Sora and Kairi were sprawled across the latter's living room table, with crayons and paper. They were engaged in a serious game of hangman, in which Sora was stumping Kairi with his phrase choice. It was to be assumed that the two were both in their twenties; why else would they be playing with crayons?

Sora drew a plump head on the hanged man and a messy 'i' out in the margin.

"Is there an...'a'?"

"Yeah, one."

Sora filled in the blank space, so that now the puzzle read:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ a_ _ _ _ _ ?

"Are you sure I'll get it, Sora?"

"I hope so."

"I think I'll go with 'e' next."

"Good choice," he replied, filling in one more letter.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ a_ _ _ _ e?

"Have you got it yet?"

"No, I've only got two letters! Sheez, so impatient. 'O'?"

"One 'o'."

Kairi giggled, "You sound like you're on Wheel of Fortune."

_ _ _ _ _ o_ _ a_ _ _ _ e?

"Next letter?"

"Is there a 't?"

"No 't," Sora monotoned drawing a nice stick body to accompany the head.

"Then I'll have to go with 'i'."

_ i_ _ _ o_ _ a_ _ _ _ e?


"You can't write well in crayon, can you?"

"Oh shut up."

"Next letter is a 'u'?"

"You are correct again. Kairi's on a role!"

She nudged him in feigned annoyance. "You can stop that now."

"Whatever you say."

_ i_ _ _ ou _ a_ _ _ _ e?

"Oh! I know the second word! Is it 'you'?"

"Yep..." Sora drew a sloppy 'y' in one blank, and another at the end of the next word.

_ i_ _ y ou _ a_ _ y _ e?

"This is a tough one..." Kairi tapped the table with her purple crayon, eyes squinted in concentration; usually Sora went with small, easy words, not big questions. "'K'?"

"No, sorry."

Now the hanging man had a left arm.

"You'd better get this, Kairi."

"Or what?"

"Or...I dunno...I'll have to find a less creative way to ask you."

"Huh? So you're asking me a question? Well, you can't fit the word dinner in there..."

"Just keep guessing."

"'L'. I bet that's what those double letters are."

"You bet correctly," he said with a smile.

_ ill you _ a_ _ y _ e?

"Is there a 'p'?"

"Not even close," he chuckled. "Only two legs to go, Kai."

"I'll get it...'r'?"

"Two, actually."


_ ill you _ arry _ e?

Kairi tilted her head. "I feel like I should know this..."

"You should," he replied, thumbing the tip of his green crayon. "Next guess?"


Will you _ arry _ e?

It only took a good three seconds for her head to shoot up, her eyes bugging out. She kept glancing from the paper to his smile and with a faint voice guessed, "'M'."

"'M' is correct."

Will you marry me?

"So what do you say?"

With a loopy smile on her face, Kairi drew three more blanks underneath.

_ _ _



I can't get over how cute that was. Bah. This is how I want to be proposed to, though I fear I'll see it coming.

I need to start giving Sokai more love. So here you are Sokai--is this full of enough love for you?

Who can solve this one?

_ _ _ _ _ _!