When Eight Vampires...

"Bella, you can not continue to do this! I won't allow it. That thing is monster! It's a danger! To all of us!"

"Fine then, if she's such a danger to you and everyone, maybe we'll just move then. You can go back to your old ways WITHOUT me and her!"


"Save it for someone who cares."

Three Werewolves...

"Sorry, but I'm with Bella on this one."

"That's just because she's your damn-"

And one half-human, half vampire...


"Yes sweetheart?

"I'm sorry."

Come together into one big family...

"You know we all love you, right?"

Nothing will ever be the same.

"So-you're just going to throw our whole relationship out the drain-for that...that thing!?!?"

"If that's how you're going to put it, then yes. I am."

Relationships are torn apart...

"How can you just side with...with her! And that thing?!?"

"Oh just shut up! You two are being insane!"

And hearts are broken.

"I'll always love him."

Starring: Edward Cullen

"I can't believe I let this go on!"

Isabella Cullen

"I don't know how you coul even think that!"

Jacob Black

"I told her...I really did."

Jasper Hale

"You've always been that to us! Never anything else!"

Alice Cullen

"I won't let him do anything, I swear."

Emmett Cullen

"I am definitely not getting into this."

Rosalie Hale

"I swear, I will kill you, if you ever, lay a hand on her."

And Renesmee Cullen.

Full Plot;

So we all know what happened in Breaking Dawn, right? Well, what if, when Renesmee was born. Edward saw her as a total danger to Bella, the family, to everyone? A few days after she was born, he decided to take an 'extended hunting trip.' Coming back a month and a half later, he comes home having to make a decision that could change his family's life forever. Could a divorce be on the way, not even three months after the wedding?

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