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Doctor Williams sat in his office. Newspaper clippings and memory-chips containing recorded bits of broadcasts were only a small fraction of the materials littering his desk. With head in hands the doctor hunched over the pile, planning and re-planning his next move. He tried to cover ever possible action the droids and their allies could take, and he was failing miserably.

A gentle rapping on his door announced Nurse Becky. Stepping in she took one look at the haggard form and rushed to his side.

"Doctor!" she cried, "You really can't keep this up! It's almost midnight. Last night and the one before you were here until four in the morning, leave the droids to the police, it's their job not yours! Your job is to be here for your patients. You don't do them any good running yourself ragged."

She tried to guide the man to the door of his office. "And I don't want to see you in here tomorrow. I'll get Jacob to cover for you."

The mention of the name made Doctor Williams flinch. Williams meekly nodded and allowed her to shoo him out to his car. It was the only vehicle in the lot aside from that of the nurse, and one other that he didn't recognize. The doctor looked it over, other than being an older model he was unable to deduce anything from it. If Doctor Williams had bothered to look behind him when pulling out of the lot he would have seen a pair of headlights flicker on and begin to follow.

When he pulled up at his home the first drops of a rainstorm that had threatened ominously all afternoon and night began to fall. Opening the driver's door Williams moved to make a dash for the comfort of his house when a large hand grabbed him by the front of his coat, slammed the car door, and shoved the doctor against the vehicle.

"You are Doctor Henry Williams?" The voice spoke in a threatening growl.

"Y-yes." He blinked raindrops out of his eyes.

"Well, I have a deal for you. A deal that would be…in your best interest." Williams saw in the light from a lamp that the man was smiling, but the glint in his eyes spoke of anything but kindness.

"Maybe we should, ah, go inside. This really isn't the weather to be out in." The rain had turned into a downpour and thunder could be heard rumbling in the distance.

The man nodded and allowed Williams to move. The doctor shakily wiped water off his face and pushed bake his soaking hair out of his eyes. Once inside Williams shed his long overcoat and donned a sweater to keep out the chill he felt both from being drenched and from the chill that seemed to be radiating from the stranger. He led the man into the living room and gestured for his guest to take a seat. "You mentioned a proposition?"

The other man smiled for the second time, and again it was more of a feral grin than anything else. "You're after two guys by the names of Jake and Elwood. Just so happens that so am I. And I have a few plans to catch them. My only condition is, I get Elwood, he and I have a score to settle." His eyes darkened and a shadow seemed to cross his face as he spoke.

Doctor Williams almost felt sorry for the droid at that moment. He knew that there was a big chance this man could help him track down the droids. However, Doctor Williams didn't want them hurt – just for experimental reasons. He sighed to himself, he had no choice, but he knew it wouldn't work out; if the Jake android had discovered the Elwood android was missing he would make everyone's lives a living Hell to find him, and Doctor Williams knew it wouldn't be easy.

"It won't work," he admitted in defeat as he flopped into a gray armchair.

"What do you mean?" the mysterious man grew a bit impatient, but kept his cool as he listened for the Doctor's response.

"If Jake finds out his brother's missing, he'll make life a living Hell for everyone until he finds his brother, which means he'll escape again, bust Elwood out of your grip, and run for it." the Doctor responded with a heavy sigh rubbing his temples.

"So the androids have affection for each other…brotherly wise." the man thought to himself as he pressed his hands together and leaned forward. For a moment he looked like an evil genius attempting to construct a plan for world domination. The man knew how he appeared and loved it – it made him seem more sinister than what he was. Nonetheless, his brain wracked with ideas for Elwood to be taken for himself and Jake for the Doctor and/or the cops.

And then it hit the mysterious man like a bolt of lightening as it charged through his system and wracked his very soul. The perfect plan was in his twisted head as a grin of white, perfectly aligned teeth bore through his shadowy appearance. This caused Doctor Williams to look up and jump a good few feet in the air, not expecting it. The grin grew wider until it could go no more or else it would break his jaw bone. Nonetheless, it didn't matter to the man, as he stood in great elation as a terrible evil radiated more than ever from his dark form.

Lightening clashed behind him made him appear to be a man of shadows as Doctor Williams wondered why in the Hell he allowed this man into his estate, aside from the reason of wanting to catch the androids. Swallowing his growing fear hard he watched the man dissipate into the shadows of the room as the flash of light died down.

"We'll catch them both at the same time. You capture Jake and I'll capture Elwood. Together, we'll deactivate their chips which will cause them to go unconscious. Then we'll have the option of waking them to do what we please to them, wipe their memories, or leave them un-"

"Wait, wait, wait," Doctor Williams huffed. "How the Hell are we going to deactivate them?"

The mystery man snickered at this and threw open his long trench coat of shadows to reveal a belt packed with numerous objects. There were different types of guns, cartridges, and vials with contents unknown to anyone in them. The man threw Doctor Williams an average looking gun as the Doctor caught it in unexpected fear. A gun!? What was this man, a convict? An escapee from a mental institute?! What the Hell!? The man saw the look of terror and confusion on the Doctor's face and laughed heartily with an eerie tone that sliced through the air like knife to melting butter. The Doctor went back in his seat at that while holding the gun lightly in his grip, to make sure it wouldn't go off.

