I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!

I know it hasn't been that long since my last story and I know I said it would be a while - but my English and French coursework is all over and I had a spare evening so I started writing the sequel a few of you asked for.

Dedicated to everyone who wanted a sequel - especially 'IamCaptainJacq24', who gave me a whole list of things I could include, most of which I probably will.

D/C: Not mine!!

Bad Boy Rock and Roll Star Vince Noir Caught Canoodling With Teenage Girl

Vince Noir, 28, seems to have come through his 'gay phase' and is now attaching himself to girls half his age. At a party last Friday, Noir was seen leaving with up and coming musician Hannah Laurell, 17, after the two had spent the entire evening kissing in the corner of the club.

"Hannah has always had a crush on Vince," says a source "when she heard he was coming tonight she got really excited and dressed up as much as she could. I think she told him she was 20 and then they started dancing, it wasn't long until they'd lock lips on the sofa."

Noir was seen to take Laurell back to his house, which he shares with long term partner Howard Moon. The young girl was not seen until the early hours of the next morning. "Howard was on [a rather unsuccessful jazz] tour at the time." says a friend of Hannah, "Maybe Vince just needed someone to keep the bed warm."

So it seems that Noir has finally become bored of Moon (who didn't see that coming?) but is the way forward girls almost half his age? We don't think so Vince but who are we to judge.


"VINCE! What the hell is this?" screamed Howard, waving the newspaper that he'd just found on the door step above his head.

"If you're going to show me yet another lie-newspaper article" sighed Vince, appearing in the big hallway. "And use it as 'evidence' that I've cheated on you, then I'm not interested."

"But the papers say…"

"I don't care." cut in Vince, sauntering sexily towards Howard. "We've been together for over a year Howard and we're still happy. The paparazzi don't want that, they want drama and controversy; break-ups and make-ups. The perfect happy couple is too… boring. Give me that." he said taking the paper and throwing it over his shoulder, before sliding his arms around Howard's neck. "You've got to stop believing everything you read in the paper, especially about me. You know it's not true, anyway, I was with you last Friday." He reached up and kissed Howard gently. Howard relaxed and nodded.

"But I hate all this, you know, everyone in Britain's going to think you cheated on me and I'm going to look like a mug."

"And I'm going look like a pervert. Just ignore them."

"But I can't ignore them." Howard said, pushing Vince away suddenly. "They're relentless, everywhere I look it's: 'Noir Cheats on Moon', 'Noir searches for someone New', 'Noir Predictably Moves On', 'Noir and Moon - The End is Nigh'…"

"Okay, I get the point." snapped Vince angrily. "The papers lie! I love you Howard nothing else matters but if you keep getting so paranoid then I may as well just…" Vince stopped suddenly.

"May as well just… what?" Howard questioned angrily.

"Nothing." mumbled Vince

"No! Go on. Finish the sentence Vince."

"Well, at the moment I'm getting all the agro of having an affair and none of the fun."

"You bitch!"

"Well you're doing my head in." Vince sulked childishly, kicking at the white washed walls."Don't do that." frowned Howard, looking at the scuff marks Vince had left on the walls. "So… what?" Howard asked. "You're going to sleep with someone because the papers say you do."

"NO! I would never do that to you. I never could." frustrated tears were beginning to force their way down the younger mans cheeks. "But you don't seem to be able to accept that Howard. You honestly think I could cheat on you. Do you distrust me that much?" With that, Vince ran from the house in floods of tears.

"Vince." Howard whispered as the door slammed in his face. Howard walked to the window and watched Vince run down the long drive into the sunset and sighed exasperatedly. He was increasingly beginning to sound like a nagging parent. Every time Vince came in late from a party, every time Vince broke something in a temper, every time Vince trashed the house with a party Howard would shout like an angry adult. He was sick of it. Vince was supposed to be his partner, not a moody teenager with a bad attitude.

It was just over an hour later when the front door slammed shut, announcing the return of Vince. Howard stood up from the kitchen table, where he'd been working on a few songs for a new album he was hoping to release soon, and walked into the hall. Vince looked up at him and blinked stupidly before grinning widely and shouting.


"Vince." Howard nodded coldly.

"Iloveyou." Vince slurred, steadying himself on the wall as he stumbled towards the older man.

"Are you drunk?"

"No." Vince lied, shaking his head furiously, like a puppy desperately drying his fur.

"You are." the older man groaned as Vince knocked over a vase, which hit the floor with a loud crash.

Vince blinked and put a finger to his lips. "Shhhhhhhhhh." he hushed, "D'you hear that sound. That smash?"

"Go to bed Vince." Howard sighed, turning his back on the drunken man.

"Is that an offer? Coz that's a really rubbish chat up line." he giggled. "I've heard better tonight." Howard turned back solemnly and looked Vince right in the eye.

"I can't talk to you when you're like this… and we seriously need to talk. Go to bed Vince. I'll see you in the morning."

Vince, seemingly sensing the serious tone of Howard's voice, nodded silently and trudged up the stairs. Howard watched him go. It didn't matter how angry he was with the rock star he still couldn't take his eyes off him. Then, he returned to his music writing but he was too furious with Vince to concentrate.

The younger man knew that Howard hated it when he went out and got drunk alone for no reason and he'd been doing it more and more often recently. Maybe that's what had started all this friction between them or maybe it was the friction that had led to the drinking. Howard wasn't sure. One thing he was sure of, however, was that all these problems had started around the time Vince had got rid of his old drummer and brought in Chad, an American guy who Vince seemed to really like. Howard was bitterly aware that a lot of people considered Vince to be to good for him and maybe he was just paranoid, but it did cross his mind everyday that there could be something going on between the two of them. He didn't think Vince would cheat but ever since Chad had been on the scene Vince had been acting totally differently. He'd gone back to his arrogant, everyone loves me/ the world owes me something personality and although Howard didn't mind this side of Vince, he preferred those moments when the younger man really opened up to him and allowed himself to be vulnerable, but these moments were becoming few and far between.

Howard put down the pen and ran his hands through his hair. He didn't like the thought of lying in bed with Vince breathing stale, alcoholic breath over him all night, so he grabbed a blanket and set up camp on the sofa.