jane, Luke and that 'Tim' fellow met him.

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Jones, Tish." The Doctor greeted them first. Francine walked towards the Doctor, and the Doctor well… being the Doctor, instantly cowered under her gaze and lifted his gangly arms slightly to protect his 'boyish good looks'. But much to the surprise of the Jones' and Co and to the Doctor's delight, she hugged him and whispered into his ear, "I think she still loves you Doctor." Perplexed the Doctor turned to ask her what she meant by that, but it was time for the families and guests to congregate into the church.

Martha's family and friends along with the Doctor sat together in the front rows. Tish, the Maid of Honour, with two bridesmaids stood at the front dressed in her beautiful lavender V-cut dress showing off her curves, curled hair hanging round her shoulders loosely and cream stiletto shoes. Tom stood on the other side looking immaculate in his tuxedo with two Best men beside him.

As the organs struck up, the huge double oak doors were pulled open and Martha walked in looking magnificent. She had her hair up, with ringlets twisted in a complex bun with small white flowers pinned into it. She wore a chiffon A-line off-shoulder dress with intricately designed embroidery at the top. The dress swirled around her feet and she wore an elbow length veil accentuating her fine features. In her hands, she held a bouquet of light red, pink and yellow peonies tied off with a glittering white ribbon.

The Doctor looked on forlornly, drinking in each feature, every curve, and every mundane or unimportant detail before she settled into her new married life with Tom.

As Martha reached halfway down the aisle, her vision started to blur and before she could scream or even shout for Tom, she landed on something soft and entered the inviting dark abyss.

As Martha reached halfway down the aisle, The Doctor realized that something was seriously wrong. And before he could get out of his seat, he heard the whirring sound of the TARDIS engines. The TARDIS materialized around Martha and after a few brief moments where everyone stared at the blue box, mouths agape, Martha along with the TARDIS disappeared. The Doctor turned around in his seat fearing the worst, and sure enough, the whole Jones' family stared back at him, confusion and anger written on their faces.

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