"That my friend," the mystery man spoke up with a lingering bone chilling tone in his throat, "is a little device I've created called the Distablizer. You simply press it to the back of an android's neck and pull the trigger. The gun will set off an electric spark that will penetrate the android's skin and search the system for their life chip and override it, causing them to be shut off easily. This will not kill the android, however, just stun them."

"What?! Are you crazy!?"

"No my dear Doctor," the man rushed forward and this time pinned the Doctor to a wall as the Doctor yelped in slight pain. "I am nobody." He released Williams and turned to walk away, throwing one more phrase over his shoulder. "If I gave you my name-I'd have to kill you."

"I-I, I'd never blab!"

"That's what they all say," the man approached the door and turned to the Doctor. The evil smile of malice was lingering on his face as their eyes met in silence. The mysterious man's eye color was undetermined even as lightening once again jolted across the sky, unleashing a roar of terror and dominance to the darkness of the shadows. The man liked this and kept his sinister grin.

"Now remember, Doc, the gun runs on a solar powered and charged battery. You can use it in the day or night," the man opened the door as he watched the Doctor before him examine the gun as to how to work it as he found it easy to work with. "Call me if you hear anything about them and/or when you're ready to go in for the kill." He opened the door and was about to leave when Williams gathered his wits enough to ask one last question.

"How am I supposed to know what to do?" He stared dumbly at the weapon in his hands.

"You're a clever man, I'm sure you'll think of something." With this the door closed causing the room, and Williams to be engulfed in darkness.

3L staggered to his feet, his head hurt and his optics refused to focus. Putting his hands to his temples to stop the insistent pounding, he realized he didn't remember a single thing from earlier that day. He felt a raindrop. Looking up he noticed that it was beginning to rain and that the sky was pitch black, not that it impaired his vision in the least.

Moving off in the general direction of the house he stumbled over a lump on the ground, it was Anne. "Oh shit!" he exclaimed, mumbling apologies he helped her to her feet. "This really is getting to be a habit, tripping over each other."

Anne laughed, "Yeah…you feeling any better?" she scrutinized his face for any sign of the almost drunken stupor that had affected the droid before. But no, he seemed almost back to normal. Perhaps a little bit of strain showing in his eyes, but that was it. He smiled.

"Well, seeing as how it's getting wet out here…maybe we should go inside?" He looked up at the sky again, and shivered. It made him nervous to be standing outside getting wet. When thunder rumbled in the distance the droid almost jumped out of his synthetic skin.

Anne felt him shivering against her; perhaps it was a little soon to celebrate after all. "Right." She said, "Inside it is." She took off at a jog with 3L following close behind. They rushed inside and a great clap of thunder sounded at the same instant they closed the door.

3L shivered as he gazed out a window across the room. Anne snapped her fingers in front of his eyes. The tall droid jumped. "Sorry. Just…thinking."

"What about?" J4 entered the room. Unlike the other two, he was bone dry. Not a drop of water on him. His calm gaze took them in, "You look like drowned rats."

The two traded glances, the kinda did. Before Anne could voice a reply a small bundle of brown fur skidded around the corner. It made a B-line for 3L and almost knocked the stunned droid over in its excitement. Kokomo dashed in small circles around his feet, barking, begging to be petted or picked up.

3L obliged, he kneeled down and scratched the little dog behind the ears. Looking up at his partner he asked, "Where is everyone?"

J4 shrugged, "Mostly in the kitchen, finishing dinner."

A hand flew to Anne's mouth, "It's that late? We were asleep for the whole day?" As if to shove home the point her stomach let out an angry growl. She laughed. "Dinner time I guess." She turned and wandered into the kitchen in search of whatever food Rachael had cooked up.

3L and J4 were left with each other for company.

With a shrug 3L flopped onto the nearest chair while J4 strode over to where the remote rested. Hefting it he pondered why after nearly a-thousand years people still used remotes. He guessed that they just hadn't come up with anything better, silly really. He shook his head and turned the wall screen on. The image that met his optics made him blink in surprise- it was them! They were on the news! And for once, it was a good thing.

Turning up the volume he shouted for the rest of the crew to get their lazy asses in gear and take a look. As the band and their companions crowded into the room the new caster finished her sentence.

"…And reports are coming in from all over the country. The internet is flooded, and even the Archangel network is having a hard time keeping up, it seems that everyone wants to hire this hit new band calling themselves the Blues Brothers."

3L shot up in his chair, "Did I hear right? Is this a joke?" his optics were wide behind his shades.

Anne's hand flew to her mouth as images of videos and blog posts and just about anything she could think of flew across the screen. Then she jumped ad pointed, "Oh my God- that's from Salt Lake City, and New York! Guys, these are from one end of the country to the other!"

Jason didn't waste any time in locating an Archangel connection and searching for the website. Everyone had it one their phones of course, but he wanted a bigger screen. After glancing fruitlessly about for a moment he decided to use the wall screen.

Shane noticed what it was that he was doing and dove in to help. With a few moments of tampering they had set the screen into two sections. One of them was the new and the other was the internet. It only took another two minutes to find nearly a million web pages about the band. Speculating where they all came from, what they were up to, and few- no- a lot that wanted to hire them for gigs!

3L stepped closer to the screen, followed closely by J4, Anne and Steve. They all glanced at each other. One word rang through their minds- Road trip!


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