By: FlyingFleshEater

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight.

AN: This entire story is in Jasper's PoV.

For a moment, I feel nothing but surprise. But only for a moment.

And then I'm on the ground, pain exploding from within. My eyes burn with tears and obstruct my vision. I claw at my wound, my long fingers bent into talons as I tear at it, trying to pull away the pain. I can hear awful blood curdling shrieks around me, pounding relentlessly at my ears. I could taste the blood in my mouth, my throat. It gurgled and spluttered out over my face.

I should have stayed in Texas. I should have avoided all contact with them. With her. I should have, but I couldn't regret my decision.

How can anyone regret the best thing to ever happen to them?

I can't regret her. Loving her, knowing her, just seeing her for the first time was too good of a thing. The most amazing thing.

But now I was here, dying, bleeding to death ironically enough, on this cold unfeeling street. All because of her. Because I had been the bigger masochist in the end. Because I had been the one to walk away.

It was my fault in the end.

I had hurt her. And now I was dying. My eyes were becoming heavy now; my hand had fallen still long ago.

As I slipped into the dark oblivion I could almost make out the sound of my angel's voice calling my name. Then I knew no more.

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