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It was a fairly rainy day, not many people were on the streets at the time. Mostly it was the droids that were out, and only those that were running errands. Or just trying to get from one place to another. It was that kinda day. And these were not your everyday androids either. Most androids were simple robots that worked at people's houses as servants; they were programmed to do simple tasks. Others, like 3LW00D, and his counterpart J4K3, were much more complex; they had simple personalities and did other things. They were smart enough to function in society (to a point) and they had jobs of sorts.

All the sentient androids were made to look like regular people; they were built of metal and wires, and those sorts of things. But they had a type of synthetic skin that made them look human. And to blend in even better with society they could eat, kind of. All in all, they could almost pass as people, unless you looked at their eyes. All androids had yellow eyes, very creepy and unnerving until you got used to it. And most of them could not understand anything that was not logical. 3LW00D (3L for short) and his counterpart J4K3 (J4 for short) were programmed as entertainers, they were on their way back from a gig at a hotel. They didn't want to be out, but they had to go home. And because they were androids they were not allowed to drive. As they walked 3L complained about the rain.

"Oh no! The weather forecaster must have broken, we never get this much rain! Someone better get up there and fix it! I am going to rust!"

Normally there was enough rain that the grass wouldn't die, but not so much that it bothered the droids. The weather forecaster was a huge computer that kept everything in balance, when there was too much rain everybody the androids could not go out or they would short circuit. There was a soft sound of gears whining as J4K3 looked down at his arm, water was soaking through his synthetic skin to the delicate wires and gears underneath. They were not programmed to have much of personalities, but they did have self preservation, and they did not want to rust and go offline

Both droids stepped out of the middle of the sidewalk to try to get out of the rain. They could feel their systems straining to keep going. They had to get dry and fast. As they huddled against the building Jay scanned the area for a shop or something where they could dry off. He spotted an antique store, the perfect place. He grabbed 3L by the arm and led him over.

They ran in the door and slammed it behind them; as soon as they did they slumped against it, taking in air to cool their systems. They didn't have to breathe like a person, but it would be strange to see men and women walking around without breathing. They had been out in the rain for so long that their systems were beginning to overload and their balance was off. It was a long time before they could move again. When they could Jay moved around the store to look at things. Some items he could name, others he had seen but didn't know what they were. And some items he had never even heard of. There were Plasma TVs, and video cassettes, and DVDs, and loads of other things. 3L was looking at things in another corner when he heard voices. It sounded like someone was having an argument.

"What are you doing Elwood?"

"You said we were going to make a call."

"No, I said I was going to make a call"

The argument carried on in this manner until there was a loud explosion. It wasn't really loud, but it sounded like it hurt. Part of 3L's programming was to help a human in need so he followed the voices to the source. When he got to the area where the sounds were coming from he saw what looked like a miniature wall screen, but it was like a flat box. Almost like a plasma screen, but slightly more advanced. He turned around to call for his friend, "Hey, Jay, get over here, you have to see this."

As they had been looking around the rain had gotten much worse, there was now a full-blown storm out there. It was making 3L nervous, lighting made most androids nervous. All that was needed was to be touching anything electronic when it hit and they would be good for nothing but spare parts. No, he didn't like storms one bit. The thunder was getting louder, and closer.

3L was tapping his foot to the music. It was good, very old, but good. He tripped over one of the wires and the tug of his foot caused the machine to fall. His reflexes, being much better than a human's, allowed him to grab it before it hit the ground. As he did so a bolt of lightning hit the power lines outside. The electricity traveled to the DVD player that he was holding. , causing it to send out an electric shock. 3L, being a robot, was caught in the electric loop. Jay was walking around the corner and saw the whole scenario play out. He ran over to try to grab 3L and pull him away. He only succeeded in getting caught also. He barely had the time to think how stupid a thing he had done being before his systems knocked him offline from overheating.

The next morning in the hospital a nurse walked into the room where both the droids were being kept. They were in a special ward for the care of androids. They were both lying on beds across from each other. They seemed to be in perfect working order, except for a few strange things. The shock that they had sustained the night before had caused some of their memory chips to be wiped, and there was some strange melting in their hard drives. It was causing what could be called the equivalent to brainwaves in a person. As a matter of fact they showed up almost as brainwaves on the charts. That was the strange part; they were robots, so how could that be happening. Another thing was that the damage could not be removed without possibly off lining them, for good. All through the night the monitors had shown a steady increase of the brainwave activity while the normal data chart for the robotics hard drive had completely disappeared. Several times she had walked into the room expecting them both to have been off lined, but they hadn't. The nurse was curious what the melting of the hard drives would do to them.

