Mm, Mm, Mm, Mm,
Just the way you look to-night.

"There you are everyone, the first dance." cheered Mick Jagger from the stage. Yes, Mick Jagger. Apparently Vince had put in one call and the Stones had been more that happy to play at their reception. Vince reached up and kissed Howard gently. "And can we just say congratulations to Vince and Howard." Jagger added as a spot light from the top of the over the top, ridiculously expensive gazebo landed straight on the newlyweds. Vince struck an overtly girlish pose and giggled like an excitable child.

"Ahhh, we're married!" cried Vince suddenly, crushing his mouth onto Howard's.

"I know." laughed the older man.

"Hey, aren't we supposed to dance with each others parents now?"


"That's tradition."

"Yeah, but…"


"Well, I'm not sure my mum's gonna want to dance with you."

"Course she will." Vince grinned, "everyone wants to dance with me. My mums… somewhere, go and ask her.""You're mum's drunk.""Well, durh!" Vince scorned "She's always drunk, it's her think. Doesn't mean you shouldn't dance with her though."

"Howard." a soft sultry voice came from behind him. The older man spun around and Vince grinned, "Alright mum?""Yes, there's a free bar. Why wouldn't I be alright?" Howard visibly rolled his eyes earning himself a dig in the ribs from his husband.

"You look nice, Mrs Noir" lied Howard. The truth was he thought she looked like a hooker but what was the point in bringing that up on his wedding day.

"Thank you and call me Diane." she giggled. "Now, I think you owe me a dance."

"Umm…" Howard pulled at this collar, trying to relieve the slightly sick feeling, which was quickly rising in his throat. "I don't really like dancing."

"Go on Howard." laughed Vince giving Howard a gentle push in the direction of the dance floor. "I think she fancy's you a bit. She said yesterday that you were a 'real man'."

"As appose to what?"

"A pretend man… like me." Vince smiled, just as Jagger started on the next song.

My love, there's only you in my life,
The only thing that's right.
My first love, you're every breath that I take,
You're every step I make.
And I, I want to share, all my love with you,
No one else will do.
And your eyes, they tell me how much you care.
Oh yes, you will always be, my endless love.

"Is he having a laugh?" Howard hissed in Vince's ear, still trying to avoid dancing with his intoxicated mother-in-law.


"This band. The songs are sickening."

"This band? That's The Rolling Stones, they're almost as good as I am and that's saying something. Anyway, the songs aren't sickening. They're romantic. It is our wedding. You know, you are the least romantic person I know." laughed Vince, then he placed a gentle kiss on Howard's cheek and said, "I'm going to find Helen. Enjoy your dance."

Howard, realising he had no more excuses, succumbed to the pressure from Mrs Noir and followed her awkwardly to the dance floor.

Vince made a beeline for the Moon's table, stopping right in front of Helen, hand outstretched in an overly dramatic 'prince-charming' style bow.

"Helen, my beautiful mum…in-law. Would you do me the great honour of joining me for this dance?"

Alice rolled her eyes but Helen just laughed, "What are you like?" she asked, blushing a little. "I can't dance."

"Alice?" he said, looking at the brunette hopefully.

"I don't think so, it's hard enough walking in these shoes let alone dancing in them."

"Get off, they're not as high as mine."

"That's not something you're supposed to admit." Alice laughed.

"Jim?" Vince asked hopefully. "Come on, don't let me down."

"Don't push your luck son."

"Oh." grumbled Vince, flopping down into a chair, "what is wrong with you lot? Doesn't anyone with the surname 'Moon' dance?"

"I do." said a weird cousin from a table a few meters away. Vince eyed her for a second. She was large, wearing a bright pink dress that was to small for her and had greasy hair and too much make-up.

"Oh, you're beautiful." Vince said totally sincerely and held out his hand and led her to the dance floor.

"And that's the effect of the full Noir charm offensive." smiled Alice, watching the cousin blushing and giggling and snorting like a pig.

It wasn't long before Howard escaped from Vince's mother and sat down at the table.

"Oh Howard," scorned his mother. "Your tie is all askew. Come here."

"Mum, I'm not six. Get off."

"Well, how did it get like that?"

"Don't ask." Howard sulked, catching the eye of Mrs Noir across the room, who waved in a way he supposed was meant to be seductive.

"And did you have to invite quite so many people from our family?" Helen asked in a low voice.


"Well, I mean… you know what Eddie's like."

"Do I?"

"Yes, he's never understood the gays." Howard rolled his eyes and looked at his dad, who just wore an expression that said 'ignore her, she's trying' "And did Granny really need to see you cavorting with another man? She's on the edge of crazy as it is. That'll tip her over the edge."

"Well, Granny thinks Vince is an ugly woman and Eddie tried it on with Vince twice before he worked out he was a man, so I wouldn't worry about him."

"Ahh, but then there's Rachael. She's as anti-gay as they come and what about…"

"So Howard," Alice cut in quickly, "how come you decided to have the reception in your house?"

"It's not in the house, is it? It's in the garden. And it was nicer than everywhere else we looked at."

