Nearly a year later, it was to see the Doctor standing with his hands in his pockets wincing every once in a while at the distant thudding noises emanating from the inner doors of the TARDIS, courtesy of his Companion; no doubt looking for a sensible pair of shoes for their next adventure. 'But does she has to listen to that God-awful racket?' thought the Doctor ruefully, whilst making a sympathetic face to no one in particular due to her vocal talents.

Still, it was better than the alternative. And as he thought this, a forlorn look came upon his features, clouding his ever-expressive eyes with sadness. And the memory he had tried so hard to forget so many times entered his mind; the memory of one Martha Jones walking out of his life for the fourth and most probably the last time.

"So…what do ya say? Would you like to come back…and travel with me…again…?"

At the hopeful look on the Doctor's face, Martha couldn't help but feel a tiny twinge of guilt. "Doctor…" she began, "You know, I adore travelling with you… and I love you…" The Doctor couldn't help but feel ecstatic at this.

"…But…" Martha tried to say it in the gentlest possible way, knowing it would break the Doctor's hearts, especially judging by the crushed look on his face. "…but I don't love you in that way, not anymore… I love Tom now… and I'm happy… and…" Martha wanted to say a lot more about how she felt about Tom; how he made her feel safe, loved, and most importantly how he made Martha feel like the only woman in the world for him. But from the dejected look on the Doctor's face, she couldn't put him through it; she didn't want him to feel what she had felt when the Doctor talked about Rose during their travels. But she hoped anyhow that he…

"I understand," the Doctor muttered and then more forcefully with an accompanying forced smile, he managed, "I understand. I truly do." A beat of silence and then he was back to his normal self, "weeell, the TARDIS has decided our time is up! And we're taking you back to your wedding Ms Jones, soon to be Mrs Jones-Milligan, sixty seconds after we disappeared. Oh, and congratulations, again Martha Jones – you are a star!" and with a manic grin, the Doctor ran around the console, twiddling knobs and dials, cranking a wheel here and pulling a gear there and they were off. Far too soon after the usual shuddering and lurching, the TARDIS arrived outside the church and the Doctor, like a true gentleman walked her to the church doors, parting ways.

But before the Doctor reached through the TARDIS doors, Martha had run up towards the Doctor and pulled him in a tight hug which he happily reciprocated. "You know I'll always love you, Doctor…" whispered Martha, quickly kissing him on the cheek and walking away, not looking back once.

If Martha were to have turned around, she would have seen the Doctor whispering I love you, too with a sad smile gracing his lips

The End

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