There was one other change that showed slightly different in both of them. They had both been on-lined for a brief moment when they had first been brought in, and when they had opened their eyes, they had changed colors. The change in eye color had scared the nurses. The doctor had seemed surprised at first. But he told the nurses that it was most likely due to the large shock they had gotten. J4K3's eyes had changed from the glowing yellow to a soft chocolate brown. And 3LW00D's eyes had changed to two different colors, one a baby blue and the other one also to a chocolate brown color. They were both resting now, not really off lined, more the equivalent of sleep to a person. 3L kept murmuring something about someone named Jake, like he was calling for him or something. The nurse made a mental note to herself to ask the Doctor if he knew anyone by that name.

When J4K3 heard to nurse walk in to the room he slowly 'woke up'. He sat up in his bed and looked around the room. He didn't remember much of what happened the other night, but his head felt like he had waaaay to much to drink. He saw 3L asleep on the other bed, and then the nurse by the door. She shivered when his gaze fell on her. She would never get used to their eyes. Anyone who didn't know any better could have been fooled into thinking that they were really people, and that thought scared her. She took a breath and cleared her throat to get his attention; he was still looking around the room.

"How are you feeling this morning J4? The 'doctor' said that you and your partner could leave as soon as you had a systems check."

J4 frowned at what she had called him, that wasn't his name. His name was Jake, Joliet Jake Blues. And what did she mean by 'partner' that was his younger brother. Stupid fuckin' nurse.

The nurse saw his frown and became concerned, a check had shown that their memories chips were fine, but there must be more damage then was originally thought. She added that to her mental list of things to check with the doctor.

Jake, as he thought of himself, pulled the covers off of himself and stood up. The nurse made no move to stop him, he was an android, he wasn't going to do anything to hurt himself. When he looked down at himself he saw that he wasn't wearing his customary suit and hat, even his glasses were missing. Someone must have changed his cloths when he was out of it. Not a pleasant thought, instead he had on a pair of soft flannel pant s and a simple t-shirt. He turned to address the nurse for the first time, "Where are my clothes?"

She almost laughed, their cloths had been almost completely burned off them the night before. They had been thrown out. "I'm sorry J4; your cloths were destroyed in the accident last night. They were thrown out. We can get you new ones though if you want."

That was it! This nutty nurse had to stop calling him by a freakin' number. "Listen lady, apparently you or someone else saved us, so thanks. But if you call me that one more time and I am going to lose it! My name is not J4 or whatever you want to call me, my name is Jake and I suggest that you start calling me it."

All the noise was waking 3L, he groaned and rolled over. J4 was by his side in an instant. The nurse took the opportunity to leave to room. Something was seriously wrong with J4 at least. They were not programmed to feel extensive anger like that.

J4 was helping his 'brother' sit up. "Hey El, you ok man? That must have been some night we had, to land us both in the hospital like this."

3L nodded, and instantly regretted doing so, his head was pounding. "Uhg, how much did I have to drink last night? Remind me never to do it again, my head feels like it's going to explode." His 'hangover' was so bad that the bright light coming in through the window was causing his eyes to hurt. "Hey, Jake, can you close the blinds man, it hurts." His hands groped for his glasses, "Jake, where are my glasses, I need them man, my eyes, the sun, it hurts."

J4 shook his head, "sorry El, whatever happened last night ruined our cloths, the nurse said so. As soon as she gets back though, I'm going to ask her for a new pair for each of us."

The nurse on the other hand was talking to 'Dr'. Williams, he was a specialist in taking care of the androids that lived in the area. Normal doctors couldn't fix them up, so there was a branch of specialists that did so.

"Doctor there is something seriously wrong with them, or at least J4, when I called him by his number he got very angry with me. Anger is an emotion that they were not programmed with, it's in their files. And he told me that his name was Jake. The same name that 3L was calling in his 'sleep' last night after they were brought in. I am scared Doctor, there is something very wrong here."

Dr. Williams folded his hands on his desk, this was an interesting case. Several androids had been brought in over the years for electric shocks. It was nothing new, but this was the first case he had ever heard of where it completely wiped their memories like that. No, it didn't really wipe them as much as it replaced them. They were going to have to proceed with caution. He looked back up at the nurse, "Here is what we are going to do, for now, humor them. Call them by whatever we want. We need to see how much they remember and how much has been changed. And get them some new cloths. I don't think that they will do anything to hurt you, but if it makes you feel better you can have someone else with you. When you get the chance bring them down to one of the labs so that we can run some tests, I would like to see how this happened to avoid in the future."