"It is beautiful out here." sighed Helen, noting the flowers that had been dotted around and the tasteful gold and white surrounding decorations, which matched Vince's suit.

"He looks great too." added Alice, nodding at rock star. Howard had to agree, Vince looked drop dead gorgeous.


Howard stood nervously at the alter. They'd both decided it should be Vince who walked down the aisle. It somehow seemed more natural that way and the older man was pretty sure that seeing her son walking the bridal march would have pushed Helen over the edge. It was a miracle she was even there considering the hard time she'd given him in the past, he wasn't about to make it difficult for her. Anyway, Vince loved to be centre of attention.

"Is he definitely coming?" Howard asked Alice, who he'd chosen as his best woman. (Well, it wasn't a conventional wedding. It didn't really matter who was stood next to him holding the rings.)

"Of course he's definitely coming." Alice scorned, "Oh… hello. What's happening now?" she smiled as Billy Idol's White Wedding struck up. "Nice song choice." she laughed.

"That was Vince. He decided that he…" But Alice never found out what Vince decided because Howard was suddenly, and quite understandably, distracted by the vision that was walking down the aisle towards him.

"You look amazing." whispered Howard, when Vince reached him.

"You too." Vince had breathed and then they'd turned to look at the reverend.


"Is Vince going to be giving us a concert?" asked Jim, a little hopefully.

"I think he was planning to do a few songs." smiled Howard, "can't help himself, he loves it up there."

"I bought one of his albums you know." grinned Jim.

"You didn't?" laughed Howard.

"Yeah, it was bloody good too."

"I know. I just wouldn't have thought it was your kind of thing."

"Well… I'm open to new things. It's the one you played on. Good bit of sax there son."

"Erm…thanks." Howard blushed, it was the first compliment his father had given him in years and he wasn't entirely sure how to react.

"I'm thirsty. Anyone need a drink?" asked Alice.

"No, you're alright."

"No thanks sweetheart."

"Umm, no. I'll stick with this."

Alice tottered off wobbling dangerously.

"She really can't walk in those heels, can she?" laughed Howard as his sister fell almost straight into Vince, who caught her expertly before she fell straight into the pool

"Woah! You nearly went for a swim then." he laughed.

"It's these stupid shoes!" she grumbled taking them off and launching them into the water "I can't walk in heels!"

"Me neither." said Frank, in a feeble attempt at a joke. "Aren't you going to introduce us Vince?" Vince's face screwed up in disgust.

"She's too young for you." he hissed.

"Introduce us! Or this new album you're talking about wont go ahead." his agent whispered back

"Whatever." Then he turned to Alice. "Alice, Frank. Frank, Alice."

"Would you like me to get your shoes back for you?" Frank asked, then deciding that sounded a bit desperate he added "I was thinking of going for a swim anyway."

"I wouldn't." smirked Alice. "Not if you knew what Vince and Howard got up to in there."

"Urgh, no!"

"What?" asked Vince, with a weak attempt at sounding completely innocent.

"You, Howard, pool. That's wrong surely."

"No, we're not fussy. Pool, garden, walk in wardrobe… every room in the house."

"Yes. Me and my ex-wife did that." boasted Frank.

Vince leant in very close and whispered, "In one night." Frank's jaw dropped and he watched Vince saunter off. He recovered enough to speak, just before Vince got out of ear shot.

"Woah Vince."

The rock star turned back. "What?"

"How many rooms have you got in this house?"

"Including the wardrobes?"


"17," He winked and left.

"He's bluffing, isn't he?" Frank asked, turning to Alice. She just shrugged, she didn't know and she really didn't want to know.


"Hey gorgeous." grinned Vince, pressing his stomach against Howard's back and slipping his arms around Howard's waist.

"Hello, I've been looking for you." Howard grinned, spinning around in the smaller man's arms.


"Well, someone just came up to me and asked me if we'd done it 17 times in one night."

"Really?" laughed Vince, "I'm surprised it got back to you so quickly. What did you tell them?"

"I just said I'd missed you… a lot."

Vince grinned as an announcement came from the stage.

"And now we have a very special treat for you all, please welcome on stage… Vince Noir."

"Go on." smiled Howard, placing a gentle kiss on Vince's forehead.

"You know." Vince said, "I'll give this up if you wanted me too."

"Give what up?"

"Everything, the music, the fame. I saw what it did to us, I'll announce this as my last gig, if you want."

"Don't you dare." warned Howard. "You love being onstage, you give that up for me and you'll never forgive yourself and I'll never forgive you for being an idiot."

"Oh thank god!" Vince cried, the relief obvious on his face. "I'm so glad you said that."

Howard just shook his head fondly. "You don't want to give it up then."

"No, I love performing, I love everyone watching me." then he went a bit pink and said "I would've given it up though, if you'd asked me to."

"Thanks. Now, get on stage. Your audience awaits."

Howard watched his husband pushing through the crowds to the stage and he grinned.


"We are gathered here today to celebrate the joining of two of God's children; Vince Noir and Howard Moon…""Yeah, can't we just skip this bit?" Vince asked.

"You can't just skip a bit." laughed Howard.

"Come on Reverend. You've done this a million times. It must be boring. Just do the legal bit and then we can go for a booze up!""We may as well have gone to a registry office." sighed the older man."Get lost. This place is amazing."

Howard had to agree it was amazing. Big stain glass windows, gorgeous old brick work, it looked like a castle from a fairy tale.

"I can't skip any of it, sorry Mr Noir."

"Fine." Vince sighed. "Carry on."


"Hey guys." There was a loud cheer from the guests. "Okay, I'm only doing a few songs and I'm gonna start off with a song from my new album. Here that Frank, I've said it now, you have to make it happen. I wrote this whilst Howard was… away." His vision glazed for a second, but he quickly composed himself, "Now, I want everyone to get up and dance. And that includes you… Helen, Jim. Up you get." The pair got reluctantly to their feet as Vince announced them as, "Howard's parents everyone." A cheer erupted, not because they were particularly excited about Howard's parents but because they were Vince's audience now and they'd do whatever he wanted. "And as we all know, it is tradition for the father of a groom to dance with his sons spouse, so… look out for that later." He grinned cheekily as Jim shouted something indistinguishable and Vince said, "Hey Jim, you'll have to dance with me now. I've told everyone it's going to happen. They'll be disappointed otherwise." Another indistinguishable comeback and Vince was about to say something else when Howard yelled,

"Get on with it then!"

"Oi, you!" laughed Vince "It's not to late to divorce you, you know. Right, let's get this party started!"

I cant believe I said I'd lay our love on the ground
But it doesnt matter cause I've made it up forgive me now
Everyday I spend away my souls inside out
Gotta be someway that I can make it up to you now, somehow.

Vince was strutting around the stage and, in Howard's opinion, seeing as his parents were watching being far too sensual when he sang. It seemed Vince was taking the whole 'make love to the camera' rule a little too literally when the hired photographer starting snapping photo's.

By now you'd know that I'd come for you
No one but you, yes I'd come for you
But only if you told me to
And I'd fight for you
I'd lie, it's true
Give my life for you
You know I'd always come for you

I was blindfolded, but now im seeing
My mind was closing, now I'm believing
I finally know what just what it means to let someone in
To see the side of me that no one does or ever will
So if your ever lost and find yourself all alone
I'd search forever just to bring you home,
Here and now this I vow

By now you'd know that I'd come for you
No one but you, yes I'd come for you
But only if you told me to
And I'd fight for you
I'd lie, it's true
Give my life for you
You know I'd always come for you
You know I'd always come for you

"He look's good up there." beamed Alice, kissing her brother on his cheek.

"He does." grinned Howard.

"But you always thinks he looks good?"


"I'm glad you two have sorted everything out."


"And I'm glad we're speaking again too."

"Me too." smiled Howard, hugging his sister.

"And Vince is a bit of a miracle worker, isn't he?"

"He is?" smirked Howard, raising his eyebrows.

"Not that you pervert!" Alice laughed "What I meant was, he's managed to get you and mum and dad talking."

"Yeah, he's amazing."

"And, he got that bitch Charlotte charged and sent down."

"I know, he bought the best lawyer in the country." They both watched as Vince made a strange very suggestive movement. Howard slapped his forehead. "Mum and Dad are watching this." he groaned.

"I know." she laughed. "I bet mum's hating it."

They just watched for a second and then Howard said,

"Do I deserve him?"

"Yes. Don't you ever question that. He's positively glowing today. He loves you, you great idiot and you better not doubt that again."

Howard looked up at Vince, who winked at him and blew him a kiss. Somehow, he managed it in a way that wasn't at all childish or cheesy… it was full of want and lust and love and, yes, as always with Vince, it was very sexy.

"No," smiled Howard, "No, I don't doubt it."

No matter what gets in my way
As long as there's still life in me
No matter what, remember you know I'll always come for you
I'd crawl across this world for you
Do anything you want me to
No matter what, remember you know I'll always come for you
You know I'll always come for you

"And that's dedicated to my amazing, gorgeous, sexy, sorry Helen, husband. Hey everyone, I'm married! Ahh! Sorry, I got overcome with excitement then, what I meant was… I love you Howard. I have ever since I saw you… looking pretty ridiculous in the rain. And I'm going to love you forever. That's right lover." He grinned "No escape! Now, where's Jim? Mick's gonna play a particularly next and I want a dance."


"I Howard Moon choose you, Vince Noir in front of our friends and family gathered here to be the one true love of my life. I will cherish every second of our time together as the seasons of our lives change. I promise never to doubt you again and whatever challenges may come our way, we will face them together, side by side. I will love you forever and give you strength when you need it. Just like you gave me strength when I needed it."

"And Vince."

"I Vince Noir choose you, Howard Moon to be my partner in life. In front of our friends and family gathered here I promise to love and cherish you throughout good times and bad times. I promise to not go on huge spending spree's and to not trash the house when I get drunk." There was a tinkle of laughter through the congregation. "And I promise not to play my rock music too loudly, when you're reading or doing something else equally boring." Howard smiled. "I'm not very good with words Howard, you know that, but I can honestly promise to love you forever and ever and ever and more."

"You may now kiss."



Endy, endy end end.

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