The nurse nodded and left the room, she wasn't really scared that they would hurt her, 'Jake' didn't seem like he was going to hurt her, just angry that she had called him a number. When she got to their room she paused for a moment at the door and took several deep breathes. Remember, she told herself, Jake, not J4, and wait so see what the other one has chosen for his name. Play along with them. And don't freak out over their eyes. Then she walked in.

J4, it seemed had closed the blinds, the other one, whatever he called himself, was sitting on the bed with his head in his hands. He looked up when she walked in; it took all the nurses willpower not to flinch at the sight of his eyes. She decided to introduce herself to him. "Uh, hi. I'm Nurse Becky, Rebecca. Your partner said that you two would be needing new cloths, so what do you need, I can get it for you." It all came out in a rush, she was more nervous then she had originally thought. He simply smiled.

"I'm Elwood, and that's not my partner, he's my brother. As for cloths, we would like two plain black suits, two black fedoras, and two black pairs of ray-bans."

"I don't know…"

"Elwood." He supplied again.

"Right, Elwood, that sounds like it might be expensive."

"Ok, then. Just the hats and glasses then, we can get the rest ourselves."

Rebecca nodded, she could do that, but why where the hats and glasses more important than pants and shirts.

J4 chose that moment to come back in, arms loaded with food. He had apparently been down in the cafeteria. He had chicken and ribs as well as toast for 3L and a coke for himself. Becky's jaw dropped, she knew that androids could eat, but, that much?

When he sat down 3L explained the clothes situation to him.

"Sure, sure, we can get the rest; just you find two black fedoras and two pairs of black ray-bans."

Becky nodded and left to report her findings to Dr. Williams.

"Tell me again what they are calling themselves?"

"Jake and Elwood, they wanted two black suits, fedora hats, ray-bans sunglasses. When I said that it would be too expensive they both agreed to just take the hats and sunglasses. Saying they would get the rest themselves."

Dr. Williams was nodding as she dutifully told her story. When she was done he picked up the phone by his desk.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm calling the police, by a non-emergency number. I am going to ask them to search their records for any Jake and Elwood's, they have much better records than us and it might shed some light on this story."

The phone picked up on the second ring.

"Chicago Police how can we help you?"

"Hi, I have two androids here that suffered an accident last night. They were severely electrocuted and this morning it had been found that their memories have been damaged. They are telling us that their names are Elwood and Jake. I am calling to see if there have ever been two brothers by those names at any point in history."

"We can do that for your Doctor…"

"Williams, Henry Williams."

"I will call you if anything comes up."

"Thank you very much Officer."

Becky was watching him as he hung up the phone, "Well?"

"They are running a search of the records as we speak; the Officer said that they will give us a call when anything comes up. It won't take more than a few minutes. But in the mean time, why don't you go see if you can find them hats and glasses." it was obviously an order not a request. Not that Nurse Becky minded she was used to it by now; she did after all work in a hospital.

She wasn't gone long before the phone rang; Doctor Williams eagerly picked it up. "Doctor Henry Williams office how can I help you? Oh hi Officer."

"Doctor Williams, we have several records of men with the names Jake and Elwood, but only a few were brothers. There is one case in particular that I find very interesting."


"During the late 1970's to the early 1980's there were two young men by the names of Jake and Elwood Blues, they were brothers as well as Chicago's worst criminals of the time."

That news was less then encouraging if what Doctor Williams thought was true, it wasn't good at all.

"Yes Officer, carry on."

"As I was saying, they were the worst criminals in the city, but the interesting thing is that they were not shall I say, mean people. They broke the law on an almost daily basis, but they were not evil. The only time on record that other people were injured was when they were trying to get money to save the orphanage where they grew up."

"And how did this happen?" the last thing that Doctor Williams wanted in his hospital was two dangerous criminals, if what he suspected was true.

"I won't tell you the whole story sir, but apparently when the police at the time got involved, there were several resulting car chases, lots of police cars got wrecked, as a matter of fact every car in the city got wrecked, there were several injuries resulting but nothing too serious."

"Oh, well, that's good news."

"If you want to know the whole history there was a movie made of the two young men after they were arrested. They were so popular and what they did was so outrageous that it was turned into a movie. The Brothers are portrayed by then up and coming actors John Belushi and Dan Akroyd."

Now things were beginning to click into place, a movie with two men that have the same names the androids were using. "Thank you Officer, I will look into it."

Now to get those droids and run a few tests on them.